Minarets – Swiss Voters Get It Right!

Europe is shocked, shocked, shocked, so we are told, by the result of Sunday’s referendum in Switzerland. The AP report which will be peddled around the world’s Media, reads as though some ghastly mistake has taken place. In a long AP report from Switzerland, every quoted commentator (and there are many of them) is aghast at the outcome. AP reporters seemed unable to find a Swiss citizen who thought that the ban on Minarets was a good idea. The reporters did however manage to find lots of outraged Muslims who forecast that the Swiss people would pay dearly for this racist vote. They also managed to be present wherever there were a handful of Leftist Swiss protesters registering shame for their Nation. It is as if the people who voted for the ban have already vanished into thin air and the opponents of the ban now have the field to themselves.

Switzerland has a long history of independence and the world’s view of this small country is not always accurate. The Swiss people have produced Christian rebels against Catholic Imperialism and National heroes who have resisted foreign domination. Hitler may well have concluded that an invasion of this mountain redoubt with its heavily armed and well-trained militias was not worth the powder and shot. The Swiss retained military National Service long after other European countries opted for post-war demilitarization. The Swiss also have a culture of political democracy that rivals England’s. However, in the last couple of decades the anti-Nationalist forces of Socialism and Big Business internationalism have succeeded in levering open its doors to Third World immigration with a view to destroying once and for all its horrendous Whiteness. The aim has clearly been to purge the Nation of its identity and to pave the way for entry into the EU. The Swiss Media Class has orchestrated this movement supported by the usual villains – mincing pop stars, theater people, Leftist academics and bureaucrats and politicians who have sniffed the trough of the working people’s hard-earned money. One consequence has been the rapid growth of Muslims across the country, many from the former Yugoslavia and Turkey, but also a significant proportion from the Third World. From fewer than twenty thousand in the 1970’s, they now make up between 5-6% (over 400,000 out of 7.6m) of the population. As in the rest of Europe, these Muslims are not only being reinforced by immigration but also by a birth rate that is unmatched by the natives.

Neighboring Austria (in many respects a similar country) and Italy have both belatedly spawned Nationalist Parties that are expressing the fears of the ordinary working people and Switzerland has spawned the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which is now the country’s largest Party. This Party has been kept out of political power by a coalition of Leftists, Big Business and Media people. Whilst the Swiss People’s Party is not as counter-revolutionary as the UK’s BNP, it has not pulled its punches in recent elections. Swiss Show-Biz champagne Leftists have enjoyed huge Media publicity when condemning with the usual outrage, the SVP’s publicity materials that identify Third World immigrants and Muslims as a great threat to the Nation’s identity and stability. It seems however that many Swiss people have failed to be influenced by the progressive one-worldliness of the celebrities, for the SVP has grown. Most recently the SVP was able to use the Swiss Canton’s Constitutions to demand a referendum calling for a ban on the further construction of minarets. The country’s ruling elites and the Mainstream Media (MSM) reacted with fury and condemned the referendum. Immediately prior to the vote, the know-alls forecast with glee that the vote would not get more than some 30%. We now know that it has received almost 58% and thus has been passed. If we subtract the immigrant vote, it is clear that the native Swiss people have voted overwhelmingly against the wishes of the celebrities of the Media and their ruling coalition.

Before anyone on the Right starts to celebrate, we should remember how the Media Class and its Leftist allies deal with votes that anger them. They either resort to the Judiciary to set the people’s wishes aside or they have vote after vote, underpinned by incessant Media propaganda, until they get the result that pleases them and then the voting ends. In this instance, it seems that Switzerland might have quietly signed up to an International Court in the past and in so doing has denied itself the right to make such laws. We shall see! In the meantime it is safe to assume that Europe’s Media will shame the Swiss people with ‘World Opinion’ and a relentless propaganda campaign spearheaded by celebrities and will also make sure that no other European people get the chance to have a referendum. One can see why the masses cannot be entrusted with a vote for they are prey to reactionary forces!!

Minarets are rather attractive as architectural features and most modern mosques in Europe are beautiful when compared to the ugliness of surrounding modern architecture. However, Mosques and their minarets have become symbols of triumphant Islamic Imperialism and the Swiss vote is also of symbolic value. We can expect the Muslims not only in Switzerland but around the world, to react with fury and violence in order to keep their juggernaut rolling. Europe, like the USA, moves closer to revolution and counter-revolution by the day. The counter revolutionaries had better be ready for violence not only from Islamic Imperialists but from the forces of Law and Order, for the evidence across Europe is that the ruling Classes fear their own people more than they fear the followers of Islam.

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