National Regeneration Will Require More Than Jobs

Well, last night we on the Broad Right did sleep more easily in our beds, knowing that President Donald Trump (how reassuring that sounds!) had survived both assassination and political skuldugery, and was sleeping in the White House bed. Better still, as the Washington Establishment assembled like vultures behind him, waiting for the message that he was really one of them once in the White House, he assured the good citizens of America that he intended to honor every one of his campaign promises.

Trump’s courage, commitment, honesty and fearlessness were demonstrated for all to see, for he said that ‘time was up’ for the vultures, even as they stood at his back. Today we are “transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you the people”. There was not a shred of doubt that Trump was repudiating the elite and their decades of collaborationist self-serving economic policies.

It is rare on this website that we accuse anyone in the Mainstream Media (MSM) of telling or writing the truth. But today we accuse the slimy Gerald F. Seib of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) of journalistic accuracy.

…having at last been embraced by the bipartisan Washington establishment gathered around him on the steps of the Capitol… He [Trump] went on the attack against that same establishment. In an inaugural address unlike any in recent memory, he indicted the political system he now leads… The harsh words seemed directed nearly as much at his own Republican Party.

Our only criticism of Seib’s comments are the words “in recent memory”. Trump is the first American President to lead a Nationalist counter-revolution, and so the content of his truly Nationalist address is unprecedented. Seib continued “his remarks…eradicated any thought that President Trump will govern differently than candidate Trump campaigned”. Hallelujah to that!

We also recommend today’s WSJ article by Peggy Noonan. It is a good one, well written, honest and insightful.

We are not about to write anything negative about how this President conducted himself or what he said, and in passing we must record that Obama and his wife conducted themselves with dignity. No doubt most of Obama’s behavior was insincere, but dignified behavior in public is welcome in today’s America where Celebrities of the Ruling Media Class are publicly disgusting.

Trump’s speech was 95% Nationalism, and nothing wrong with that given the setting. Here was his one opportunity to address a huge portion of the American people without his words passing through the filter of the enemies’ MSM. Many Americans and foreigners will have seen and heard the real Trump for the first time, and realized that the MSM has been misleading them. His brief, stark, Counter-revolutionary words will have struck a first chord with many. It was clear that Trump was not indulging in platitudes or camouflaged coded messages. He meant what he said.

Unlike some Nationalists on the Broad Right, we have no problem with his kind of racial inclusiveness. America’s Nationalism, if it is to have any chance of resuscitation, has to take account of a history of immigration and slavery. America is not Japan, Norway, Korea, China, Russia, pre-Merkel Germany, or Nations like the UK and France with their history of Colonialism. Some things cannot be undone, and a realistic American Nationalism must seek to turn challenges into opportunities.

Trump is not wrong to believe that bringing back jobs to America will solve many social and economic problems, and greatly contribute to social unity and National pride. His mission to restore the economic prosperity of skilled White workers is laudable. But in seeking to address the problems of Detroit and Black inner cities, and to restore a sense of patriotism to drug-addicted poor Whites and many affluent White young people, providing real jobs is insufficient and not a valid starting point.

How many inner-city Blacks are currently capable of any sort of work? How many of those young people who perished in the Oakland fire were capable of real work?

Anyone who gets on the Internet and watches the cavorting, bum-wiggling, grotesque, pervert protestors outside the residence of Mike Pence, or ponders the horde of pink-pussy, baby-killing Washington marchers, will conclude that jobs are irrelevant to some of the great obstacles to making America great again. Jobs will not regenerate an America with so many degenerates.

Education from pre-school to college graduation must be dismantled, purged of Leftists and perverts, and rebuilt. But also public morality must be restored if America is to be regenerated. We must put the perverts back in the sanctuary of their bedrooms, define two genders only, encourage marriage between men and women to create stable two-parent families (a priority for Blacks and poor Whites), restrict and discourage abortion, and encourage reproduction within marriage. Much of this can be achieved by legislation, and by placing traditional Christianity back at the center of education and public life.

Trump is wrong to accept same-sex marriage as a done deal. It is no more a done deal than open borders. There is a rumor that Trump will dance with the sick, unhappy pervert, Bruce Jenner, in order to demonstrate toleration and inclusiveness. A great Nation is created and recreated with strong, natural families built on religious foundations. There is no alternative. Sick fantasies and perverted lifestyles destroy a Nation from within.

In his great speech Trump said “The Bible tells us” and we hope that means the Trump administration will reassert old and proven Biblical values.

To end, we repeat Trump’s words “January 20th will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation.” That is good as long as ‘the people’ are not those who brought shame on the Nation outside Pence’s home, or those pink-pussies who marched in Washington.

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