Never Trumpers. George H. W. Bush Joins the Deserters

According to Caroline Kennedy Townsend, a member of the dissolute Kennedy family, former Republican President George H. W. Bush told her yesterday that he intends to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. This ‘leak’ from a private conversation between the two at the Bush mansion in Maine, was intended to be seized upon by the Mainstream Media and used as propaganda, and of course that is happening.

It is possible that the 92 year old Bush did not quite say this as explicitly as Townsend is claiming, though we doubt she is fabricating the whole thing. It is also possible that the Bush family did not intend to make public their desertion to the Clinton Democrat campaign. After all, they may still have ambitions for the future, and the Democrat Party only has toleration for them as deserters. This announcement will place in jeopardy a future place within the Republican camp.

Most likely Jeb and the family when they privately gather together in bitterness over Jeb’s expensive drubbing at the hands of upstart Donald Trump, are united in their hope that Hillary becomes Trump’s Nemesis in November. The old man probably is guilty of loose lips. Many years back, as the inheritor of the Reagan mantle, his lips, which voters had been implored to read regarding taxes, were equally loose. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jeb has also broken a pledge – to support the ultimate Republican candidate.

No doubt this latest Bush desertion to the enemy, placed in the hands of the MSM propaganda division, will influence some waverers among the Never Trumpers, but for many on the Broad Right it will be further proof that past Republican leaders were collaborationists all along. As with many of the spin-offs of the Trump take-over, it will strengthen the resolve of Nationalists and Conservatives and complete the purge of collaborationists from the ranks of the Right.

Meanwhile, the latest USC Dornsife/LATimes “daybreak” poll for 20th September has Trump at 47.1 and Clinton at 41.7. This is a slight drop in Trump’s lead from the previous day but this may be nothing more than a statistical accident.

In the battleground State of Maine, the Maine People’s Resource Center (sounds like a Front for a Far Left organization!) PO Survey covering September 15 to 17 and 835 likely voters, reports that in a 4-way contest Clinton has 37.0, Trump has 36.7, Johnson has 11.1, and Stein has 4.6. ‘Undecideds’ account for 10.5 Make of this what you will! In the last Presidential election in Maine, Obama polled 55% and Romney 40%.

In Fort Myers, Florida, last night Trump filled the Germain Arena with 8,000 supporters. Thousands more were unable to get a ticket. Fort Myers is a strongly Republican area, but this attendance is proof that the support for Trump is as determined as ever. Earlier that day, Trump spoke on the phone to Talk Show Host Michael Savage only minutes before addressing another huge rally. I was fortunate to be listening at that time and Trump revealed his loyalty to Savage, the most Nationalist and forthright broadcaster in the Western world. We can trust Trump!

Hillary Clinton drew around 200 in a ‘rally’ on the same day and is spending today resting. Trump today has two rallies in North Carolina. Make of that what you will! An Internet picture of the Clinton ‘rally’ shows a small venue under-whelmed by a gaggle of young White college ladies and one or two Merkel look-alikes. The venue is draped in signs with “Love Trumps Hate” and make of that what you will!!!

On this website we strive for honesty and accuracy at all times so we apologize for some wrong figures regarding Sunday’s Berlin election. The correct figures were CDU 18%, Socialists 22% and AfD (Nationalists) 13%. We are pleased to report that the anti-immigration Party received 2% more than we reported.

Today, future US President Donald Trump will be meeting with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in New York. Trump will be accompanied by Lt. General Flynn (Ret.) and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Flynn was the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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