Mozilla – Only the Beginning!

We challenge any website visitor to go back eight, even ten years, into our archive and discover what we wrote about the homosexual core of the emerging Media Class, which Class we identified as the new revolutionary, soon-to-be Ruling Class.   We also identified support for the homosexual agenda as one of the two litmus tests that had been applied by the emerging Media Class to the membership of America’s Democrat Party and its Trade Union wing. The other litmus test applied at that time to Democrats and Union leaders was unconditional support for abortion-on-demand. This was specifically to satisfy the radical anti-Christian feminist constituency that also occupied a powerful place at the heart of the Media Class. Obviously, the homosexual constituency was dominated by males addicted to sodomy, but the feminist movement was heavily influenced by lesbians and angry dysfunctional women. For the members of these two very activist constituencies, abortion-on-demand had little practical relevance, but as a means of expelling the hated Christians and moralists from the Leftist political movement, abortion ‘rights’ was an extremely effective weapon. Snuffing out human life around conception and birth was also appealing to the new generations of young educated women who the public education system was brainwashing into life without male partners, without children and into careers. 

    Abortion ‘rights’ have not lost their appeal to the Leftists, perverts and Libertines of the Media Class as a means of suppressing Christians and those non-Christian moralists who can be classed as conservatives and Nationalists. However, at the present time the homosexual core of the Media Class is driving the revolutionary agenda at a hot pace. We should not be surprised, for male homosexuals are more sexually driven than lesbians and thus more impatient. Most heterosexuals of both sexes, especially those preoccupied with their children and grandchildren, view life and their Nation in the longer term but homosexuals live for the next orgasm and for the satisfactions of sado/masochism, caring little for the long-term future. As we constantly point out on this website homosexuals care nothing for traditional marriage, an institution that has already been devalued for many heterosexuals. Except in so far as weddings offer homosexuals opportunities for exhibitionism, public performance, the chance to claim many more financial ‘rights’ and the destruction of Christian morality, the real historical marriage – a basis for procreation – has no meaning. The Ruling Media Class and its Leftists and perverts do understand that the ‘officializing’ of same-sex marriage provides the opportunity for the final suppression of traditional family life, removing the protections of children from sexual exploitation, and suppressing Christianity and free speech. 

    For those unfamiliar with ‘Mozilla’, the story is that Brendan Eich, a young man of Silicon Valley who invented JavaScript and help found the Mozilla Corp in 1998, was recently appointed CEO of the company. It was then discovered by homosexual activists that he had contributed $1,000 to the 2008 California ballot initiative to restrict marriage to heterosexuals i.e. supporting traditional, real marriage. This initiative was passed by a majority of Californian voters but was subsequently set aside by a Federal judge, who concealed his own homosexual lifestyle. A firestorm of protest against Mr. Eich has been unleashed that has led to his speedy resignation, even though he has said nothing publicly about SSM and has not in any way involved Mozilla in his personal views. Indeed it may be that he no longer opposes SSM. It is not clear whether Mr. Eich is or was a Christian, or simply held views about marriage similar to the majority of Californian voters in 2008. It seems that it is simply enough that he once opposed a plank of the homosexual agenda. Many Silicon Valley chiefs have quickly rushed to denounce Mr. Eich and it is clear that the High-tec world and its wealthy and powerful CEO’s and Boards are now wholly on board with the uncompromising homosexual agenda. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and Chief Executive of Facebook led his staff to take part in the SF ‘Pride’ annual march. Google and Apple employees also officially attended. We can assume that employees who betray disapproval of SSM by not taking part are likely to become unemployable. Mr. Eich has since groveled to the social revolutionaries but it will do him no good. 

    It would be extremely informative to know the process by which the ‘storm’ was organized, by whom, how it was financed and how much intimidation was used against the less enthusiastic to sign on. Who had the clout to phone and email and mobilize the Mozilla employees and who could not be refused? We can wonder why Mr. Zuckerberg feels so strongly about SSM and the homosexual agenda. I rarely meet anyone amongst neighbors and acquaintances who cares a hoot about homosexuals and what they do in private. Even here in California it is unusual to come across homosexuals. On a recent trip to Death Valley the motels, restaurants and resorts I visited were filled with heterosexual couples and families from California, Nevada and many other States. Homosexuals are only noticeable by their absence from normal places. No doubt if I had vacationed in the bars and bath-houses of SF or Hollywood I would have had a different experience but moving among normal everyday Americans – of all races – I did not see and hear people who would have demanded the removal of Mr. Eich from his job. We are told that Mr. Zuckerberg and his brethren of Silicon Valley and other leaders of Big Business consider the SSM issue as the modern day anti-slavery campaign. Since the homosexual minority is said to be an extremely prosperous and talented one – and one that has little interest in socializing with adult heterosexuals – it is difficult to perceive any similarities with African Americans of the last century. 

    At this point it is worth mentioning and referring to the UK’s BNP website where the story of Mr. John Craven can be found. Mr. Craven is a Christian street preacher in Manchester and on September 17th 2011 he was spreading the Gospel when two young males approached him and asked his view of homosexuality. Mr. Craven explained the Bible-based Christian view of hating the sin but loving the sinner. The two males then began kissing in front of him before seeking the police and complaining that Mr. Craven’s Christian views were ‘insulting’ and had caused them ‘harassment and distress’. Mr. Craven was promptly arrested and taken to a police station where he was held for 15 hours on suspicion of public order offences. He claims that he was deprived of food and drink during this time – a quite believable claim to those who are familiar with the NKVD tactics of the police of Socialist-ruled Manchester. Eventually, he was released and later told there would be no charges, most certainly because he had committed no offence. Mr. Craven took his treatment to Court and now the Manchester Police Authority has awarded him thirteen thousand pounds ($20,000), paid by the taxpayers, to settle out of court. 

    Mr. Craven and every other British Christian aware of this episode will have been greatly intimidated and surely it will not be long before the outcome of such homosexual complaints and denunciations will be the gulag for re-education. Mr. Zuckerberg and his comrades clearly take the view that in the USA those who view sodomy as abnormal and unhygienic or simply regard marriage as a Christian institution should not be able to gain employment. It is not enough to keep one’s views to oneself at work. Since loss of employment may not be enough to suppress all free speech and political activity that offends the LGBT community, this Website predicts that our new Ruling Class will pass the kind of laws now suppressing free speech in the UK. The path ahead is that first counter-revolutionaries will be identified by litmus tests at work and then deprived of employment. Next, their children will be removed from their care. Ultimately it will be the gulag for ‘re-education’ and eradication. 

    On this website we often record the nu-speak of this revolutionary era. One Website visitor drew our attention to the Media report that Hollywood’s Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin are “consciously uncoupling” after ten years of marriage. 

    The billionaire Pritzker family of Chicago have long been big donors to the post-purged Democrat Party and now we learn that James Pritzker has become Jennifer Pritzker. Jennifer/James was on the San Francisco University-appointed 5 person Commission that recently issued a report recommending that transgenders be allowed to serve in the US military. Other commission members included Joscelyn Elders (“lets end our love affair with the fetus”) and Rear Admiral (you can’t make this up!) Alan Steinman. Since retirement from the navy he has emerged from the closet. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it has been wet and cool for a week. In the Sierras it has been cold and snowing. I can record that Death Valley has been unseasonably cold. Incidentally, whilst there I learned that this hottest place in the world earned its reputation for heat with a 5-day sequence of temperatures of 134 F. Obviously proof of global warming except that the sequence was in 1913!

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