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In a recent article I praised this organization and likened its struggle against the richly funded homosexual juggernaut as a David and Goliath one. As far as I can judge, the NOM is a very frugal organization that achieves great things with the work of a few activists and the donations of many ordinary working Christians. All of the front-line work seems to be carried out by just two people, Brian Brown, President and Maggie Gallagher, Chairwoman. They are courageous people for the homosexual world has many bitter, dangerous and violent members amongst its rank and file and many very rich and influential people at its top, all anxious to use their overwhelming political and financial clout against opponents. One of the reasons that this website does not use the real names of its writers is because we fear the reach of such dangerous enemies, not for ourselves but for our families. Personally, I would be happy to be known. I have a gun at home, I keep very fit and I grew up in an environment where I had to take care of myself. But I have children. Brian Brown has eight children and I assume that he has to be constantly on his guard.

NOM is a Christian organization and opposes same-sex marriage on Biblical grounds. This website opposes same-sex marriage because we do not shy away from the obvious – that sodomy is a dirty and disgusting practice and that same-sex sex is abnormal and perverted. As such it is better for any healthy society that homosexuality should be publicly discouraged rather than publicly encouraged. These are incontrovertible facts not opinions. It is also beyond dispute that same-sex ‘marriage’ is based solely on fantasy and is therefore a caricature of real, heterosexual marriage. As such, same-sex ‘marriage’ if legalized, devalues real marriage, dragging marriage as an institution down to the level of the grotesque. The latter, an essential and proven foundation on which families can best raise their children, is already under formidable attack from Leftists (anxious to replace parental rights with State power), dysfunctional Feminists, various other anti-Christian groups and a Media Class that not only works with all the afore-mentioned but also cultivates a society of self-centered materialists. The building bricks of a successful marriage that produces children who can become real adults are the Judeo/ Christian life of selflessness and love for fellow man, deferred rewards, the exercise of non-arbitrary authority and a commitment to procreation.

There have always been people unlucky to be born with physical and mental handicaps and no doubt there are people who are born with psychological handicaps too. Besides this, there are people who endure a wide variety of damaging childhoods. These include having only one parent, or having a series of ‘step’ parents, having selfish parents, having mentally-ill parents, the list is endless and the results are children who become violent adults or otherwise criminal or depressed, drug prone and feckless. Some become sexually perverted and some of these eventually prey on the young. All of this creates a cycle of deprivation and damage and we should never forget, when making moral judgments, that there is this cycle and its victims. Understanding, however, should not entail embracing the results or claiming that there is no difference between right and wrong, the desirable and the undesirable. We can accept that some people are drawn to perversion and need harm only themselves, just as some people drink too much alcohol or are otherwise foolishly feckless or reckless. But we need not move from toleration to encouragement.

Brian Brown in his writings shows an awareness that there are more reasons than simply Biblical teaching for opposing same-sex marriage for the homosexual campaigners have a revolutionary agenda. In seeking to caricature marriage they have many allies on the Left and they all share the agenda. It is, through the legalization of same-sex marriage, to advance to the criminalization of speech and writing that criticizes homosexuality and to open the school doors to the advocacy of homosexuality and the recruitment of children. Anyone who denies this agenda is either a liar or a fool for the evidence is everywhere, including the UK and Canada. It is also emerging here in the USA where Obama’s ‘Safe Schools Czar’ is busy, under the guise of preventing bullying, turning schools into places where homosexuality is positively taught to young children. It is only logical, having gone this far, to deny parents the right to opt their children out of such ‘education’ either by withdrawal from classes or by Home Schooling. On this website we join the NOM in warning that legalizing same-sex marriage is only a next step in an agenda of perversion. Unlike Brown, we say that the factor galvanizing the homosexual activists is the rise to power of the Media Class. It is impossible to read ANY Mainstream Media (and almost any minor publication) newspaper or magazine, watch any TV program, whether news or entertainment and attend any Arts performance, and not be aware that homosexuality is being promoted as ‘good’. It is equally impossible to be unaware that opposition to homosexual advancement is now presented as the worst form of bigotry.

White Christians and conservatives are very sensitive to charges of bigotry, for they fear being linked to racism. Guilt about slavery and guilt about its surviving remnant, racial discrimination, are still moral burdens for them, even though their records are no worse than Socialist and other Leftist bodies. The Media and its Leftist allies have been successful in draping racism exclusively on the Right. As a consequence, the Media Class, in presenting homosexuals as similar to race victims, has now put those opposing homosexual normalization on the defensive. A charge of bigotry seems to need no substance, the mere charge is enough to intimidate, but just in case it is not enough there are several related charges such as ‘not being inclusive’, ‘being intolerant’, ‘being hurtful’, not moving with the times and ‘being judgmental.’ Lurking just around the corner is the charge ‘Christian!’

I hope Brian Brown is not banking on the support of White Protestant Christians in his fight against the wealthy homosexual juggernaut and the revolutionary Media Class that is now controlling the White House and Congress. Black Protestant Churches are increasingly in the forefront of his movement for Blacks do not fear the charge of bigotry. The Catholic Church too, never very concerned with religious fashion and not addicted to the Media, is standing firm. Unfortunately, the leadership of many predominantly White Protestant Churches are preparing to submit. I attend two such Churches in the San Francisco East Bay area, one of which is a mega Church and in both the pastors are clearly running scared. These are men who have grown up on Hollywood, computer games and computer language and Rock music. Seeming ‘out of date’ is nearly as bad as seeming bigoted. Both have denounced Jerry Falwell and those pastors who in the past took religion into politics. I suspect that both men, sincere and Biblically grounded though they are, believe that if they make big concessions to the Democrat Party and retreat on same-sex marriage, will avoid the ire of the Media Class and the Leftist persecution that awaits Christians. They are wholly wrong and I will get into this topic again in the near future.

We have repeatedly pointed out that almost all political violence is Leftist initiated. I read a piece in the WSJ last week about a long-time Turkish resident in Germany who has been flying the German flag during the World Cup. It seems that Leftists are infuriated by this and tear it down. He has replaced it several times and each time they have repeated the vandalism. The reporter, whilst somewhat sympathetic to this resident (most likely because he is a Muslim) had no criticism to make of the Leftists, going to some lengths to explain their actions and quoting ‘Kommando’ spokesperson. Leftist violence is always ‘understandable’ to Media people.

The SF Bay Area’s Contra Costa Times carried a long article positively justifying in advance widespread rioting, should an LA jury find a BART policeman not guilty in the death by shooting of a 22 year old Black man on New Years Day. The shooting happened at a BART station in Fruitvale when a large group of Black youths were returning on a BART train from a New Years night out. Fighting broke out and the BART police attempted to quell it. The policeman now on trial shot in the back a Black man who was on the ground and being restrained for handcuffing. The policeman is claiming that he thought he was shooting with his taser gun. The incident was captured on video. The death led to Black rioting and the subsequent trial was moved to LA, presumably because the defense thought a neutral jury was unattainable in the Fruitvale area. The judge has dismissed a murder charge but other charges that carry lengthy prison sentences are being pursued. I do not know if the policeman really thought he was using a taser or if he was overtaken by angry, even racist emotions. That is for the jury to decide, but the Contra Costa Times reporter was surely stoking racial resentments in the article with selective quotes from residents. The article reeks of victimology and we can be sure that if the policeman is found ‘not guilty’ all rioting will receive sympathetic reporting. Oh! Did I forget to mention? The cop is White

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