Muslim bombers of Yorkshire

Mr Right comments:

So far, there is a lot that does not quite add up about the Muslim bombers of Yorkshire. Some strange possibilities emerge. Were they expecting to leave their bombs and escape, but were detonated by a minder with a remote device? Did they deliberately leave identification so that they would get posthumous “credit” from fellow Muslims? Could their families and friends have been so unaware of their preparations and intentions? Whatever truths ultimately emerge, we can expect the mainstream media and their Leftist allies to do all possible to make the young men look like relative innocents or victims. Commonsense (and we should all rely on our commonsense and not the media) tells us that these young men set out to cause indiscriminate butchery of innocent people and must have had ample time to contemplate the consequences of their actions. We need waste no time trying to “understand” them, since their motivations must be beyond our reach. 

No doubt, there are many in Western Muslem communities waiting to emulate or exceed their deeds. The bombings are not comparable to the individual madnesses that sometimes overtake lonely, brooding misfits who take a gun and go on a shooting rampage. These Muslem terrorists are anything but deranged loners acting from spite against neighbors or work colleagues. They are soldiers in a worldwide movement which has declared war on us and a war to the death. Their movement has been a long time in the making and is not a reaction to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. If they could inflict more death on us, they would and will. That they were unable to mount attacks before the US and UK elections suggests that they are not as organised in these countries as they would like to be. That they have not yet been able to employ WMD’s suggests that they do not yet have the means to do so. 

Thank God that George Bush and a majority of the American people had the courage to carry the war to the enemy. Thank God too, that Tony Blair gave British support. This column will rarely voice support for Bush and even more rarely for Blair, but if they are to be criticised on Iraq and Afghanistan policy, it will be because they have not pursued this war ruthlessly enough nor been more active in mobilising us all to do our bit.

Mr Radical replies:

As usual, I find you raise important points missing in the mainstream media 

It’s amazing how many seem to have forgotten, the current occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq came after 9-11 and largely as a response to it! (Though perhaps the misplaced memories should not be so surprising when the apologists for the terrorists rule the media.) If the London bombings were ‘justfied’ by the UK involvment in Iraq, then how does one explain the Islamic terror campaigns being waged against Buddhist monks in Thailand and SE Asia? I haven’t noticed any saffron-robed cohorts chanting their way through Baghdad, have you? 

There simply cannot be a better way to disrupt the terrorists than taking the fight to their own ‘safe’ areas. (I refrain from referring to these places as ‘their own territories’ because, in reality these types of people do not make up the majority even in these lands.)

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