Mr. Trump! You Are Doing A Great Job!

So far, so good! In fact, better than good. Despite a Mainstream Media saturated with bad news for him, about him and around him, frenzied attacks by Far Left politicians, endless reports of the suffering he has inflicted on sensitive souls across the Nation, public harrassment of his daughter and family by perverts, organized boycotts and sanctions against his businesses around the world, and gleeful promises of Republican obstruction in the Senate, The Donald has ploughed ahead with cabinet picks that signal he means business, daily uncompromising tweets, sallies into foreign affairs, and a display of bared teeth at the vermin of the Media.

To this habitually cynical and pessimistic writer, it appears that Trump never sleeps, juggles a dozen balls in the air whilst kicking asses that deserve kicking, never panics, has the measure of the enemy at all times, is fully in charge of his timetable, keeps to himself a list of priorities, is crafty as a fox, is enjoying himself, is in total control of the large organization he is putting together, and is being viewed by enemies and the uncommitted as a man to be reckoned with.

Who can now doubt that he will be in command when he enters the White House? In the early days of the primary campaign, this writer frequently wondered if the Presidency would overwhelm this novice politician. Not any longer! Indeed it is hard to think of anything that will overwhelm Donald Trump. As we recently wrote on this website “Cometh the hour. Cometh the man.”

There may be personality flaws that will only emerge with time, for no man is a robot. Family pressures, emotional weaknesses, hidden vices, and unexpected health problems, could shatter his and our hopes, but so far, so good! There is not one of the primary rivals who could have matched Trump’s performance in this testing interim between winning and occupying. Trump could be the first President since Reagan to do good for ordinary Americans.

Ordinary Americans never feature in the Mainstream Media as ordinary Americans. If they feature at all it is only to be vilified, grossly misrepresented, or mocked and ridiculed. The words ‘silent majority’ is not adequate, for they are truly the invisible majority. It is the invisible majority that voted for Trump from South Carolina and Georgia to Arizona and Utah, and from Ohio and Michigan to Texas and Louisiana.

Today I was reminded by a Peggy Noonan article in the Wall Street Journal, that ordinary Americans are still invisible thanks to the perverts, Internationalists and traitorous scribblers who own the entire Media, invent its propaganda, and present us Americans to ourselves and the world.

Noonan is still struggling to get to grips with Trump’s victory. Her problem is that she lives in Washington DC and not Winona Mississippi, Sweetwater, Texas, North Platte, Nebraska, Mitchell, South Dakota, or any number of small towns across the United States where she would meet and talk with ordinary Americans. Noonan reports that at a Manhattan Christmas party last week a “despairing Democrat told me that she not only wept on election night she had vomited”.

I find it hard to believe that such a person is not an invention. But there are so many such reports of melting college snowflakes, wimpy young men, shrieking pansy-boy attorneys on planes, and school teachers telling kids that America has come to an end, that I have to conclude that a substantial portion of the American people are doomed to extinction.

For the record, as an immigrant I am absolutely delighted that Trump won, and so are many of my neighbors here in California. Mexicans and Asians who come to my house and see my Trump signs do not weep or vomit. If Clinton had won I would have been buying more ammunition but definitely not throwing up. What has happened that there are now so many pathetic people?

The Trump Administration, no matter how pro-active and inspiring, will not be sufficient to make Americans great again. Unless enough Americans re-embrace the traditional Christian life-style, break their obsession with materialism and consumerism, get married, clean their own houses, maintain their own yards and have lots of children, America will fall to Muslims or other Third Worlders who know how to do the basics.

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(Great Saxophonists/Great Songs)

Dexter Gordon (1923-1990) spent some years living and playing in Europe. In August 1975, he was recorded in Switzerland playing with Kenny Drew (piano), Niels Pedersen (bass), and Alex Riel (drums). Recommended is his version of Wave, a bossa nova written by the Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.

This recording is filled with quotes and creative phrases. Dexter Gordon effortlessly comes out with overwhelmingly powerful phrases that range across his instrument. There are also quotes from The Girl From Ipanema and One Note Samba. Enjoy!

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