Nationalized Health Care

This website insists that a new ruling Class (The Media Class) has taken power in the USA and that President Barack Obama and his Congressional Democrats owe their newfound political control to their Media masters. We say that the Media Class selected Obama, funded his Primary and Presidential campaigns, orchestrated his propaganda throughout its Media outlets, demonized his opposition and provided the same support for the Democrat Party. We do not pretend that this is the beginning and end of the explanation. The Media Class is not big enough or powerful enough to take power and govern without allies. Given that the Media Class has its own roots in the political Left and seeks to impose a social and moral revolution on the American people, it is understandable that it has made alliances with various Leftist constituencies. Given also that the Media Class has an urgent agenda that is not yet widely popular with the American people, it is understandable that it is sympathetic to constituencies that wish to expand the role of government to the point where government can control the masses in every way. Thus the Media Class and its politicians are in alliance with the Leftist Academia and with the Leftist Unions. Since the Unions are strongest in the public sector we should not be surprised that public Service Unions and their muscle-power are now being employed on the frontlines of Town Hall meetings.

It is unlikely that the inner core of the Media Class cares much about public health. When we consider a wealthy and powerful ruling Class we do not expect its members to be waiting in line at doctors’ surgeries and hospital admission desks. A Class that invests heavily in plastic surgery, has regular need of exclusive ‘drying-out’ clinics and is high risk for AIDS is not intending to take its collective turn with illegal immigrants, the flotsam and jetsam of inner cities and the working masses. Come to that, neither are the politicians, the Union bosses, the Ivy League professors of Woman’s Studies and high government administrators. Nationalized Health Care with its waiting lists, its rationed priorities and its welfare ideology that turns patients from customers into supplicants, is intended for the little people. Its wonderful underpinning spirit of ‘fairness’ is not intended to include those who are important and influential. Anyone who believes otherwise is, quite frankly, gullible in the extreme and unfit to survive in the real world.

The Nationalized Health Care that Obama is now pushing has several advantages for him and his Media Masters. It will energize the Leftist base of ideologues, those like columnist Thomas Frank who writes in the Wall Street Journal and who has never seen a public service in which he did not perceive something pure in spirit. It will satisfy that part of the Left that is driven by envy and fantasizes about the leveling down so that all may suffer together (except the leaders). It will please the underclass and illegal immigrants who exist on ‘something for nothing’ and whose votes are needed at election times. It will exorcise the guilt of the protected and privileged of Academia without affecting their health services. Most importantly, it will hugely expand the role of government and quietly advance the enslavement of the ordinary American people. The agents of the ruling Class will be empowered to decide who gets medical treatment and who does not and ultimately who lives and who dies. Some categories of behavior will be deemed reckless and anti-social and some will be given extra special consideration. Abortion, AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and transgender operations will not be considered irresponsible and avoidable but living too long past 80 may be reserved for Hollywood people, Union leaders, politicians and benefactors like George Soros. Obama and his comrades wish to shape a society that will become totalitarian and we have seen this future before. It is not a fairer one nor is it efficient or genuinely progressive but it is one in which any social and moral experiment can be carried out by government edict and that is what the Media Class most desires.

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