Muslim Mob Violence Under Reported Yet Again

Let me start by re-iterating the message of this website! It is that we in the US and the UK (and probably in every other modern social democracy in the world) have a new Ruling Class that has been forged and created by the unintended consequences of developing technology. This Ruling Class, which we call the Media Class, has at its core the Entertainment and News industries and has absorbed the Fashion, Professional Sport, Advertising and (subsidized) Arts industries. Since in an electoral democracy no ruling Class is big enough to win elections without alliances, this one has partnered and sponsored the political Left and its Big Government allies. All Ruling Classes throughout history have been essentially revolutionary, for they are driven to recreate societies in their own image and to impose their own radical values. This requires the destruction of the old values that obstruct their agendas. In the US this has translated into the Media Class exercising complete domination of the Democrat Party so that it is no longer a Party of the workers and the poor. It is now a Party dominated from behind the scenes by the wealthy and particularly the billionaires and multi-millionaires of Hollywood and Show Business. Its intellectual and non-social agenda and propaganda is carried out by the Print Media and Television news and entertainment. The only role of the mostly public sector unionized workers who remain in the Party is to be the foot-soldiers at election times. Party policy is not made by these people and the Party has been purged of social conservatives.

We say that Obama was initially selected and promoted from within the Democrat Party by a handful of Hollywood insiders, who along the way cast Hillary Clinton aside. Obama was considered more electable because he was younger – image being highly important to Media people – and Black – thus enabling the Race card to be more effectively employed against opponents on the Right. In the 2008 elections Obama and his Leftist comrades in the Democrat Party were catapulted to veto – proof power by an unprecedented Media campaign of propaganda, lies, cover-ups and destructive Media attacks on all who stood in their way. In return for being given power to carry out a Leftist economic program aimed at destroying America’s private enterprise system and its once-powerful international independence (in the process exponentially growing Government), Obama was expected to covertly dismantle the old Judeo/Christian infrastructure and replace it with a State controlled social structure that reflects Hollywood morality.

In the UK, Radical and Right assert that the Media Class, led by the tax-funded but self-governing BBC, has effective control over all the main political parties and has them all competing with each other for the most-favorable Media treatment. At the present time, the socially liberal David Cameron has been promoted to power and the long-favored Labour Party has been largely abandoned by the Media Class. Cameron is being rewarded for driving out the remaining Nationalist remnants of the Conservative Party, for guaranteeing that the immigration flood-gates will remain open, for promoting the homosexual agenda and for moving all mainstream politics to the Left. He is also ensuring that the remaining conservative rank and file will collude in the State sponsored persecution of the Nationalist British National Party.

None of what we assert above needs to be reinforced with statistics, charts and academic investigations, since the evidence has been displayed and continually expanded for all to see over the last decade or two. American Leftists regularly insist that the US Media is neutral, and some, with great Obama-like chutzpah, are brazen enough to claim that the US Media is Right leaning. They point to the existence of Fox News, a near-national network of conservative Talk Radio stations and the corners of the Internet, as evidence of a Right-tilted playing field. We say that the mavericks of Fox and Radio only reinforce our claims and that the exceptions prove the rule. We point out that Media men – Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin – are the leading shakers and movers of the Republican Party and eclipse Congressional Republicans. Leftists and Media people have no interest in facts and truth, however. The former have always held that the ends justify the means and the latter inhabit the world of fantasy, so we can safely ignore all they say. Indeed, the Left and the Media Class are at this very moment plotting to suppress the few places where conservative, Christian and Nationalist views can be expressed and displayed. Revolutions are rarely genuinely popular and so this Media Class revolution that we are now experiencing can only be sustained by silencing all opposition. In the UK the ruling Media Class has largely succeeded in criminalizing the speech of Christians, social conservatives and Nationalists.

In our archives there are endless examples of the lies and deceptions practiced by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and we know that those who regularly visit this website have come to recognize the existence and power of the Media Class. However, although many commentators of the Right recognize that something fundamental is happening in politics, none have a comprehensive explanation for that something. There are those, like Pat Buchanan, who acknowledge there is a ‘Culture War’ taking place but cannot explain why, or why conservatives, Christians and Nationalists are in constant retreat. A website visitor from Nottingham has emailed us an article from the UK’s Spectator in which the author writes about a new Ruling Class in the US. However his new supposed new ruling Class, made up of the rich and ‘public servants’ of all kinds, has no roots to explain its existence and agenda. We, in contrast, offer a comprehensive explanation for the accidental growth of the new Ruling Class, its great wealth, its alliances, its morality and the source of its power. Each day, the political and social events continue to underpin our message.

And so to the lying Media’s ‘News’! Over the weekend the Muslim mobs have been out in force in France, setting cars and buses on fire, smashing shop windows, controlling the streets and battling the gendarmes and riot police. There is nothing new about this for it happens every weekend in Paris, Marseille and other industrial cities. What was new last weekend was that violent riots also erupted in Grenoble, a University town which many might have considered far removed from the slums of Paris. The rioting has continued over the weekend and has included gunfire from the rioters. The touch paper for this latest Muslim explosion of destruction was the shooting death of a young Arab Muslim, who, with an accomplice, attempted an armed robbery of a casino. In the pursuit of this criminal the armed police shot him and he died. And so Muslim immigrant violence led to mob Muslim immigrant violence! The dead young criminal was someone’s child and we should never forget the tragedy that consequently strikes a family even if we feel satisfaction that a violent criminal has met his Maker. I have no doubt that the Arab immigrants who are steadily colonizing France, including once-peaceful Grenoble, are mostly poor and ignorant people who have little control over their lives and their neighborhoods. They are victims, though not in the way that they are led to believe by Leftists, the Media and their religious leaders. The real criminals are all those who actively seek to destroy Western Christian-based societies by opening the floodgates of immigration to the Third World. On this website we point out that the news from Grenoble has been deliberately suppressed by the MSM, not just in the US but all across those parts of the world where the Media Class rules. Reports of this insurrection have been deliberately buried in small paragraphs on the back pages of the MSM. Readers of this website will know why.

Tucked away in the news Media this weekend was a report that a 64 year old Florida man was being charged with animal cruelty for having sex with his Great Dane dog. Radical and Right are saddened by this bigoted charge and we do not understand it. How do we know that the dog was not enjoying this edgy sexual innovation? Perhaps it was an anal event with a male canine and if so, surely superior to anything boringly normal. Indeed we should not employ the word ‘normal’ for by doing so we are guilty of hurting this man’s feelings, guilty of making moral judgments, guilty of marginalizing someone who simply has a different sexual orientation and revealing our own suppressed upbringings!!! On this website we have long argued that the arguments for legalizing (normalizing) same-sex marriage can and will lead to the ultimate normalization of sex with animals. The unfortunate man in Florida is just a little ahead of his time. A few years down the road Hollywood will be celebrating his sexual orientation with a new version of Brokeback Mountain, only now the sex portrayed will be between men and sheep. The Florida man probably loves his dog and his dog loves him. Why should they be denied the same institution of marriage as heterosexual couples and the current discrimination against man/dog love ended? We can expect that soon a ‘man/dog love’ activist organization will emerge, probably with Soros seed money, followed by a Leftist Presbyterian Church willing to carry out man/dog marriages. An Obama successor will be appointing a man/dog safe sex Czar, man/ dog sex will be introduced into the public school curriculum and dogs will be added to the Nations Health Care bill. I am not joking.

Last week I wrote down a quotation from either a website or a newspaper and now I cannot remember the source other than it was claimed to have been taken from the UK’s Sunday Times of Jan 18th. Perhaps a reader can help? The quote was an extremely telling one and it was by Patrick Muirhead, aged 41. “At the BBC, where I worked for seven years, homosexuality was very nearly compulsory”.

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