MSM Fails to Ignite Black Mobs

The jury decision in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case was a stinging reversal for the Main Stream Media which from Day One had campaigned to convict Zimmerman by hook or by crook-and mostly by crook.  If this reversal was not enough of a blow to its confidence that it can turn black into white (no pun intended!), rewrite history and ignore realities, then last Sunday’s 100 damp-squib marches in America’s big cities signaled that in the persecution of George Zimmerman, the MSM had overestimated its power to hide the truth from the American people. 

    Clearly, too many people had visited the Internet’s conservative sites or tuned in to conservative Talk Radio and learned the truth about Trayvon Martin (and George Zimmerman) and the background to his death by shooting. As Black conservative writer Shelby Steele wrote in an excellent article in the WSJ of July 22nd, (Martin) “was no Rosa Parks, a figure of indisputable human dignity set upon by the rank evil of White supremacy”. Steele pointed out that “yes, Trayvon was a kid, but he was also something of a menace”. 

    I would not agree that Martin was a kid, at least not in terms of physical size and potential lethality, though probably in terms of education, sense of right and wrong, and of social maturity he was more deficient than my 9 year-old son. Steele is right to take the Black ‘civil rights’ agitators to task for their attempts to use the Martin case to fuel the ‘Black victim’ culture that provides the rabble-rousers with business, but he is wrong to suppose that Sharpton and Jackson et al are orchestrating matters. They merely play the part that is allocated to them by the MSM in pursuit of its overall Leftist agenda. Sharpton and Jackson could not organize the proverbial ‘piss-up in a brewery’ but rely on a willing and calculating MSM to promote, advertize and orchestrate their mindless demonstrations. The MSM intended that last Sunday should be the day that hundreds of thousands of America’s African Americans and Leftists would march and tens of thousands would riot, ransack shops and achieve a temporary redistribution of wealth. 

    Those who follow events closely, get their news from the Internet or read between the lines will know that Sunday’s marches were a flop. In place of the hundreds of thousands of angry marchers, a mere few thousand turned out Nation-wide, and often the Black looting mobs, taking advantage of police attention on the marchers, struck elsewhere in what the MSM now calls ‘Bash mobs’, were previously called ‘Flash mobs’ and should accurately be called ‘Black mobs’. Not that ‘low information voters’ would know that the numbers of marchers was so miniscule, as the MSM went to great pains to hide such an awkward and embarrassing fact. As always, in pursuit of its agenda, the MSM inflated numbers of marchers or refrained from telling. In one case at least, the MSM attempted to paint a pro-Zimmerman gathering as mindlessly racist. In Houston, much space was given to a woman in the Zimmerman crowd who was holding a placard saying “We’re Racist & Proud” and who gave the Houston Chronicle some choice racist remarks for publication. The Chronicle reporters typically concealed (or failed to enquire) that Renee Vaughan was a Leftist plant. Conservative Internet reporters soon discovered that Vaughan, a resident of college-town Austin (a Leftist stronghold), worked for the Far Left environmental group “Texas Campaign for the Environment”. No-one has yet discovered how Vaughan earns her living or how many other Leftist groups she actively supports but enquiries might reveal that George Soros is helping fund her activism. 

    The Sunday flop was not only a blow to the MSM, but to Obama, Holder and their comrades. Obama’s contrived ‘thoughtful’ and humble pose before the MSM cameras and reporters during which he brazenly called for a national debate on race problems and once again referred to the late Martin as the son he never had and also himself some 30 years ago, was intended to confer respectability on the gathering marchers (and looters) and to gin up their numbers. I doubt there is a Democrat politician, a Leftist activist or a Black ‘spouter’ of civil rights anywhere in the Nation who wants an honest debate about the plight of America’s African Americans of the big cities. They, like Obama and Holder, prefer, for several reasons, that America’s big cities should be occupied by a lawless Black underclass. These crime-ridden cities, governed for decades by Democrats and often Black Democrats, and recipients of endless taxpayer funds, remain sunk in relative poverty and plagued by crime and are a consequence of the Leftist war on the real family. Over 70% of children in these Black enclaves have no father in their lives and rely on mothers who can barely read or write and live on the welfare check. They are deliberately condemned to the bottom of the ladder for they make the big cities hostile to conservative politicians, provide loyal Leftist voters, offer massive voter fraud opportunities and their plight can be used to foster guilt in simple-minded White liberal Pastors. 

    Obama’s bare-faced hypocrisy was once again on display for not only does he intend to squash any genuine debate (with MSM connivance) by accusations and denunciations of racism but in referring to his own supposed racial handicaps of 30 years ago he omits to remind us that he has sealed all his records. Those who dig will know that he either had a privileged (White) background or a Muslim one, or both! I doubt that as an adult he has ever frightened any White woman by crossing the street or getting into an elevator. Indeed it must be a long time since he walked the streets or took an elevator without a posse of comrades or body-guards. The truth is that many women will feel apprehensive in an elevator with a man who looks dangerous, whether White or Black, and most diminutive out-of-shape men will feel apprehensive if alone in an elevator with someone who looks like the late Trayvon Martin. Of course, no Obama speech ever strays far from Obama. 

    The MSM, which cannot let the Martin case subside, is regularly promoting stories of Black victimization. Here is one example of many! Last week, “The Oklahoman” newspaper ran an article written by Silas Allen featuring the alleged discomforts of one George Lee, a Black student at the University of Oklahoma. The article’s heading was “Black College students at predominantly White campuses feel internal cultural tension”. (See Free Republic website July 21st 2013), Lee, who is majoring in Black Studies, is experiencing tension! The article claims that the University is 64% White and only 5% Black, though I find this hard to believe if it is running such a course. In any case, what are the other 31%? Presumably they are Indian, Chinese, Korean, Native American and others of color, and aren’t all minorities supposed to be united in their disadvantages? And what about the tensions experienced by homosexuals, lesbians, trans-people, transvestites, sadists, masochists and pedophiles? Let us also remember those challenged by weight, height, spotty skin, big noses, receding chins, bad breath and attachments to plastic, leather and rubber. 

    Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has once again spoiled the MSM narrative by allegedly rescuing 4 people from an overturned car. 

    On (July 22nd)I read an excellent article by Karl Schlichter under the heading “Defending American Principles is now a Revolutionary Act”. On this website we have long claimed that America is experiencing a revolution because a new Class has taken power. Many website visitors thought we were being over-dramatic or fanciful. We never used the term ‘revolutionary’ lightly for we recognized that the legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage and adoption, the introduction of perverts into the military, the purging of good military commanders, the brazen use of the IRS to persecute regime opponents, the flagrant corruption by Holder of the DOJ, the Obama payoffs with taxpayer money of Unions, the official persecution and marginalization of Christians, the disarming of citizens and much more in so short a space of time cannot be explained by evolutionary politics. The stream of outrages and scandals perpetrated by this Government are overwhelming for those who seek to defend American principles. Where Mr. Schlichter is wrong is that those who do are- as we frequently assert- counter-revolutionaries. This is a crucial distinction for it recognizes that we are now very much on the defensive and that the new Class and its Leftist allies are in control.

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