Natural Born and Nation States

By chance I came upon the website writing of T J McCann regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama to be President of the USA.   For those who have interest in this topic and can cope with involved legal and historical issues I recommend a visit to the website. McCann’s article seems persuasive to me but I realize that I may be easily persuaded. For starters, I am wholly opposed to the direction Obama is taking the USA. Secondly, and more influentially, I was suspicious of Obama’s whole background when he was suddenly promoted over Clinton by the gang of Hollywood billionaires. In short, I am so prejudiced as to be vulnerable to any writing that argues that he has no legitimate place in the White House. 

    I find legal arguments quite challenging. At some point when I am tackling them, I think I have grasped the point but then a case/sentence or two further on I am once again confused. No doubt I am not alone but in good company with many who visit our website. Yet sound, consistent laws are the basis of a civilization and if we do not live under them and uphold them, we soon live under tyranny. Since America’s Independence, the people of the USA have been living under laws, all of them circumscribed by America’s unique and sacred Constitution. I share the belief of most conservatives that America’s progress, vitality and strength over more than 200 years have been largely due to the Constitution. The concepts expressed in the Constitution, like the concepts of right and wrong expressed in the Bible, have now stood the test of time. Gradually recognizing the goodness of both have greatly contributed to my evolving into a ‘conservative’. 

    Concepts like ‘free speech’ (virtually without limitation), and a ‘free people’ (free to keep what is earned, free to become wealthy, free to make foolish decisions, free from Government meddling), have their down-sides when practiced but are vastly better than the alternatives. Although both concepts have always been around in human history, they are surprisingly rare in practice. Reading the article by T J McCann reminded me that Great Britain, where free speech and other ideas of freedom were nurtured, was nevertheless a Nation of Rulers and subjects, and the writers of the American Constitution sought to create, in contrast, a truly free people and not subjects of the State. 

    It is a mistake to assume that all people are comfortable with the concept of freedom. It is pretty clear that, whatever they may say, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Nazis, modern Liberals and Monarchists are not. For every person who values being ‘free’ there is a busybody who knows what is best for others. There are also the frail and weak who fear responsibility and crave a master. Then there are those who want freedom for themselves but slavery for the rest of us. It is the mistake of many ideological conservatives to believe that within every heart there is a hunger for freedom. Realistic conservatives who believe their lying eyes will acknowledge that ‘freedom’ is not a universal human trait, far from it! The early settlers were a self-selecting bunch of hardy individualists, Bible educated and Bible- inspired, and escaping oppressive and intrusive Government. They were committed to the idea that only God was Master. They put their stamp on America and into its Constitution, thank God! Today’s immigrant masses are not the same kind of people and many arrive looking for Government assistance. Some come nursing hostility to America and willing to be the warriors within the Trojan Horse of diversity and enrichment. 

    On this website we do not focus on the details of the Constitution or on the wisdoms of the Bible, leaving those for Conservatives better qualified to argue. We take for granted that both are mainly responsible for America’s freedoms and prosperity but we argue (uniquely) that America is now experiencing the first Class-based revolution in its short history. We also maintain that the UK is further down that road along which Obama and his masters intend to take us. It is a road that will leave freedom behind and will dismantle America’s identity. 

    The newly arrived Revolutionary Media Class and its older Revolutionary Leftist allies regard America’s past, its Constitution and its Bible-based principles as hateful obstacles to a new world. Confusingly for many Conservatives, the two allies pursue two separate but comfortably-fitting agendas. The Media Class pants for an amoral sexual free-for-all and the Leftists for a world where all are leveled down and owe their existence to Government. Both are willing to throw caution to the winds for a brave new world. Both are working to dismantle the Nation State and merge America into One World. 

    Obama, his ‘picks’ for Courts, his (In)Justice Department and the ranks of the Democrat Legislators cynically and dishonestly swear to uphold a Constitution they detest and despise. Their followers in our wider society, nurtured in Leftist-dominated schools and colleges, know next to nothing of the Constitution (or the Bible) and have been brainwashed to be contemptuous of it when made aware. Nor do the masses of recent immigrants know or care about the American Constitution and it being the source of a lawful society, individual rights and prosperity. 

    This brings us back to T J McCann’s recent contribution to the debate about Obama’s legitimacy as President. If I understand him correctly, McCann is arguing that it is irrelevant whether or not the much-touted Hawaiian Birth Certificate is a fake, for the correct interpretation of the framers’ intentions is that both parents had to be citizens of the USA and the child had to be born on American soil. Since Obama’s father was a Kenyan (and at that time a British subject, for Kenya was a British colony) Obama is not eligible to be President. This is, as far as I am aware, a new argument and McCann makes a good case that the framers were intent on rejecting the British Common Law that many Constitutional experts invoke as the basis of America’s Constitution. McCann points out that British Common Law was all about ‘subjects of the Crown’ and the American Founders were determined to bury forever the concept of Americans as ‘subjects’. 

    Sticking rigidly to the Constitution is absolutely important to Conservatives and should be to all Americans, for the alternatives are at best a slippery slope to a lawless society and at worse a leap into totalitarianism. Cherry-picking from the Constitution, ‘modernizing’ it by Judges or simply ignoring it are all betrayals of the Oath and are slippery slopes. It is therefore important to ensure that candidates for Office are legitimately qualified and Conservatives have an absolute duty to investigate to the full Obama’s legitimacy. On this website we think it is highly likely that Obama was not eligible and that he and his sponsors knew this from the start but were confident that their Media could cover his tracks. They probably calculated that once he and his Democrat comrades were in power and expanding the powers of a Revolutionary Government, challengers could be marginalized, harassed, ridiculed, misrepresented and blocked by Judges who were Leftist or intimidated. They have been correct. 

    It is important though for Conservatives not to waste too much time on this issue for since 2008 America has been, and is being, transformed. The Revolutionaries are in the ascendant and the counter-revolutionaries are on the ropes. The Revolutionaries have control over all Central Government machinery. The Revolutionaries have almost total control of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and total control over Entertainment (the most insidious propaganda). Big Business has mostly joined the new Ruling Class, partly from fear and partly from inclination. The Revolutionaries have no intention of honoring the Constitution and we can expect that new ‘laws’ emanating from the White House will frequently be blatantly unconstitutional and upheld by the Supreme Court. ObamaCare is simply the first of many. 

    We on the Right are now Counter-revolutionaries whether we like the idea or not. The new Rulers of America are not competing under the old rules and for them the Constitution is history, except when it suits them to use it. If Constitutional scholars were able to prove beyond all doubt that Obama is not eligible to be in the White House, the Supreme Court – led by Roberts – would not be swayed. It is predictable that the MSM would not allow the facts to reach the public. Lastly, we have to face it that probably the majority of voters would respond ‘so what!’ 

    Nevertheless, we salute T J McCann for his fearlessness, his scholarship and his contribution to real law and truth. 

    Weather – Here in mid-California, the cold weather continues with frost every night. Mount Diablo and its neighbors are now snow-covered. To be fair to the MMGW types, we must admit that the UK has been experiencing a few sunny days this week. Perhaps we could call it a ‘sun snap’. 

    Music Choice – Continuing with the exciting and complex Afro-Cuban rhythms that I described in the last post I want to recommend a recording by the great trumpeter Kenny Dorham. In 1955 Dorham went into the recording studios with trombonist Jay Jay Johnson, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, baritone saxist Cecil Payne, pianist Horace Silver, bassist Oscar Pettiford, conga player Carlos Valdes and drummer Art Blakey. What a line-up of talents! Most of the recordings made that day and a few days later were Dorham compositions. “Afrodisia” was the first track and it is full of good things. You will not mistake this lively and adult music for the whinings of Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan.

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