Mitt Marches On

Yesterday’s very comfortable victory in Nevada suggests that Mitt Romney is developing a broad appeal amongst rank-and-file Republicans. His 48% share (Gingrich 23%; Paul 19%; Santorum 11%) of the Republican voters cannot be attributed solely to the power of the Media or to the efforts of the Republican Establishment which is said to be backing him. Although on this website we have argued that the Media Class has systematically and very effectively destroyed Palin, Bachman, Cain and Perry because they were seen not only as Christian enemies of the new Ruling Class and its moral revolution, but as threats to Obama in November, it cannot be said that the Media Class has been favorable to Romney. True, it has not smeared his character with sexual rumors or painted him as a Religious fanatic – at least not yet – but it has been attacking his financial probity and framing him with the same negative reporting as his surviving competitors.

The whole Presidential campaign has been a disaster not only for Conservatives but for the whole Republican Party. It was entirely predictable that it would be very hard going, for as we get nearer and nearer to November, the Mainstream Media was always going to increase the pace of its own election campaign. Yes, that’s right, I deliberately write “its own election campaign”, for the Media Class is the real political force behind our current government and the Democrat Party only its political representatives. Obama is in the White House solely because the Media Class picked him out of the Democrat Party ranks, funded him, took down his opponents, concealed his Leftist tracks, hid his many gaffes, buried his personal history and shamelessly promoted his image. It has continued to manipulate facts and figures on his behalf, hide or under-report his many failures, eradicate his past predictions and claims and looked the other way whilst he has ridden roughshod over the Constitution and led the most lawless government in American history.

The fatal failure of the Republican Party was not to see that the Media Class is able to pull almost all the strings and that it is now responsible for the moral and social revolution which is changing the USA. In short, the Republicans have failed to see that their real enemy is the Ruling Media Class; that it has a revolutionary agenda and that it has the power through its MSM to control most of the news and entertainment that shape the views of the masses. The reality is that the only communication alternatives to the Media Class power of mass indoctrination are the Internet, some Talk Radio stations and direct face-to-face meeting with the public. These alternatives mostly reach only the most alert and focused people and even these people are vulnerable to the MSM’s more insidious propaganda, particularly that hidden in entertainment.

So it was always going to be tough for the Republicans to overcome their massive communication disadvantage, even if they had recognized the real enemy. The most effective strategy would have been to establish control over the process of selecting a Presidential candidate. By allowing the MSM to control the candidate debates, they handed the agenda to the enemy and allowed the enemy to focus the candidates’ attention on trivia, place the candidates in a wholly hostile environment and set them against each other- instead of against the Revolutionary in the White House. When Gingrich departed from the Media’s script and savaged the host he received huge applause from the studio audience and his support from Republicans temporarily soared. Unwittingly, he tapped the subconscious angry frustration of Conservatives who on some level know that the Media is the real enemy.

It is the opinion of Radical and Right that Romney’s success is based solely on the belief of an increasing number of Republicans that he has no moral skeletons in his marital cupboard, has no racial missteps in his past, has not been outspoken about religion and has not had his fingers in any till. In short, they think he has a better chance than his main rivals of weathering the Media-orchestrated storm that will batter Obama’s opponent in the final days of the campaign. We shall see! The Media Class is more than capable of manufacturing scandals and will do so if necessary. We doubt that Romney is as well endowed as Gingrich to overcome the intensely hostile environment that the MSM will place him in when debating Obama.

One irony of the Republican campaign we have been witnessing is that the candidates and their benefactors have been forced to spend huge amounts on advertizing on TV and Radio and thus are contributing to the profits of the MSM. This will further enrich the Media Class and enable it to channel even more money to its political mouthpieces in the Democrat Party and more money to those organizations that promote their disgusting moral Revolution. Meanwhile the MSM continues both here in the USA and in the UK to ‘doctor’ all news. In Santa Ana, South California, a suspect is in custody regarding the stabbings of several homeless men and a mother and daughter. The MSM headlines all described him as an ex-Marine. His name is Itzcoatl Ocampo. It does not report how long ago he served or how long he served but surely a more accurate headline would have been focused on his race (Latino) and whether he was born in the USA. His homeless victims all appear to be White. Here we have an example, if one is needed, of the MSM’s deep hostility to the US military and its determination to manipulate racial issues.

Last week, many thousands of protestors flooded Annapolis. Many were Black. For sure you didn’t see, hear or read about this protest in the MSM. The reason is that this mass protest, which was organized without any help from the MSM, was against same-sex marriage. Go to the website of the NOM to learn more. At the same time ask yourself why the entire MSM will not mention such gatherings yet never misses the chance to front-page and report sympathetically the tiniest gathering of homosexuals.

On Thursday 2nd February, the Wall Street Journal reported in big headlines, page 8, that “Four Britons Admit to London Stock Exchange Bomb Plot”. Underneath the headline is a report by Gautam Naik and the pictures of the four accused. I suppose technically the ‘four’ or some portion of them might be legally ‘Britons’ by citizenship but Mohammed Chowdhury, Shah Rahman, Gurukanth Desai and Abdul Miah are about as British as my next take-away curry. When I read such headlines-and they are with us every day-I realize just how much ahead of his time was George Orwell. The word ‘Briton’ in this context is as Orwellian as is ‘gay’ when mentioning Barney Frank or Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John).

This last week, the actor Ben Gazarra died at the age of 81. The good actors – and so many appeared in good movies and TV in the period up until the mid 1960’s – are passing away in droves. Gazarra, who came from a poor Italian immigrant family in NY’s Lower East Side, made a big impact on UK cinema -goers in the 1947 film “End as a Man”, but he continued to impress as a manly and adult character throughout his career. That excellent 1947 film was based on a book with the same title by the writer Calder Willingham. Willingham not only wrote some good novels but also wrote many good screenplays when he moved to Hollywood. Besides writing the dialogue for ‘End As a Man” he wrote for “The Graduate”, “One Eyed Jacks” (Brando and Malden), “Bridge Over The River Kwai” and the depressing but outstanding “Paths of Glory”. He also directed some of the superb episodes of “Columbo”. Wllingham was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived 1923 to 1995.

Weather – Europe is gripped by record-breaking cold weather which is causing many deaths. Our website visitor, who monitors the rising waters of the English Channel at Starcross, Devon, reports some very cold weather in that area of the UK. Hertfordshire is also experiencing very cold weather, according to another website visitor. Here in California, we are also getting freezing temperatures at night. Sooner or later, weather being weather, these places in the northern hemisphere will get hot weather and then the drumbeat of ‘man-made global warming’ will recommence in the MSM.

Music Choice – So far, on this website, we have not mentioned Dinah Washington, a great singer with a sad personal history. The best singers are always immediately recognizable by style, material and voice sound. Washington, like Billie Holiday, had a voice that could not be mistaken. Great and lasting recordings usually bring together a great singer, a great arranger and, of course, a great song with great lyrics. Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” is a good example. I recommend Dinah Washington’s “Mad About the Boy”. The tune and lyrics of “I Left my Heart in SF” were written by a homosexual and of course the greatest songwriter of all time-Cole Porter- was a homosexual. So was the writer of the tune and lyrics of ‘Mad About the Boy”. Noel Coward is still well-known as a writer of enduring plays but less well-known as a writer of both tunes and lyrics. I suppose the ‘boy’ Coward had in mind was some ultimately- unhappy homosexual too, but such a good and unusual tune and clever lyrics deserved to live on and Washington’s version is just what the song deserves. Great timing and the sadness, regret, heartache and worldliness that Washington injects are a great tribute to Coward’s masterpiece.

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