Muslim Insurrection Reaches France

The Muslim insurrection in France will be seen by many, including Radical and Right, as poetic justice. The French, who undermined for gain the Iraq invasion (as the UN Oil for Food scandal has revealed) and postured at the UN and elsewhere about how to accomodate Islam, deserve all they now get. We can excuse only the French National Front from such criticism, as that Party has long opposed immigration into France and warned of its dangerous consequences.

Anyone who gets their news from the mainstream media should be struck by the willingness of reporters to lace every riot report with assertions that the riots are a result of France’s failure to give Muslim and African immigrants the good life. On this website we ask the obvious question which the Media will never pose. Why do these people stay in France, and more arrive each day, if life there is so unfair?

I doubt you will see the term “insurrection” used in the mainstream media, though it is ubiquitous in all reporting about Iraq. The truth is that the Media is not happy about the Muslim uprising in France, as it advertises the failure of mass immigration into Europe and the failure of multi-everything. Also, France gets relatively favorable treatment because it has been anti-Bush. Nevertheless, the Media Class has the power to turn every setback to its advantage. It just takes a little time to get control of surprise news. Before the riots have ended, the French people will be shouldering all the blame and guilt and new concessions will have been made to the violent protesters and the communities that harbor them. Perhaps too, the French National Front will have been proscribed as a contributor to the unrest. Just wait and see!

At the same time as immigrant rioters burn cars and buildings across France, another international Leftist mob wreaks havoc on Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

Carrying signs calling Bush a fascist and terrorist, the mob has smashed store windows and set fire to a bank. The Mainstream Media does not exactly praise the rioters, but there is never the rage about them that would be apparent if they were Rightwing demonstrators. They are always called “protestors” by reporters, never a “mob” and their composition is never investigated. These people travel from Seattle to Italy to Argentina and anywhere else they can hound the US president. And then they cause mayhem. There are thousands of them and they all seem to be young and energetic. They are well organised, too. Who are they, what are their sources of income and what grievances motivate them? We can guess the answers to some of these questions but the Media has no curiousity about them at all. They are represented in the Media as though they are idealists acting on behalf of the world’s downtrodden masses and behaving spontaneously.

Compare their Media treatment to that meted out to Mr. Griffin and his colleague from the British National Party. The BNP people, like the French National Front, never organise riots, but put their beliefs to the public at the ballot box. For this, they endure constant physical attack from Leftist thugs, harrassment from the police and victimisation by Union leaders. You would never know any of this from reading the Mainstream Media. Griffin’s appearance at a Leeds Court this week on “hate speech” charges has been manipulated by the taxpayer funded BBC, who infiltrated BNP private political meetings to secretly film and record. It is likely that the charges will be that Griffin warned that Islam is not a religion of peace. Truth, apparently, is no defence in the new Britain and free speech has been quietly abolished. The Media which excuses rioters in France, Britain (Birmingham) and Argentina, will be very happy if Griffin gets many years of imprisonment for saying what he believes to be true.

As we constantly warn on this website, the Media Class uses its power to pursue an agenda and is not interested in truth. Leftist violence Good! Rightist speech bad! (with apologies to George Orwell who was a reporter of truth).

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