New Jersey And The Death Penalty

The AP bulletins have been full of the news that the NJ Democrat controlled Legislature has just banned the death penalty. The Bill was signed into law by the State’s Governor Jon Corzine, an extremely wealthy Democrat who spent $62m getting himself elected as New Jersey’s Senator. This was a record, indeed the most expensive campaign in US senate history. After a few years in the Senate Corzine tired of the lack of power and got himself elected Governor. He has hit the headlines (no pun intended) with a serious car crash (no seat belt), excessive speeds in his official car and enough scandals amongst his appointees to suggest he has poor judgment. He made his immense fortune with Goldman, Sachs and Co. and is one of those very wealthy men who, like Warren Buffet, having made a fortune thinks we should all pay more tax and stay poor.

No doubt, the Associated Press staff to a man and woman are celebrating for, like the rest of the Media Class, they are enraged by the death penalty. As it happens it is quite fraudulent to present NJ’s decision as major news, for New Jersey hasn’t executed anyone since the early 1960’s. The Media is peddling propaganda here and not news. One of those who will now get a ‘reprieve’ from Death Row is the man who raped and murdered a 7 year old girl and whose crime gave rise to Megan’s Law. Of course, he was not really on Death Row for he was never going to be executed in the Garden State. Still, the symbolism of reprieving this creature will go down well with Leftists across the Nation and encourage the anti-punishment brigade to mobilize elsewhere. People with normal feelings and common sense would of course feel more than a little ashamed about a decision to reprieve a ch ild killer, but for Leftists the enormity of the crime only heightens their sense of nobility. Personally, I think a great many Leftists do not much care for children, hence their enthusiasm for abortion. New Jersey is one of the most corrupt States in the USA and also has a very high murder rate. Many of its major cities have overwhelming numbers of the Black underclass and welfare dependency is a normal state of affairs. This probably explains the Democrat Party’s grip on the electoral process, for welfare dependents know which Party will keep the checks coming and remove any worries about having to work.

As with all Leftist and Media Class propaganda, the truth is the opposite of what gets pumped out to the public. The reality is that by never implementing the death penalty and now removing it from the law in what is only a political gesture, even more innocent people in New Jersey will now get the death penalty and most of them will be Black. Whenever society gets lenient with the evil people in its midst, the innocent become victims in greater numbers. Corzine and his comrades in the Legislature will be safe, of course, for they do not live amongst the masses and they have the money to make themselves very safe.

Meanwhile, in Leftist San Francisco where sado-masochistic sodomists and abolitionists unite (no pun intended), the murder total so far this year is just short of 100. At the present rate it will pass the century before Christmas. Fortunately many of the victims are gang members, so I suppose this is a kind of death penalty in action. Still, a few judicial hangings outside the City Hall would surely prove the deterrent value of capital punishment. No harm in fantasizing!

On this website we support the Death Penalty as a necessary protection of the innocent and law-abiding. I know some conservative Talk Show hosts talk casually of killers ‘frying’ and gloat over judicial executions, but we do not. Neither do we deny that on rare occasions some criminals have been wrongly executed. Most, though not all, killers have been cursed with a rotten childhood and for those who truly love children it is sad that kids who are born with the same good potential as others become mean and predatory teenagers and adults as a result of ignorant, cruel or irresponsible parents. But life is full of hard decisions and the protection of the law-abiding is paramount. Capital punishment is appropriate for most killers and we would like to see the Death Penalty extended to other cruel and reckless crimes, for deterrence works and justice for victims is important for the morale of society.

Some readers of this website might think that my predictions about Hillary Clinton being anointed by the Media Class were premature. I stick to them. I never suggested that Mrs. Clinton was clever or likeable or had anything about her that would make her popular. Indeed I think she has very little going for her in terms of popular appeal and she would do well to avoid genuine exposure to the voters. From what I see of her on TV, she is also a poor actress, reminiscent of Bette Davis in her most wicked roles. Still, Hollywood and TV films are full of third-rate actresses and lousy ‘comedians’ yet they prosper. The Media Class not only has the power to promote a false image of Hillary but it also has the power to destroy her rivals. Hopefully the old saying about not being able to fool all of the people all of the time is true and that come November 2008 a majority of the American people will see through the Media pro paganda. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

Over to the Republicans! Way back on this website I forecast that John McCain was a dark horse. At the time he was in the polling doldrums. This week he was endorsed by Joe Liebermann, the maverick Democrat Senator who won re-election by defeating the official Democrat candidate last year. Liebermann sees McCain as the best of the presidential hopefuls at a time when the US and its allies face a long and dangerous war against Islamic Imperialism. McCain is looking good in New Hampshire and a terrorist attack anywhere in North America would catapult him to the top. If the Republicans should choose him or nominate him as a VP candidate, he would make mincemeat of any of the Democrat defeatists in public debates and not even the Media Class could save them. Liebermann’s endorsement also has implications about McCain’s ability to get votes from independent voters. For those l ooking beyond the primaries, this is an important attribute. Where the war on terror is concerned, none have been more principled and resolute than Mc Cain and Liebermann. On this website we haven’t liked much about the rest of their politics, but we insist that the War against the terrorists is more important than any other issue.

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