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I have mentioned before my discussions with a Nationalist friend from Eastern Europe. He rejects entirely the belief we express on this website, which is that the Media Class is now in control of Western Society. Like most European Nationalists, he believes that global capitalism (Big Oil, Big Chemicals, Big “Farma”, the Industrial/military complex, etc.) is pulling the strings. Recently he told me his view was reinforced because some Media Studies experts had reached the same conclusion, i.e. that the Media takes its orders from Big Business.

I have never been too impressed with experts, especially those associated with academia. With very few exceptions they inevitably start with an anti-capitalist, anti America bias that has become a quasi religion on every campus. They cling to a set of myths that include doom and gloom on the environment, weather, population and raw materials. I remember the 1960’s and the prediction of a new Ice Age because of nuclear power. Then there was the prediction of the death of grass. We are all still here and new catastrophes have been predicted, but all down to the same old cause, American industry! Nationalism, it seems, is unable to cast off its outdated, woolen socialist underpants. The BNP is typical of this old thinking with its yearning for renationalizing the coal industry, rail and much else and a longing for ration cards and corner shops that offer one brand of everything. Nationalist parties will make more headway when they lose their fear of affluence, market place economics and foreign holidays for the masses, and when they recognize that the Media Class is their deadliest enemy.

Like all emerging ruling classes, the Media Class has not been too keen to identify itself. It advances by stealth, influencing events, driving a hidden agenda forward and evading accountability. This is because its agenda is not popular, nor in the interests of most people. Nevertheless, the Media people are becoming ever more confident in their power and through the application of political correctness, a pliant judiciary, a subservient and intimidated business class, and the control of news, the time is not far away when all opposition will have been silenced. My Nationalist friend and his comrades in Parties like the BNP will find themselves in jails unless they abandon their old anti-business prejudices and recognize the real enemy.

On any day, it is easy to find evidence of spin and outright deceit throughout the media, all of it in support of a predictable agenda. From the BBC to the (ostensibly conservative) Wall Street Journal, from AP bulletins to Reuters, reporters are busy twisting facts and rewriting events. Nothing gets through their reporting that would undermine multi-culturalism and the creation of multi-racial societies in place of Nation States. Nothing gets through that would favor traditional Christian morality and nothing gets through that would help president Bush and HIS war (on terror).

Last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal carried a report by David Rogers on the Iraq War debate in the House of Representatives. Mr. Rogers, like all of his colleagues on the Journal, never fails to present political news in such a way as to cast gloom over conservative Republicans actions and always glosses over bad news for the Left. Clearly, the owners of the newspaper have no influence over its reporters for one has to go to the editorial pages and opinion pieces to find anything that might cheer a conservative.

The facts of this particular piece of news are that the House (and even more overwhelmingly the Senate), voted to endorse the Bush policy of toughing it out against terrorism in Iraq. Conservative Republicans, tired of continual Leftist undermining of the war and its cost, pushed a vote in Congress that would publicly flush out the “cut and run” defeatists. The outcome was a decisive majority for staying the course in Iraq and a major split in the Democrat House party. 42 Democrats supported the war! Not as many as in 2002, but the vote of 256-153 was still pretty overwhelming after almost 4 years of grinding toil by coalition troops and a constant media campaign of negative reporting. Only 5 Republicans abstained or voted against. One might deduce from all this that the Democrats have a major split and the Republicans are still pretty united. Somehow, Mr. Rogers manages to deduce quite the opposite. In his words (second paragraph) “only 42 Democrats supported the Republican-backed resolution”

The rest of his long piece is devoted to shoring up his contention that the vote “exposed strains in Republican ranks”. Mr. Rogers’ favorite Congressman is John Murtha , a Democrat “who served in Vietnam” and who is now one of the most outspoken Democrats against the war. We can expect to be reminded that Murtha “served in Vietnam” in every report, for he is the new John Kerry of the Left and the darling of the Media Class. Although few Republicans defected on the Iraq war issue, Mr. Rogers gave prominence to those who did in his report. Of Rep Patrick McHenry (Rep. N.C.), who suggested that opponents of the resolution were “waving the white flag to our enemies”, Mr Rogers inserts “who hadn’t been born when Mr. Murtha served in Vietnam”. Here is a prime example of a journalist spinning his report with his own (Leftist) slant.

All reporting in the Wall Street Journal is slanted against the Right, as it is in virtually every newsroom in the Western world. The Journal is a Big Business newspaper owned by mostly Jewish financial interests, yet it is unable to prevent anti capitalist, anti-Israel, anti-conservative reporting from permeating its pages. Big Business has caved to the new class, fearing the relentless bad publicity that dogs the holdouts like Walmart. Some like Ford Motor, now shower money on homosexual causes in the hope of gaining favor with the Media Class. Others, like Bill Gates, shovel money to Aids and Africa. They have come to terms with the Media’s agenda.

Tucked away in some papers last week was the news that George Soros’s conviction for insider trading was upheld by France’s highest court. Soros, who became one of the richest men in the world by moving money around, is a major financer of every Leftist and permissive social cause and much loved by Media people. He hates George Bush and all Christian moral teachings and is therefore guaranteed Media immunity from criticism. He has the wealth to continue fighting to “clear his name” through the world’s judicial processes and will probably eventually succeed. Meanwhile humble nationalists languish in jails, victims of political trials, and the Media ignores them.

Finally, let us remember the two US soldiers tortured and brutally murdered by international Islamic terrorists this week. These men died for us and because the war against Islamic terrorism is taking place in Iraq, David Rogers, John Murtha, George Soros and my nationalist friend from Eastern Europe, like the rest of us, are relatively safe here in the US and UK.

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