Muslims ‘Behead’ British Soldier on London Street

Mr. Radical has just reported from London that today two Muslim men waited for a soldier to emerge from the Woolwich Barracks in London and then attacked him with knives whilst shouting Islamic slogans. They then boasted of their butchery into a camera and over the Internet.   Passers-by witnessed the two African men, alleged to be Somalis, with bloody hands celebrating their religious assassination of an infidel, many believing that the dead soldier was a victim of a car accident. When the police attended (unarmed!) they were at first unable to act as the killers had weapons. It was some time before armed police arrived on the scene, when both men were brought down by gunfire. 

    This is the diverse and racially/culturally enriched UK that the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies have created. Prime Minister David Cameron, whose most recent preoccupation has been forging an alliance with his Socialist Parliamentary opposition to promote his same-sex marriage Bill, will now huff and puff with faked outrage whilst ensuring that Muslims from Third World Countries continue to pour in. Cameron is unwilling to protect the native British people from Third World invasion and has no outrage about the constant violence that is perpetrated against them, but ensuring sodomites a privileged position in Society is dear to his heart. One of the current results of Leftist policies is that everywhere in the UK Muslim gangs are ‘grooming’ young White girls as sex slaves yet the British people are told that immigration is morally and economically beneficial. Within a year or two of the legalization of same-sex marriage (SSM), the schools of the Nation will be officially grooming young boys for sex with homosexual men. Cameron well knows that SSM is merely another step to enabling homosexuals to proselytize their perversions in every school under the guise of education, toleration and the fight against bullying. 

    Americans should take note of the rapid decline of the UK and remember that Obama seeks to emulate the UK and Europe and follows the exact same policies that are taking White Europeans to extinction. The current White House ‘scandals’ that are being uncovered are the fruits of his revolutionary policies. Just as Cameron will cry crocodile tears for the poor British soldier butchered on the Woolwich Street, so Obama will express outrage about the scandals, knowing full well that what are now creating anger amongst many Americans, are direct consequences of his traitorous Government decisions. We have written many times on this website that the Obama/Holder Administration is lawless. We have pointed out that it is deliberately so, and is creating a judiciary that is willing, like them, to betray the oaths of Office. 

    The Cameron Government in the UK does not have to act lawlessly in order to impose revolutionary policies, for the UK has no written Constitution. In the USA however, the writers of the Constitution and their fellow pioneers deliberately devised a Constitution that would, if followed, avoid the dangers of tyrannical government. The American Constitution was intended to resist Socialism and all brands of collectivism by ensuring that individual freedom – and especially the freedom to worship to speak without fear and to do business – were fully protected from Government, ideologues, do-gooders and busybodies. 

    The Obama Presidency, representing the interests and agendas of the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies, is seeking to impose a revolution on the American people. It is an agenda that entails collectivism, the suppression of the Christian religion and the suppression of free speech. Since all his Government’s goals are in direct conflict with the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold, he must continually and resolutely act illegally. This is what he and Holder are brazenly doing – acting illegally i.e. in direct conflict with the Constitution. Acting within the Constitution would require that they abandon the agenda of their Masters, and this they will not do. 

    We do not believe that the revelations of tyrannical Government wrong-doing will hinder Obama’s progress or shorten his tenure in the White House for the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the rich and powerful of the Ruling Media Class have too much invested in his survival. Conservatives may be aware of, and outraged by, the blatant misuse of Government power but the indoctrinated and ignorant majority of the American people will continue to be hypnotized by TV Soaps and Sports and the daily MSM chattering about celebrities. 

    The MSM quickly drops those News stories that do not serve the Media Class agenda. No matter how newsworthy they actually are, they simply disappear or never appear in the first place. 

    Thus we have heard nothing more about the female chemist with the Arabic name (Ramineh Behbehanian) who allegedly put poison juice on a Californian Starbucks shelf. Nor have we seen or heard anything in the MSM about the two Black youths in Brunswick, Georgia, who allegedly attacked and robbed a White mother, Sherry West and shot dead her 13 month old child, Antonio, who was in a stroller. This story surfaced in the UK’s Daily Mail on-line on March 22nd. Has any reader got any subsequent information? 

    Weather – On May 14th the Southwest of England experienced snow, as did other more northerly parts of the UK. This was merely another extension of a long cold winter. The BBC, relentless advocates of MMGW, was driven to describe the snow as ‘fairly unusual weather’. The Met Office said it was a ‘transient feature’. In fact, the previous time it snowed as late as May 14th was in 1955. 

    Here in middle California I must report that last weekend we had two very hot days with temperatures reaching 91F. On Monday it cooled again and we have reverted to an unusually cool Spring. 

    Music Choice – Charlie Parker was, like Shakespeare, a genius who cannot be explained by his background or as an evolutionary figure. He suddenly emerged from obscurity and the most humble setting in Kansas City and commenced to pour out new music of the very highest quality. He has not yet been matched and his recordings, even those made in seedy nightclubs in the early hours, are bursting with musical genius. Just about any solo, even the briefest, contains all the elements of a great masterpiece – drama, sadness, joy, elation, humor – and many rise above the pedestrian abilities of those who accompanied him. 

    His 1948 recording of ‘Parker’s Mood’ was however made in a studio and he had the benefit of some of the finest and most sympathetic American musicians of his era – John Lewis (piano), Max Roach (drums) and Curley Russell (bass). This 12-bar blues has only a skeleton tune and enables Parker, just turned 28 years old, to use his own vocabulary in the Blues format – of which he was a master – to stretch out with phrases that are full of majestic power, unpredictable yet perfect timing, raw emotion and grace and all delivered as if in conversation with the listener. The brief piano solo reveals John Lewis (who later founded the classic Modern Jazz Quartet) playing with precision, economy and feeling and the perfect foil for Parker. 

    Play this and lament the decline of American music from an adult achievement to the stuff of the nursery and ultimately to the stuff of the lunatic asylum.

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