Mr Right comments

Mr. Right:

It is certain that the Government of the UK will undertake legislation and action to counter the threat from Islamic terrorism. Nothing wrong with that, and it would be a dereliction of duty (and pass the initiative to others) if it failed to do so. However, the Media Class which now dominates Western society, will use this current situation to advance it’s agenda. It always does and usually turns what looks like a defeat for it’s policies into an opportunity to advance them further. The Media Class (and you first heard this term in this column) yearns for a multi-cultural society, the destruction of traditional Christianity, the breaking down of all sexual inhibitions and, quite logically flowing from this agenda, the destruction of Nationalism. 

Expect therefore, the Media’s pawns, New Labour and the Lib-Dems, to claim the need to be “evenhanded”. In every newspaper article, TV programme etc there will be (cunningly inserted) the explanation that Muslim violence is, in part, a reaction to racism and persecution by the White majority. The extent of this spin can be gauged from an article in the Wall Street Journal of July 14th, which refers to the riots of 2001 in Oldham, Burnley, Leeds and Bradford and says ” the largely Pakistani crowds were reacting to provocations by the neo-fascist British National Party”. There you have the tactic in a nutshell and it will be pedalled in the Media of every Western nation. No evidence is given (and could never be produced, since motives for mass riots are never simple), but such statements are effective if repeated often enough and widely enough. 

Be aware therefore, that the Government’s response to the bombs will be to balance every curb on Muslim activity with a curb on the right of free speech by the (white and indigenous) people of the UK. If some Imams and Muslim activists are rounded up, expect members of the BNP to be very publicly taken in for questioning as well. There will be no grounds for this except that it will be claimed that the BNP and Nationalists in general, are orchestrating a backlash against Muslims and trying to light a powder keg in Britain’s cities. Unfortunately, Britain’s new politically led police forces will be only too willing to carry out orders and the climate for such actions will be created by a comprehensive and hysterical Media campaign. The truth is that Sikhs, Hindus, Confucians, Christians, agnostics, atheists, not even Shia Muslims, were responsible for the bombings. Neither were Nationalists and members of the BNP. There will inevitably be a violent backlash against Muslims in our cities, and the innocent will suffer, but it will be by the mindless, the ignorant, the powerless and angry individuals. 

I urge you to read today’s BNP website to find out the truth about it’s current activities. The Party is against immigration and the destruction of British culture and argues that the Islamic threat which now faces the West and the UK is the result of Government policies over decades. The Party is right to say so, but even if it is not, we must all fight for its right to say so, anytime and anywhere. Political parties whose policies have created the current situation have no right to muzzle criticism. 

Tony Blair enraged the Media Class when he supported George Bush over Iraq. He will not risk alienating the Master Class again and he is now presented with an ideal opportunity to do its bidding. 

Free speech and the right to resist the agenda of the Media Class is about to be further curtailed by state-organised intimidation. 

N.B. This column is not connected with the BNP and opposes many of its policies. 

Mr. Radical:

It is little over a week since the bombings yet already we can see the cogs of the news media spinning, trying their best to turn events upside-down. In the immediate aftermath they had no alternative except report the attacks for what they were – a terrible outrage and a blow to the ideal of multi-cultural harmony in this country. But now the initial shock has dulled, the emphasis can be shifted and they try to present it more as some great opportunity to ‘engage’ the whole Muslim community. Everyone, including police, churchleaders and especially politicians must be seen to be going about and meeting with them. 

One glimpse of honesty that I detected amongst this was in comments made by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair (no relation), on BBC TV News. In addition to the predictable call for ‘active engagement’, he made a direct appeal for information about those behind the bomb carriers: “Someone in the Muslim community will know who they are,” he said. With it came the clear implication that he believed others within their local communities must have had an indication an attack was being planned; and this is no time for denial. 

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