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On this website we often point out that the rise to power of the Media Class is not just an American phenomenon but has taken place in the UK, too. It probably has happened in all advanced democracies unless there are peculiarities of history, geography or race and culture, but here we write only of what we know at first hand. There are some important differences between the US and UK in the current state of politics and power though, and I was reminded of this when I read a blogger recently who believed that the USA needed a truly conservative party like the UK’s Conservative Party. The blogger was contributing to the inquest now being conducted on the US side of the Atlantic in response to the Republican Party’s recent defeats.

I’ll get around to the Republican Party later but first let me inform all our visitors that the UK’s Conservative Party should not be a model for American Conservatives. Indeed it should be a warning, especially since its new leader, Dave ‘Hug a Hoody’ Cameron took over, vowing to modernize it. Cameron’s modernizing has consisted of adopting policies that are intended to curry favor with the Media Class and international Big Business. These policies include welcoming mass immigration and multi-culturalism, welcoming diversity (code for giving sodomy equal status to heterosexuality), submerging the UK into the EU, expanding state services and Government in general, joining in the battle against man-made global warming and avoiding being judgmental about anything except ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’. If you think all this sounds familiar, you are right, for all of these items (apart from the EU issue) are US Rino positions and are already being touted by the UK’s other two main Parties. Cameron has simply aligned his Party more closely with the consensus. The consensus that I am referring to is not the consensus of the British people but the consensus of the elites and most importantly, the Media Class.

In the UK, the Media Class is led and dominated by the BBC. Some British Nationalists claim that the BBC takes its orders from the governing Labour Party and they say this because the BBC espouses only Leftist policies. This does not explain why the BBC is well to the Left of the Labour Party most issues or why it led the Media campaign against Prime Minister Tony Blair because of his support for the Iraq (Bush) war. What confuses the Nationalists is that the BBC is taxpayer-funded and its head man appointed by Government. They assume that politicians, including Prime Ministers, have the decisive power of patronage. On this website we believe that politicians have power to exercise only so long as they toe the Media Class agenda, and if they stray they are soon destroyed by the Media that elevated them. The Media Class is the organ grinder and the politicians dance to the organ’s tune.

The BBC enjoys the kind of power in the UK that in the USA is dispersed between the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Boston Globe and the SF Chronicle. The BBC is the main organ of radio and TV and as well as getting taxpayer funding it makes a ton of money from selling programs around the world. It is therefore a very rich and well-staffed organization and has never had to learn to spell the dreadful word ‘e c o n o m y’.

There are a few national newspapers in the UK that are a little conservative on some issues, most notably Murdoch’s ‘SUN’, the ‘DAILY TELEGRAPH’ and the ‘DAILY MAIL’, but no regional or local newspapers are anything but uniformly Leftist and all follow the BBC line. None of the national newspapers mentioned above are conservative in the sense that Rush Limbaugh style Talk Radio is conservative, and UK radio has no equivalents. Conservative Talk Radio would not be allowed in the UK and there is no equivalent on television to FOX NEWS. (It seems very possible that post-Obama the USA might lose all conservative voices in broadcasting). Going back to the fact that the Prime Minister of the day appoints the head of the BBC, I would point out that the head of the WALL STREET JOURNAL gets appointed by a Right-leaning Board but nothing changes the bias of the ‘news’ pages, for all its journalists are Leftists. Mrs. Thatcher appointed the heads of the UK’s Civil Service during her tenure, but the Civil Service opposed and sabotaged her policies without pause. What I am saying is that the power to appoint a head seems to have little effect on many institutions which are riddled from top to bottom with Leftist professionals.

The main point is that the Media Class is now both its own master and master of the political process. Politicians, if they wish to survive, dance to the Media Class tune. Cameron decided that he and his Party must dance to that tune if they were to prosper and so he ‘brought the Party up to date’. His Party had not been truly conservative (or Nationalist) for a very long time but it had harbored some ‘reactionary’ elements, especially at the grass roots. This was enough to earn Media scorn and negative reporting, and Cameron, upon winning the leadership was anxious to prove that the Party would no longer tolerate social reactionaries. For Cameron, the more MP’s who declare themselves ‘queer’ the happier he is, for it proves to the Media Class that he has modernized.

If all the above sounds familiar to American conservatives, it will be because there are ‘Cameron’ voices being heard in the Republican Party and throughout the US Media. Taking advantage of the election defeats, they are advocating the ‘Cameron’ line. The problem for these ‘progressive conservatives’ is that there are two major differences, as well as many smaller ones, between the UK’s Conservative Party and our Republican Party. First, the US has a written Constitution that is uniquely conservative and it has provided a framework for America’s exceptional rise to pre-eminence in the world. It is a moral document. The Republican Party, or at least its grass roots activists support and are supported by the Constitution. Thus the Party cannot be footloose about its moral basis without a schism of great proportions. Secondly America remains a profoundly Christian country especially in the territory beyond the two coasts. The UK has not been a Christian country since at least 1945, except for ceremonial occasions, and the Anglican Church of England is in a state of rigor mortis.

Those who demand that the Republican Party jettison its Evangelical Christian and Catholic rank-and-file and abandon its moral stances on abortion and homosexuality are in fact demanding that the Republican Party commit suicide. Amongst them are people who wish to appease the US Media Class, just as Cameron has sought to appease the BBC. They are people who mix in Washington and New York circles where having a clear moral compass is embarrassing and considered too judgmental and reactionary. Their experience is that it is just about OK to have a belief in ‘the market’ and still be invited to those dinner parties where men bring boyfriends and people sniff a little cocaine. As we have written on this website many times before, it is not possible to control government spending in the long term in a society that is morally non-judgmental. Only the (Christian-based) Republican Party has defended the traditional family that raises children who can give a country its strength. And only the (Christian-based) Republican Party now defends retaining the public square Christianity that can positively influence those children who do not have the benefit of a normal two-parent family or a Christian influence in their early childhood.

These ‘progressive’ Republicans are actually telling us that in exchange for the Christian rank-and-file that must be abandoned, there are masses of voters who would vote for a non-judgmental but fiscally correct Republican Party. They ask us to believe that in this latest election fiscally conservative people voted for Obama and the Democrats because of their over-riding dislike of the (Christian based) moral judgmentalism of the Republican Party. No doubt there are people whose dislike of morality in politics outweighs their belief in fiscal rectitude, but who believes that there are enough of them to replace the Evangelical and Catholic vote? The truth surely is that most of these ‘conservative’ fiscal believers whose votes now go to the Democrat Party will continue to give first place to their dislike of moral policies. The Republican Party will remain outflanked on moral issues, for the Left in this new era of the culture war is revolutionary and will not stop at easy abortion and same-sex marriage. Indeed if these fiscal conservatives (moderates as they like to define themselves) have just voted for a Democrat Party that is based on tax-and-spend, growing government, spreading the wealth and stifling markets, what price their fiscal beliefs? It is clear that the Media Class and its leftist allies are not compromisers. No-one on the Left calls for Democrats to compromise over abortion or same-sex marriage in order to win voters. The compromising and abandoning of core values has always to be done by the Right. Why? Because the Media Class is carrying through a revolution and revolutionaries are not playing their game under the old rules. Who can doubt that the homosexual activists, once they have achieved parity on marriage, will move on to the next demand?

One of the problems for the Republican Party is not its rank-and-file traditional Christians and their beliefs, but the lack of morality of too many of its leaders. Their behavior (involvement in sex and financial scandals and their snouts-in-the-trough of public spending) has made the Party a hostage to the Media Class that is its enemy. It is hard to see how a Party of the (Christian) Right can throw up leaders who are representative of the rank-and-file, for normal family men and woman are rarely attracted to full-time political work. The rewards of political office and moving to the centers of power attract many psychopaths or people with psychopathic traits. Even good men and women from the grass roots are often seduced by life in Washington, New York, Sacramento and the other cities where power wealth and temptations abound. In a small nation state like Switzerland or Austria, it is possible for a humble person to make an impact in national political life without selling himself to rich backers or a Party machine, but in a great Nation like the USA, where massive funding is needed to fight even a local campaign, the sincere and committed family man (or woman) lacks the time and resources. Now that the Media Class has the power and appetite for destroying every possible enemy, few ordinary people will risk the Sarah Palin treatment. And few people, not even the most committed Christians, have histories without blemish or families that can endure the muck-raking that the modern Media Class inflicts on those who dare to defend morality. Leftist politicians do not have this problem, even when committing gross acts of immorality, unless they in some way hinder the Media agenda. Obama has been granted complete privacy by the Mainstream Media (MSM), to the point where he can even conceal his birth, school, student and health records and electoral funding. The MSM concealed John Edwards’ sexual affairs until he was no longer useful. The same has been true for the Clintons. Compare this treatment with that of Sarah Palin, who is still being tarnished and ridiculed by the whole Media. Normal people will rarely wish to put themselves or their families through this agony.

Those calling for ‘moderation’ in the Republican Party say that it should be a Big Tent. They conveniently ignore the fact that no-one ever demands this of a Democrat Party that would not tolerate for one moment an outspoken anti-abortion candidate or one who condemns sodomy. The Republican Party is a Big Tent for it includes Whites and Blacks, Protestants, Catholics and Mormons, Jews and Muslims, anti and pro abortion supporters, homosexuals and heterosexuals, social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. But a Party has to have an agenda that is based on more than mere expediency and the Republican Party has to stand for Christian morality or it is no longer a Party with a base.

The Media Class is now giving prominence to any writer or broadcaster who advises the Republican Party to ‘modernize’. This advice always boils down to becoming morally non-judgmental about abortion and homosexuality. There is no shortage of such advisers. Some are RINO’s whose constituencies are in Liberal–dominated areas and who fear the election defeat that will follow a determined Media campaign for their removal. Others are ‘Media conservatives’, people who owe their livelihoods to a regular place on TV News programs or a regular op-ed piece in a major newspaper. Whether or not they realize it they are being used to destroy the Republican Party. The Media Class is desperate to speed up its social agenda and the only obstacle left is the Christian Right, as the anti same-sex marriage Proposition victories proved. At the present time that Christian Right still has a political vehicle – the Republican Party. If the Republican Party can be persuaded to sever itself from its most vibrant and determined base, then both the Republican Party and the Christian Right will become impotent.

The Republican Party should reassert its commitment to a Christian-based morality, to the US Constitution and to fiscal rectitude. Those activists and voters who are genuinely committed to any or all of them have nowhere else to go. This is the Big Tent!

In the UK this weekend, 13 British National Party members were arrested by Liverpool police for distributing a leaflet called ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’. In this crime-ridden city where the police rarely find time to deal with actual crime, squads of policemen were deployed for the political arrests. A police spokesman has said that the police will not tolerate racism in their city. US visitors to this website are invited to take a look at the leaflet which points out that the native British people are the biggest victims of immigrant crime; that the Media ignores this whilst publicizing every incident where an immigrant is a victim and that the law is loaded against the native people. No-one denies the truth of this pamphlet but in the UK now, laws have been passed that clearly state that truth is no defense. It is almost certain that the arrested men will never be prosecuted, for the BNP vets every pamphlet to ensure that these draconian laws against free speech are not broken. The police action is intended to deter BNP activists and criminalize the Party in the public mind. The police forces of the UK are entirely politicized and spare no effort to advance the Leftist agenda of the Media-controlled ruling Class. Free speech is no longer a British virtue. Incidentally, David Cameron’s modernized Conservative Party will not protest the arrests. Cameron will probably go on record to applaud them. Conservatives in the US should pay attention to what is happening in the UK for the Media’s Obama and his comrades intend to take the US down the same revolutionary road. Splitting the Christian Right from the Republican Party will make that road much easier.

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