New FBI Probe Sheer Window Dressing

The news this morning that Comey’s FBI, based on a long-ago seized Wiener computer, will re-open the investigation into the Clinton emails looks like bad news for the Clinton campaign. The Broad Right should not celebrate too soon!

We know from the result of the previous ‘investigation’, that Comey was prepared to say that ‘black is white’ to salvage the Clinton campaign. Whether he was and is a willing collaborator with the Obama Government or a blackmailed participant in a cover-up, we can be sure that nothing has changed so far as he is concerned.

What has changed to cause Obama to give him these new instructions? Two things! The WikiLeaks releases, which it seems the Government cannot stop, and the evidence that they are placing the Clinton victory in jeopardy despite the efforts of the Mainstream Media to hide them from the public.

We know that the Ruling Class alliance and its man in the White House will stop at nothing to prevent a Trump victory and a reversal of the stealthy Revolution. A Clinton election victory in November will ensure a peaceful retention of Ruling Class power without the employment of naked force. The Ruling Class would obviously prefer a relatively peaceful transition from Obama to Clinton, thus maintaining the illusion of legality, democracy and ‘politics as usual’.

On this website we always understood that our new Ruling Class, having acquired power ‘legitimately’ but with its Revolutionary agenda not completed, would resort to force to hold power if all else failed. Until now, it has assumed that control of the Mass Media, ownership of Government power, the financial contributions of International Big Business to the Clinton election campaign, the dependable support of a large minority, and the employment of well-practiced ballot-rigging, would suffice when November 8, 2016, arrived.

The Trump intervention in the primaries and his ‘shocking’ defeat of Republican collaborators by awakening Nationalism, combined with his self-funding ability to be competitive, was not anticipated, especially given that the Ruling Class’ Democrat Party found itself saddled with an unpopular candidate.

The emerging Secretary of State email ‘scandal’, Bernie Sanders’ capture of the idealist youth vote, his forced capitulation to Clinton, and Trump’s resilience, all combined to weaken the Clinton campaign. What had one time looked like a safe transition had turned into a tight race.

This forced the Mainstream Media to shed its false cloak of legitimate journalism and emerge as the real political player it long has been. The email scandal, despite revealing to those paying attention, years of serious Clinton law-breaking, was defused by a phony DOJ/FBI investigation and brazen conclusion. Here we saw both the successful corruption of Government by the Obama regime and the power of the MSM working together, for the latter buried the Clinton scandal with mostly-manufactured character attacks on Trump.

The WikiLeaks revelations of Julian Assange have transcended the State Department email scandal, revealing massive Ruling Class corruption at all levels – Clinton, the Democrat Party, Government agencies and Obama. Despite the Herculean efforts of the MSM, WikiLeaks is seeping into the public consciousness. Whilst it has no effect on Far Left Democrat activists and African Americans, it is tipping the balance among those voters who want honest government.

Furthermore, there is much evidence that Trump is peeling off White former-Democrat voters and attracting support from those who usually opt out of elections. Trump’s packed 3-a-day rallies and Clinton’s lethargic campaign must be alerting the Ruling Class inner-circles to the possibility of a Trump victory. Perhaps they know that the polling figures put out by the MSM are revealing a Clinton defeat that will be too big to salvage with fraud – especially as Trump’s predictions of fraud are resonating with his followers.

Obama will have been told to do something quickly. Re-opening the FBI investigation is intended to re-focus public attention on the State Department email issue, and away from the much bigger scandals that Assange is revealing. The State Department scandal is ‘old news’ and Clinton has already been ‘cleared’. A second investigation will give the appearance of ‘more being done’. Since Clinton has already walked free from an investigation that produced clear proof of lawbreaking, why should we expect anything different? Anyone who thinks Comey is an ‘honest cop’ and /or functions independently of the White House is living in the old pre-Revolutionary days.

We are in Revolutionary times and not ‘politics as usual’, so what happens next is unpredictable. Thanks to Assange (an even more unexpected player than Trump), the Ruling Class and its MSM are struggling to maintain control of the election. Of one thing we are certain. The FBI investigation will drag on past November 8th and be under the full control of Obama. As he and his wife are publicly identifying with the Clinton campaign we can conclude that the Ruling Class intends to ride out the Clinton/Democrat Party scandals, judging it too late to throw Clinton over-board and still win at the ballot box.

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  1. The FBI action can’t help Clinton. Any buzz about more Clinton email improprieties will simply refocus public attention on all of her other misdeeds at a time when her campaign is trying to downplay the ongoing Wikileaks damage. Just when they thought they had that can of worms closed up, someone came along and kicked it open again.

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