Net Neutrality

How often are you exasperated?  What about completely and utterly exasperated?  It’s like having a bad dream where you can’t wake yourself up!  I don’t know I can be as articulate as the issue demands, but the synonyms for “exasperated” help, i.e., infuriated, maddened, frustrated, annoyed, incensed, enraged, riled. We have one more day before we permanently (in all due respects) loose another big chunk of our freedom and the liberty which flows from it.  Yet, I would guess the vast majority of citizens know little or nothing of it.  I’ve been following this issue for some time now.  It’s the government takeover of the internet; The FCC’s illegal regulation.

This article was posted to our website by an unknown writer. Once again, the Far Left Obama regime is moving America towards a Leftist Utopia where dissent is forbidden. The predictable outcome of the  government’s control over the Internet will be the suppression of counter-revolutionary comment and opinion. This Obama regime is marching just a few paces behind the Socialist regime of Venezuela, where businesses are being grabbed by the State, managers arrested and opposition legislators arrested on trumped-up charges.

The FCC is led by a five member commission.  Three are democrats (little d) and three are Republicans.  The intention is they operate with some autonomy, but the democrats are goose stepping for the president [intentionally lowercase].  The FCC has a 332+ page SECRET regulation they will ram through with the democrat majority tomorrow and we can’t do anything about it (Congressional Republicans are simply impotent court jesters to the socialists who took over my beloved grandfather’s Democrat party.).  Do you know they won’t make it public?!!  Unbelievable!!  Do you know the chairman of the commission refused to testify before congress?.  Incredulous!!  Our country is being forever transformed.  Transformed into a police state.  The democrats hate police, but they love police states.

Truly, the internet is the one last free place in our country.  Let me ask you this, “Have you been wronged by anything on the internet?!”  You can get any product, opinion, information you wish.  You can also sell any product, express any opinion, or share any information.  The left hates this.  The FEC, Federal Election Commission, is already planning on regulating political Bloggers.  Of course, what do you think is going to happen?  So if I truly despise despotism and blog about it, I may have traffic to my site redirected, limited, or worse.  How about a license to operate a website?  How’d that work for the political non-profits going up against the IRS.

I can share many factual details, but if you don’t do anything, it really matters little.  Call someone and complain; give them your opinion.  I did.  Take part in our political process and fight, fight, fight.

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