Mormon and Catholic versus Anti-Christian

If you read our previous article (Aug 11) you will know that we wrote that Paul Ryan was not the best pick that Romney could make. Anyway, the rumors turned out to be correct, and Ryan it is! Thank God it was not Condoleeza Rice or Jed Bush!! Nevertheless, quite frankly, we believe that Romney and Ryan are simply too nice to deal with the Media-led Leftist smear campaign that will be unceasing until November 3rd. Although Chris Christie is not as conservative as we would like, he has shown himself capable of meeting belligerence with belligerence and has outpunched, head-butted and low-kicked the Left in New Jersey. Still, even Christie does not realize that the Media Class pulls the strings of Obama and the Democrat Party and not the other way around. This week, Rush Limbaugh commented in his radio broadcast that the Democrats and the MSM are indistinguishable. He is right about that but still does not grasp that we now live under the rule of a Media Class that dominates American politics from behind the scenes and that the Democrat Party which is its political mouthpiece (and many other institutions) dance to its tune-or as we would say-its agenda.

Now that Ryan is Romney’s choice for running mate (and not a bad one), it is clear that Romney is taking the Right ideological path. As many Right-leaning pundits have noted, Romney has sharpened the differences between himself and Obama by choosing a financially conservative running mate. Fiscal conservatives and sane Independents should have no difficulty voting Republican come November. MSM operatives are trying to manufacture something out of the absence of a Protestant on the Republican ticket. They hope to create dissension between Christian conservatives and thus open the old hostilities between Catholics and Protestants. This bird is not going to fly, as most surely religiously active Catholics and Protestants (except some of those in California) now understand that they have a common enemy in the White House. Obama and his comrades in the Democrat Party have revealed in the last 4 years too much of their anti-Christian hostility and their determination to marginalize and silence them.

What has not been noted by Right-leaning pundits and bloggers is that the Republican Presidential ticket now has two very committed Christians. I know some nit-pickers do not view Mormons as Christians, but having been to Salt Lake City and known Mormons here in California, I can with certainty write that Mormons belong in the Christian camp. In California’s campaign to ban same-sex marriage, the Mormons were on the Christian front line. Many suffered personal attacks from enraged and Godless homosexuals. Romney and Paul are publicly committed to real marriage and to opposing the murder of innocent children. Christians who care about these litmus test issues should have no difficulty voting for them in November.

Although the MSM is playing down the Christian commitment of Romney and Ryan, we can be sure that in Beverley Hills, San Francisco’s Castro, Marin County, New York, DC and the other places where the Media Class perverts and libertines sip wine and snort cocaine, there is a fury and a panic. Never has there been a clearer choice for these people. Here they are, on the brink of another 4 years in which America can be transformed, not only into a Socialist economic State, but into a perverts’ paradise, and suddenly there is a chance that the moral clock can be turned back to a sane and traditional USA. I read that Michelle Obama was doing 4 fundraisers in Hollywood in one day this week. Her Hollywood destination is highly significant and how I would love to be a fly on the wall at these gatherings of the ultra rich and famous, to hear the hysterical rage and panic. Hollywood’s perverts and libertines will open the wallets as never before to ensure the destruction of the Christian enemy and keep the White House theirs.

If Romney and Ryan manage to by-pass the MSM and get their message to the masses, unadulterated and complete, and the Opinion Polls reflect the public awakening, the Media Class will be forced into desperate measures, the like of which has never been seen before in an American election. The Media Class, like all Ruling Classes in history, will not relinquish its power peacefully and lawfully.

On this website we try to dig behind the surface of things and to identify the currents that are moving events in a Revolutionary way. After all, in Revolutionary times, nothing goes on as normal except the seasons and the rotation of the Earth. In this context I have been thinking about abortion, the way that Americans are choosing to have pets and not children, the growth of Government control over our lives and the attempts to enable Lesbians to give birth. I would not be surprised if, even as I write, somewhere scientists and medical people are trying to find a way for men to give birth. These things are connected.

One of the seemingly insurmountable intellectual obstacles for those who wish to abolish traditional marriage and who wish to normalize same-sex sexual relationships, is that man/woman relationships result in procreation. The complimentary nature of man/woman and its sole connection to reproduction clearly defines anything else as unnatural. On this website we refer to ‘perverts’ but we can also define same-sex relationships as ‘unnatural’, as Nature or God has ordained that Man/Woman creates and Man/Man and Woman/Woman relationships are, without exception, ‘sterile’.

Abortion breaks a link in the chain of normality. Here is, for those who believe Man is now God (secularists/Leftists) evidence that the Human species can, with its skills, set aside Nature/God. Now, science enables doctors to impregnate a woman without the involvement of a man, except to take his semen. Lesbian couples are finally able to ‘have a family’ and Society (led by the Media) can celebrate this wondrous evidence that the Human species has put Nature/God even further out on the sidelines. Our new Ruling Class has legislated (despite all the evidence that a child needs a mother and father) that children removed from natural parents by the State can be given to male homosexual couples. Thus we now have lesbian couples with their ‘own’ children and male homosexual couples with a ‘family’ too. How normal it all seems! Of course, the male homosexual couples cannot quite enjoy the normalcy of the lesbian couples, where one partner actually gave birth, but if that could be achieved, the link between natural/God given sexual relationships and reproduction would be further broken. The final stage desired by progressives is that procreation can be divorced entirely from Man/Woman relationships. The (natural) physical and emotional differences between Man and Woman can then be dismissed as of no importance. In this Brave New World same-sex relationships can be put on an equal footing with opposite sex relationships and no-one can say “Ah! But they are sterile relationships.”

The ‘gay’ crowd is not desperate for children, any more than the modern heterosexual crowd is, but they are desperate for ‘normalcy’ and advancement. Having children in their care, blessed by the State, enables them to get through every community door – nurseries, crèches, schools, colleges, welfare offices, medical plans-where we must all accept them or be denounced as cruel bigots and subject to judicial punishment and economic ruin.

The perverts desire this break in the natural link of child and real family for obvious reasons. They benefit from the break by being enabled to force entry into the heartland of normal society that parenting provides. Leftists also have an investment in breaking the link between Man/Woman relationships (family) and procreation, for they seek to dismiss Nature/God and claim that the Human species has no restrictions. Breaking the heterosexual/children link kicks wide open the door that the Revolutionaries want to take us through. It enables them to once and for all destroy the family and its Christian format of marriage.

This has long been an obstacle to totalitarianism. It is a means to confront and vanquish the Christian Church. It enables Government to take total control over the rearing of children and it is one step only from the Government deciding who will have children and who will not. And it all starts with Abortion!

If Romney and Ryan win the White House and the Republicans take Congress, it would be wonderful if they understood that they could reverse the Revolution. By putting the Christian-based Constitution at the core of all their policies, appointing Federal Judges who will truly uphold it, restoring free speech, restoring the right of Christians to occupy the public place, taking back the privileges of the homosexual ‘community’ and minorities, sealing the borders, encouraging the return to true family life (marriage and children- not pets) and traditional culture and most of all, breaking the propaganda powers of the Media Class, they could lead America and the Western World back to sanity. Sadly, the likelihood is that the Media Class will win the White House and a degenerate America and the West will be marching ever more quickly towards totalitarianism.

Weather – The heat-wave here in California continues with the temperature again touching 100F today. However, a group of prominent weather scientists in today’s WSJ are refuting Man-made Global warming. They can say goodbye to their careers and Obama may well have their tax returns picked over. In the UK my informant tells me that the normal English summer continues which is to say, showers, clouds, brief sunny periods, cool and windy and more rain on the way. Despite rough weather and high winds in the Exe Estuary, Starcross remains above sea level.

Music Choice – Horace Silver played some of the best jazz of the 1960’s. His quintets and sextets were more than mere vehicles for his many outstanding compositions, for he featured several emerging talents as soloists. In 1966 Silver’s soloists were trumpeter Woody Shaw and tenor saxophonist Tyrone Washington. Shaw, like several other hugely talented jazz trumpeters (Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown and Booker Little) had a tragic early death. Born in 1944, he suffered from poor vision which made sight-reading of music difficult and led to him falling under a train at age 45. The Blue Note Album “The Jody Grind” contains a number of Siver’s great compositions but the best is the bluesy, waltz-time, “Dimples”. I recommend this tune for your evening’s antidote to modern noise. You don’t have to be a jazz expert to enjoy this one – just a grown-up where culture is concerned.

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