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Neither Mr. Radical nor Mr. Right intended to lead their joint-opinion site with contributions about Islamic terrorism. However, last week’s attacks on the people of London have propelled this topic to the forefront. What issue could be more important in the short term?

Mr. Right:

It is our contention that the Mainstream Media has an agenda of its own and is constantly guilty of suppressing facts and misleading the people of Western democracies. There will be much more about this in future contributions, but in the meantime, be warned that the media will be working to suppress truth and to misinform us all about the terrorism that threatens us. Readers, be aware that everything you read and hear from the media is suspect. In the absence of a trustworthy media, the most important thing we people need in order to defend ourselves, is free speech, as this enables us to know what is truly happening. Truth (and no suppression of facts) is the basis for making effective decisions about self-defense. 

In this context, the people of the UK need to know that Nick Griffin is shortly to face trial for exercising free speech about Islamic terrorism. Griffin is the leader of the BNP, a legal British political Party. Neither of the contributors to this site are members of the BNP, nor do we agree with many of its policies, and we will set out our criticisms of that party and its policies in the future. However, Mr. Griffin and his fellow defendants need everyone’s support at this time, as it is vital that all should be free to express opinions about Islam and its followers and the threats to our safety. Mr. Griffin and his Party may be wrong in their statements about Islam and Muslims (though he appears to be more right than wrong at the moment), but how has it come about that expressed views have become illegal, and that under new British laws, “truth is no defense”? 

It has often been argued that crying “Fire” in a crowded theater is an example of the harm that justifies the suppression of free speech. It can be argued however that it is one’s duty to cry “Fire” if there is a fire. Perhaps Mr Griffin and his BNP are doing their duty. I suggest you visit their website, read their material and keep an open mind. If you care about free speech and think it is important in the fight against terrorism, then show support for his right (and yours) to exercise it if what he has said is truthful.

Mr. Radical:

Contrast the treatment of Mr. Griffin with that given to the imams.  He makes a speech in which he seeks to alert us to what he sees as a danger to our society, and he is threatened with fines and imprisonment. All the while, imams are preaching so-called ‘revenge’ attacks against the rest of the population; if this is not incitement to violence then I don’t know what is! For years the authorities have done nothing to halt this and have allowed it to continue, even after the recent outrages.

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