More on the British National Party (BNP)

In our previous article we challenged the British National Party to demonstrate it has become a truly democratic party by telling the truth about the resignation of Angela Clarke, its former councilor for wards in both Keighly and Bradford. We have now read “The Voice of Freedom” Issue No. 70, and Mrs. Clarke is still referred to as a BNP councilor. In the absence of any information about Mrs. Clarke, we have to assume that she is not only an ex-councilor for both seats but also an ex-BNP member and pretty much a non-person so far as the BNP is concerned.

We can speculate that she is ill or has some kind of personal trouble that the BNP is being protective about, but it seems unlikely and that a more likely explanation is that the BNP is organized like a revolutionary socialist organization and Mrs. Clarke has fallen foul of the leader.

Our suspicion that the BNP is a socialist party, was reinforced by the front-page headlined article in issue number 70 of “The Voice of Freedom”. Under the headline “Keep British Jobs For British Workers” there is this opening sentence. “Britain can’t compete in a global economy” followed by a very pessimistic view of the nation’s future in a free enterprise world. We are then told that the BNP believes “the economic future for our country should be based on self-sufficiency….providing ourselves the goods that our people need”. The party calls on British consumers to spend their money only on food and goods produced by British farmers, manufacturers and service providers.

This writer was reminded of Britain in the Second World War and its aftermath of Atlee’s Labour Government. A diet of carrots and cabbage, apples and pears (only in the summer time), lots of potatoes and a weekly ration of eggs and meat bought from the gloomy little neighborhood shops. These were the memories that this article reawakened. There was, it is true, something laudable about the way we (or most of us) suffered together as a nation and one gets the impression that the BNP leaders are nostalgic for those days. Of course, they are too young to have experienced the reality, so they can be forgiven for fantasizing that they were good times and for getting nostalgic for the return of big coal mining communities, a vast rail network and quiet country roads.

Sad to say, the BNP is allowing itself to be unduly pessimistic about the British people’s skills and are guilty of looking backwards, through rose-colored glasses, instead of forward to the British people earning an influential place in the modern world. The majority of British people, and especially those with talent and energy, will not vote for this mean-spirited blueprint. The Party will attract only life’s losers and the embittered. The Party seems to see only doom and gloom ahead with the oil running out, capitalism in crisis everywhere, and a BNP government rationing out the essentials of life.

Imposing an economy of autarchy on Britain would require a Gestapo or NKVD, concentration camps and a reign of terror and here we come full circle to the British National Party’s internal organization. Its leaders can only have embraced such an economic and social plan in the absence of robust internal debate and criticism.

Socialism, whether national or international, always sees economic collapse just ahead, combining this pessimism with a peculiar fantasy that all will be well when the revolution has substituted a (Party) planned economy based on an ideology. Nothing is certain in this world other than the old saying about death and taxes, but the past suggests that a robust free market, as in the USA, will spawn more oil discoveries and ultimately, new sources of energy.

The BNP is right in arguing that the UK is being betrayed by uncontrolled immigration, the deliberate suppression of its native white population, political repression orchestrated by a Leftist Media elite and deliberate overcrowding, but to suggest that the UK could not compete in the world and that a catastrophic world collapse lurks around the corner, are surely wrong assumptions.

If South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and many other small nations can sell their goods and services, why not the UK? Protect the UK’s borders, expel those who have come illegally, eject the politically correct crowd from power, stop the welfare dependency, weed out the public sector, and set the people free to prosper by low taxation, and the UK can be great again. Ordinary and extra-ordinary Briton’s, motivated to work for their families, will make the UK rich, whilst socialist blueprints will lead to shabby stagnating poverty, and an even greater loss of freedom.

In the short term however, the BNP, whatever its faults, is the only party worth a vote. Any party targeted for destruction by the Media Class must be getting something right. It is just such a pity that the BNP is unable to discard its pessimistic socialist mindset and its fixation with race and blood and folk dancers. If it would transform itself into a party of transparent integrity, fighting to lead the native British people to greater freedom, independence and prosperity, it would have the field to itself. In the meantime, hold your nose and vote BNP in May.

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