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On Saturday (5th August) in London, an estimated 20-100,000 militant Muslims and their coalition partners from the Left of the British political spectrum, took over Parliament Square in front of an approving media. With Hezbollah flags enjoying the freedom long denied to the Union Flag of the British people, we saw the inevitable consequences of decades of mass immigration.

There will certainly be much worse in the next few years as Britain’s enemies occupy the streets and surely Tony and Cherie Blair are now experiencing nightmares about George Galloway and his homicidal pals. London is already lost to the native British people and there are many more major British cities sufficiently Islamicized to the point where only anti-British rallies would be tolerated. British people who visit websites where the true record of Saturday’s “coalition” rally are posted, will be truly alarmed, but the majority of people who rely on the mainstream media for news will remain ignorant of the takeover of their nation. The BBC in particular can be relied upon to sanitize Saturday’s news and focus attention and anxieties elsewhere.

A brilliant example of this BBC technique was on display last week on its website under the heading “Gun fears follow Toni-Ann verdict”. For the benefit of US readers and others, Toni-Ann Byfield was a black 7 year-old girl who was shot dead along with a black drug dealer named Bertram Byfield. She was in the care of this drug dealer at the time of her murder. BBC reporters and other media outlets say that Toni-Ann believed Bertram to be her father and he believed that she was his daughter, though DNA tests have shown that he was not related to her. The killer, now convicted of their murder, is a black rival drug dealer named Joel Smith and the murder took place in a Kensil Green bedsit in London. This is the multi-racial multi-cultural capital of the UK that is presided over by the originator of political minority coalitions, Mayor Ken Livingstone, the arch proponent of unlimited immigration. It is also the place where Hezbollah supporters can fly their foreign flags with impunity whilst the national flag is only tolerated for soccer occasions.

Toni-Ann was born in Jamaica in 1996 and was brought to England (by her mother?) in the year 2000. A few months after her arrival in England she was placed in the care of Birmingham Social Services. The BBC does not tell us why or how she came to be in care and whether it was the result of a court action or at the request of her mother. Either way, she was brought into the UK by a parent and then quickly unloaded on to the taxpayer. As her mother was ultimately traced to Jamaica, and Bertram Byfield was not her father, we can safely assume that Toni-Ann was abandoned shortly after her arrival in the UK. The BBC has not wasted its time researching how either Byfield or Smith got into the UK or how they were able to lead lives of crime and avoid deportation and/or permanent incarceration in prison. Birmingham’s child-care social workers felt it was appropriate to let Toni-Ann go to stay with Byfield in London. Social workers are University-trained professionals and expert in child protection, or so we are supposed to believe!

I can authoritatively write from personal experience that public service social workers are recruited for training by the Leftist professors who run University social work courses. Recruits are selected for their Leftist sympathies, their willingness not to be judgmental and to approve of multi-cultural experimentation for the UK.

The BBC in its report mentions that the Birmingham Social Services Department justified the placement of Toni-Ann with a drug dealer on the grounds that this 7 year-old child had expressed the wish to be with him. Few modern day Social Services child psychologists (also recruited by and trained by Leftist professors) would quarrel with this rationale and they too are experts on children and child- care. It must be true that they are experts as the British taxpayer spends huge sums on both the training and the services of child psychologists. Public service social workers and psychologists are extremely dedicated and over worked, taking time off from protecting children only to march against the BNP or to support Hezbollah.

Many ordinary people, digesting the above events outlined by the BBC, might have many questions and concerns beginning to bother them, but they are likely to be the kinds of questions and concerns that the BBC and the Media Class in general would prefer pushed from anybody’s consciousness.

Just to make sure that ordinary people reading its report do not begin to have politically incorrect thoughts, the BBC comes back to the issue telegraphed in its headline, “gun control”. Enter into the report a campaigner named Jennifer Ogole. Ms Ogole, judging from her name is either African or married to an African or Jamaican, but the BBC sees no need to enlighten the public. Suffice to report that she is a campaigner for “Not Another Drop”, an anti-gun campaign. Since the BBC sees fit to introduce her and the organization into the issue of Toni-Ann’s murder, we can assume that this is a very important outfit with a large mass membership and I apologize for not having come across it before. Ms Ogole had some very politically correct things to contribute and was given her opportunity to say them by the BBC. The real causes leading to Toni-Ann’s death she said, were that “many young black men continue to lack opportunity so many are turning to crime” On BBC radio she said “prison systems do not work. We need to look at things like education. Gun crime does not spring from nowhere”.

Ms. Ogole may well have said other more relevant things that got left out, so I hesitate to be too harsh about her inane remarks. The BBC, like all mainstream Leftist media sources, is good at cherry picking quotations to fit the media agenda and it is also good at cherry picking campaigners and obscure activist groups, whilst ignoring big organizations it does not like. There is a symbiotic relationship between BBC reporters and tiny Leftist activist groups.

One has to mourn the death of little Toni-Ann. I doubt she had much of a life in her 7 years and she probably didn’t have much of a future, either with the people around her or with Birmingham Social Services. At birth she would have been as lovable and worthy of good care from loving parents as any other child on this earth. Her place should have been in Jamaica where presumably she was conceived and where she could have lived amongst her own people and perhaps enjoyed an extended family. God knows what her experiences were in Birmingham and London and the media reports that Byfield was about to buy her a new outfit for school are designed to cast a warm glow over her circumstances and distract us from the commonsense conclusion that she was getting minimal parenting and must have been desperate for attention to want to spend time with a gangster in London.

The politically incorrect thoughts that the average Briton must have immediately experienced when reading about this case, would have included, how did this little girl and her feckless mother get into the UK in the first place and why was the child allowed to remain there as a burden on the taxpayer? It would surely be appropriate in such cases to return a child to the care of the Jamaican authorities, who could then hold her mother (and father) to account for parenting or financial contributions.

Another politically incorrect thought would have been how did Byfield and Smith achieve entry into the UK, or if born there, why weren’t they expelled to Jamaica or wherever, when their careers of drug dealing came to light? Alternatively, why weren’t they in prison with the keys thrown away? Of course such thoughts are rarely spoken out loud in modern Britain, where free speech on such topics is now likely to lead the speaker to prison for a sentence much longer than one would get for drug dealing.

Well, these are not questions anyone at the BBC is going to ask but just to make sure that listeners and viewers do not ponder them the BBC reports lead in another direction, in this case gun control. Ms. Ogole’s quotes, probably well rehearsed with the BBC reporter, are intended to lay the blame for the whole sorry story of Toni-Ann’s death on to the (white) native British people. Byfield and Smith are the victims of unemployment and poor education that are in turn caused by white racism. One wonders why all these Third World people move to the UK where there are no opportunities for education and jobs, and racism perpetrated by white people is rife.

All nations and races have their criminal riff-raff, including the British, and child cruelty and neglect have a long history in Britain. Drug dealing did not begin with the arrival of Jamaicans either. But the native British people could be forgiven for wondering why they have imported other nations’ riff-raff without question. An even more fundamental question is why have so many foreigners been let into overcrowded Britain and why do they stay if life is so difficult and unfair. These are not questions the BBC is about to air, as the BBC and its Leftist army of “employees” are a major source of the problem.

All this leads back to Saturday’s big demo and the takeover of central London by Hezbollah and their Allies. The capital and many other major cities are now full of violent criminals and angry foreigners with an alien culture. They are making common cause with the native revolutionaries and the mindless Leftists and misfits who once marched for Stalin and Mao. Unfortunately, the BBC-led media is conspiring to keep the British people in the dark until it is too late. The much-condemned and persecuted BNP seems to be the only organization willing to alert the British people. Next year’s local elections will test out whether the BNP has been able to use its small band of activists and the Internet to get the warning to a wider public. If the British voters fail to vote BNP in large numbers, then it will be too late to save the nation.

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