Never Trump Deserters Suddenly Hate Comey

In today’s Wall Street Journal, the sour-faced Bret (Israel First) Stephens, a member of the WSJ editorial board, has a long article headed “Resign, Mr. Comey”. Stephens is a founder-member of the ‘Never Trump’ movement and he is beside himself with rage over Comey’s latest investigation of the Clinton Crime organization.

Stephens paints himself as an old-style Republican, who with others who share the same nostalgic longing for a polite Republican Presidential candidate, is working for a Hillary victory which will pave the way for a purged (of the grass roots) Republican Party revival in the distant future!! No more Nationalist Jack-booted members with rough hands and manners. Only those who welcome the World into the USA across open borders, have no bibles and guns, and tolerate every perversion.

If Comey had opened an investigation into Trump this week, does anyone think a single Democrat would have protested about timing and called for his resignation? Any Democrat who would have done so – and there probably isn’t a single one – would have been lynched by the Party and the MSM. Yet, there are ‘Republicans’ (like Stephens) who are only too anxious to very publicly join the enemy.

On this website we have no time for Comey, who should have demanded that the DOJ prosecute Clinton months ago. But now that he has -for whatever reason – moved in the right direction and incidentally severely damaged her campaign, anyone who cares about America should be cheering him on. But not Stephens and the turn-coats. They are suddenly enraged by Comey. Stephens claims that he has never approved of Comey’s past decisions but only now is he so enraged that he calls for resignation. Clearly what enrages him and his traitorous pals is the possibility that Clinton will lose. How this election has forced the cock-roaches out into the light of day!

On this website we continue to draw attention to Obama’s unwillingness to join in the Democrat/Never Trump calls for Comey’s head on a platter. This has to be significant, and evidence of deep deviousness and division at work within the Democrat Party. Is the Media Class caucus working to drop Hillary, in order to postpone the election and pick a new squeaky-clean candidate?

Here is some good news that can be gleaned from opinion polls that are intended as propaganda and thus dangerously unreliable. Missouri (like Kansas) is a bell-weather State. In August the Monmouth University Poll had Trump 1 ahead of Clinton (44 to 43), in mid-October 5 ahead of Clinton (46 to 41). The latest has Trump on 52%, Clinton on 38%, Johnson on 4% and Stein on 2% – a Trump lead of 14%.

Missouri Monmouth University Poll (October 28-31)
  1. ____________________________________________________ Trump 52%
  2. ______________________________________ Clinton 38%
  3. ____ Johnson 4%
  4. __ Stein 2%

In Texas, CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll has Trump leading 52 to 39, a lead of 13. In North Carolina WRAL Survey USA has Trump leading 51 to 44.

Texas CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll (October 27-29)
  1. ____________________________________________________ Trump 52%
  2. _______________________________________ Clinton 39%
  3. ___ Johnson 3%
  4. Stein 0%
North Carolina WRAL Survey USA (October 28-31)
  1. ___________________________________________________ Trump 51%
  2. ____________________________________________ Clinton 44%

Undoubtedly WikiLeaks and Comey have had an effect but let us give credit to Trump, who has shown tremendous resilience and character, has been sprinting at the end of a marathon, and who has grown into a real patriot with a comprehensive program to take America back from the cock-roaches of both Parties and start drainage of the Washington swamp.

The old saying about cometh the hour, cometh the man may be right. Trump is the man, but we should not forget Julian Assange. Whatever his motive, he has shown great courage and steadfastness, and may well prove to have saved America from itself. President Trump should offer him political asylum here in the USA.

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