Never Miss a Trick – Part 2

Saturday 6th August was the sixtieth anniversary of the atom bomb attack on Hiroshima. According to the Associated Press (the AP is always in lockstep with the rest of the Media Class) over 200 people marked the event in Tavistock Square in London. Americans must surely be disappointed that no American City seemed able to exceed these numbers, as Peace people will have no doubt gathered with the Media in various little corners of the globe.

The people of Hiroshima have every reason to mourn their dead and those still suffering from the fall-out, and perhaps to contemplate how and why it happened to their city.

But, is it any business of Londoners? Do the Japanese stop to reflect upon the dead of Shanghai and Changi, of Iwo Jima and Bankha Beach1. Or any other places where non-Japanese peoples died in thousands and tens of thousands most cruelly at the hands of Japanese soldiers? Or those who will suffer yet as a legacy of the biological weapons used by them in China? Is it reasonable to expect the Japanese to dwell on such past events when they have the loss of one of their own cities to remember?

A gathering of just 200 people would seem to be a non-event if it wasn’t for the presence of the Media. There is no end of anniversaries we could put on the front pages for all sorts of things, but the Media’s focus on this particular 60th “anniversary” prompts several comments and reminds us of the manipulation of “News” by the Media Class.

It is calculated to blur the morality of the war against Japan, and to denigrate the efforts and motives of all the Allied servicemen who took part in that campaign in South East Asia in WW2. We in the West should be made to feel ashamed and guilty because, of course, Western deeds are somehow despicable in a way that those committed by others are not.

Yet, Hiroshima’s bomb, by cutting the War short, saved the lives of an unknown number of innocent people, both oppressed Asians and Allied soldiers. It is not a stretch to say that it also saved the lives of countless Japanese people too.

The people in the West who use Hiroshima to protest are either dangerous fools or people who wish to demoralise the West in pursuit of a political agenda they dare not openly propagate. They are out there because thay know the Media will magnify their puny gatherings and cloak them with respectability. The Media is using this artificial anniversary to undermine the war in Iraq and spread self doubt and defeatism amongst our people. You have been warned!

1. Not heard of Bankha Beach?

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