More Media Defections

The Media Class divide over the Democrat candidates deepened this week when Katie Couric deserted the Clinton cause.  Couric, a 51 year old News Anchor for CBS, allowed Cheryl Atkinson, a reporter on her News program, to reveal that Hillary Clinton was lying when she said that she had once landed in Bosnia and been forced to run for cover from sniper fire. In fact, Clinton has made this particular claim more than once, as part of her attempt to portray herself as courageous, important and experienced when she was First Lady. Since a number of other celebrities were on the flight in question and have emphatically denied that the landing and reception were anything other than routine, well-guarded by the US military, and sniper-fire free, there seems to be little doubt that Mrs. Clinton has been telling yet again what the British call ‘porky pies’. All of the military records and film of the reception on the tarmac confirm that she has been lying. When first questioned about the incident, Mrs. Clinton, in true Clinton fashion, repeated the lie more vociferously. Later, in the face of accumulating evidence that was circulating, she conceded that she had not given an accurate account, blaming her self-serving lie on campaign tiredness. Her exact words were that “for the first time in 12 years I misspoke”.

What is surprising and revealing about this whole news story, is not that Mrs. Clinton lied. After all, the Clintons do this all the time, and have long been admired by Leftists and Media Class people for their boldness in ignoring truth. The Media Class and Leftists have always preferred fantasy to reality when it serves their cause. What is astonishing is that an important TV network like CBS would allow a Clinton lie to be revealed. Couric is a very important member of the Media Class, a lifelong Leftist and one of those glamorous Media feminists who throughout her career has used her sexuality to further her ambition, with short skirts and long legs displayed for the viewers. She has never interviewed a Leftist she didn’t like and has never failed to report Republicans in a negative way. She has always been a closet Clintonite. Couric was born into the Media Class, her father having been a News Editor on the East Coast and her sister became a Democrat State Senator, before dying of cancer. No reporter on the News program she anchors attacks or undermines a Democrat without Couric’s connivance and so this incident must be seen as Couric’s defection from the Clinton camp. As Couric is a Media icon, this is bad news for Hillary.

The Clintons are having a tough time. They have been so used to having the Media conceal, control, twist, spin and lie on their behalves that their recent treatment must be shocking to them. Their careless and cavalier treatment of facts is no longer problem-proof as CBS now joins ABC News, MSNBC and Associated Press in portraying them negatively at all times so that Senator Obama can win the nomination.

Despite this setback for the Clintons, I think that part of the Media Class that has deserted the Clintons has made a mistake. As I said in a previous article ‘United they stand! Divided they fall!’ The Clintons are not going to throw in the towel and concede to the new Media darling. They have a formidable machine within the Democrat Party, an organization unrivalled in the employment of dirty tricks – and those FBI files. It is the unusual circumstance of this contest (race versus Feminazi) that means that it cannot be concluded without irreparable damage. After Pennsylvania, I think that it will not be possible for the Media Class to mend all the Democrat rifts at ground level. Whilst the Media Class will be able to unite behind the eventual victor for November, I doubt it will have sufficient time to repair the public’s perception of their candidate and their Party.

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