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The one thing that separates this website from all other Rightwing sites, is our contention that Western society is now being reshaped by a new ruling class. To do justice to this assertion really requires a major academic treatise, supported by research and statistics and written for a readership that has a proper understanding of the concept of ‘Class’, as in the sense that the term has been used by Karl Marx (on the Left) through to Joseph Schumpeter (on the Right).

Neither Mr. Radical nor Mr. Right has the time or resources to write such a treatise. We are not tenured academics, not financially independent and probably not gifted enough, so we do the best we can on this website by repeatedly providing examples of Media propaganda aimed at the masses and evidence of the Media’s power over politicians, all in the service of its own specific agenda. Our hope is that sooner or later, a radical conservative academic (there are surely a few still out there in academia hiding from the PC enemies of free speech and real enquiry) will read us, be convinced and set to work.

Most conservatives are immediately turned off by mention of the term ‘a ruling Class’ because it smacks of Class warfare and Socialism. On the other hand, Leftists, and some Nationalists, have no problem with the concept of a ruling Class but are wedded to the old Socialist article of faith that Western Society is ruled by a global capitalist Class, a military/industrial Class or some variant based on Big Business. What follows is a brief attempt to throw more light on our contention that there is a completely new ruling Class remaking our society in its own image. We are not resurrecting the old Marxist Class warfare idea or some version of conspiratorial groups at work. We believe that Marx was right in his view that society is composed of socio/economic Classes. We reject much else of Marx’s Class-based analysis and especially his claim that there were only ever three Classes in the whole of history and that the working Class would ultimately take power and bring an end to Class struggle (creating a harmonious, Class-free world!). Our view is that Classes continue to evolve as an accidental result of ever-changing technology and that some slip into power without violent revolution. Indeed, we believe that a new ruling Class can (and has) take power in the West without anyone being aware.

On this website we concentrate on the new ruling Class in the USA and the UK, though we are sure that the Media has control, or is gaining control, in all Western European nations and in many other advanced societies around the world. In some nations that do not have functioning electoral ‘democracies’, such as Putin’s Russia, where the remnants of the old Communist secret police have held on to power, the Media Class is subservient to the State bureaucracy. Whenever totalitarian political parties take control of a state by force and impose an ideology, such as Hitler and Lenin’s socialist parties did, the natural evolution of Classes through technology is halted. Only in democracies can the natural evolution of Classes take place. At this point in time technology has enabled the US Media Class to come to the fore.

As we have written many times on this website, most of the components of the Media Class have been around a long time, especially print journalism and the Arts and Entertainment worlds. The catalyst for the creation of the Media Class in the USA (and much the same argument can be made about the UK) was the sudden and spectacular growth of television set ownership and the consequent expansion of TV into a ’24 hour a day’ home entertainment. Providing endless TV programming brought about the marriage of news and entertainment, i.e. journalism and Hollywood. Just as importantly it created great wealth and importance for those engaged in all aspects of TV program provision, and from necessity the new medium quickly annexed the Arts world, the Fashion world, the Advertising world and ultimately the Professional Sports world. We call the resulting newly powerful media industry, the Media Class.

Many who work or move in various parts of this Media industry are not aware that they are part of a new Media Class, but they instinctively identify with it and its interests. It did not take long for the more important players in this Media industry to develop a ‘Class’ viewpoint/outlook, and this percolated down to even the lowliest members.

The outlook developed into an agenda that reflected the preoccupations of the most significant and richest sections of the industry. These were not necessarily the same people and generally we would argue that the Print and News Media initially provided the old Leftist political slant of the new Class and Hollywood and entertainment provided the radical social agenda. After some 40 years of marriage, and a staggering growth in wealth and power, a Media Class has emerged that generally unites all members around an agenda, and it would be difficult for any individual to flourish anywhere within this Class structure without an attachment to that agenda. The agenda is pervasive.

Nevertheless, mavericks have and will continue to emerge from time to time and there will be dissenting voices, some in search of a market niche and some for ideological reasons. This is how we explain the existence of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and conservative Talk Radio. The mavericks remain part of the Media Class however and cannot be expected to stray too far from the agenda lest they be silenced. Limbaugh learned this when he mildly strayed into a racial issue on TV and now Coulter is being targeted for Media oblivion for straying slightly into another Media Class no-go area.

Although we believe that the Media Class is now a ruling power, we do not claim that its power is absolute, anymore than the old Industrial Class that once ruled had absolute power. In elective democracies, a ruling Class has to make alliances. Some of these alliances are easily made because of a shared ideology or a shared financial interest, whilst some are more problematic and brought about by necessity. The Media ruling Class in the USA has forged natural alliances with Organized Labor, Trial Lawyers (indeed much of the legal profession), the Democrat Party (which is now largely its creature, having been purged of working Class influence), Academia and Leftist activists. In return for a commitment to the Media Class agenda, these groups and some others I haven’t mentioned, get indulgent Media treatment. Some, like the Leftist activist groups, would hardly exist without the Media’s attention. A more pragmatic alliance is being forged to the Media Class by global Big Business.

In an elective democracy, a ruling class also has opponents to its power and interests. Conservatives, Nationalists and traditional religious groups are fundamental obstacles to the Media Class and its agenda and the Media Class is constantly toiling to silence and destroy them. The US Constitution is a great obstacle also, for it enshrines rights for the individual, including free speech. This is why the Media Class and its allies are attempting to capture the judicial system and so circumvent the Constitution.

Unfortunately for the Media Class, another revolution in technology (these revolutions never stop emerging and cannot be stifled for ever) has occurred and the Internet has breached the Media Class’ monopoly of news and information and offered opponents the opportunities of unfettered dialogue. We can expect increasing attempts by the new rulers, through their political surrogates, to control the Internet and stifle free speech.

And so we come to the Agenda! We say that it reflects the financial interests, the political leanings and the social tastes of its main components, plus a few scraps for the allies who provide election fodder.

The constant need of TV, Movies, Fashion and Entertainment is to hold the attention of the masses and to have the masses ‘dumbed down’. Producing outrageous and ever more shocking content provides the Media programmers with an easy option but this is only problem-free in a society that has abandoned ‘old-fashioned’ moral standards. It is a particularly easy option because it enables the media workforce to promote its own standards of behavior and tastes. Do we need to say more about this? I think not for the evidence is there for all to see. It is easy to see why traditional religious organizations have to be destroyed and education re-designed as propaganda and wrested from parental control.

A large and passive audience for the Media Class’ products can be guaranteed when the mass of people are ignorant, dependent and divided. Thus quality education, parental power, religious teaching, pride in Nation and genuine intellectual curiosity are to be discouraged now and outlawed eventually.

We argue that the Media Class has little real interest in economic and financial matters, for it has become fabulously rich in the present economy. The confiscatory taxes that prevent most of us from becoming rich through frugality and hard work seem not to apply to the Media Class, for its people become rich overnight. Hollywood is full of tax lawyers and the tax system full of loopholes for celebrities.

There are a few property issues that the Media Class is sensitive about and it has used its political power to extend the life of copyright and is now energetically persecuting those who have swapped music files.

To placate its Leftist foot soldiers and to provide a smokescreen for its own wealth accumulation, the Media Class pays lip service to the redistribution of wealth both in the US and globally, but aid for Africa, much touted by Media Class people, is meant to be paid for by working people and is not expected to produce actual results. Aid for poor Americans has to take the form of public welfare, a strategy for keeping the poor, poor, and dependent.

The economic Leftism promoted by the Media Class is designed to turn free people into morons and to promote the power of the State over the masses. It is a hypocritical smokescreen that guarantees the support and votes of the ignorant and feckless whilst undermining the resolve and energies of ambitious working people. It is a new, fashionable and cynical Socialism that is a far cry from the intentions of early Socialists.

The Media Class is almost wholly preoccupied with social policy, for it wishes to re-shape society in its own image, in the process legitimizing the lifestyles of its Bohemian and dysfunctional core. The modern Entertainment business that is at the core of the Media Class is obsessed with sexual activity, much of it abnormal and devoid of moral boundaries. Its owners and employees have elevated narcissism to a new religion. Those members of the Media Class that now find themselves rich, famous and powerful because of their indulgent behavior and self-absorption, cannot bear to be confronted with normal people and normal lifestyles. Nor do they wish to be reminded that indulgence is self-destructive and dangerous and so, like children, they demand that all should admire their values and lifestyle and that lifestyle risks should be eradicated rather than lifestyles being changed.

Thus the Media Class agenda is focused on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, the eradication of AIDS, removing traditional religion from the public sphere and teaching children birth control and perversions.

Most conservatives are baffled by the stamina of these and related issues and the success of their promoters, but recognizing the new ruling Class and its agenda, makes complete sense of today’s politics.

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