Mike Whitby is Victim of Media Class Terror Police Force

We advise all website visitors to go immediately to the BNP website and view the arrest of Mr. Mike Whitby in the UK town of Wrexham. The video showing North Wales’ police arresting Mr. Whitby is on film and will be not only an education for all about the politicization of Britain’s law forces but also an education in the power of the new Media Class – a topic that is only properly examined and explained on this website.

Regular visitors to our website will be aware that we are critics of the UK’s BNP, for its policies contain much of the Socialism that is typical of the National Socialist Parties of Europe. However, the BNP, at this time in history, is undoubtedly the only UK political party that offers the native British the prospect of survival, not only as an independent State but as a free people. The BNP is the only Party in the UK that opposes the short sprint to a Police State and the longer march to totalitarianism.

Mr. Whitby, who appears to be a law-abiding, ordinary, married Lancashire citizen, is also member of the BNP and is standing as a candidate for Mayor in the city of Liverpool. The BNP is a lawful political party. The election for mayor in Liverpool is part of the nation-wide local government elections due on May third and the BNP has put forward candidates for many council seats throughout the country. If it is successful in all of these contests it will still be a very small player in terms of political representation. The BNP has policies on a few issues that we maintain explains why the Media Class in the UK is so determined to deny it an existence. The BNP opposes mass immigration from the Third World, opposes the UK’s participation in the European Union, would halt and reverse the elimination of the UK’s Judeo/Christian culture, would re-introduce Britain’s historical free speech rights and would oppose the advance of the Media Class’s homosexual agenda. The Media Class and its News Media (the Mainstream Media or MSM) have been successful in denying the BNP access to the British people through the MSM, but the Internet and elections do provide the Party a small but significant opportunity to get its message directly to the ordinary voters. The Ruling Class and all those who are aligned with it or intimidated into acquiescence by its power (that is to say all the main Parties, the Unions, the Leftists, and the Government bureaucracy) are always fearful that a Nationalist message, untainted by MSM propaganda, distortion and smears, will appeal to many voters.

Increasingly, as the Media Class accumulates its power – just as in the USA under Obama’s Presidency – so it becomes bolder in illegally and brutally silencing opposition. During each election contest, the misuse of police and other State powers against the BNP becomes more shameless and uninhibited. It is in this context that the police action against Mr. Whitby, his family and his home must be viewed.

It is certain that Mr. Whitby has broken no law. In this election campaign, several other BNP candidates and activists have already been summarily arrested and later freed without charges. Mr. Whitby is the most prominent so far as he is the BNP’s candidate for Mayor of a big city. It happens to be a city that has long been controlled by Leftists. It is currently controlled by the Labour Party (the UK’s equivalent Party of the USA’s Democrat Party in that both are sponsored by their respective Media Classes, both pursue a revolutionary moral agenda and both depend on Union power in the streets). It is in Leftist-dominated cities like this that the most blatant intimidation of the BNP has taken place. This should surprise no-one anywhere in the Western World, for it is in Leftist-dominated cities that historical laws are viewed with contempt, where the Leftist doctrine of ‘ends justifying means’ holds sway, where criminal behavior is most tolerated and where openly Leftist bullying is regarded as ‘smart politics’. It is also in such cities where the Internationalist Left is most afraid that its monopoly of the votes of the working poor might be lost to a Party that might genuinely act for the indigenous working poor.

No-one should be surprised that police forces and the judiciary can be quickly prised away from an independent role and turned into the lawless arm of a determined and revolutionary Ruling Class. It happened in the USSR, in Germany and many other Western Nations in the last century and it will happen in the USA despite the existence of the Constitution. Obama and Eric Holder are now shamelessly using the Justice Department as a lawless political weapon. The USA, for long a State where Class domination and Class issues have not held sway, is rapidly being transformed by the emergence of a powerful, rich and revolutionary Ruling Class and where divisive Class issues are being created in order to divide and rule the people.

In the UK’s election system, it is necessary for a candidate to provide a list of local resident citizens who have signed his/her nomination papers. In Liverpool, the rule appears to be that some 30 residents must sign the mayoral candidates’ nomination papers. Mr. Whitby and his Party obtained these. This is not a difficult task except that anyone who reveals any connection to the BNP risks losing a job, a business and a home and perhaps – who knows – his life. Anyone who has experienced such persecution in California by being revealed as a supporter of Prop 8 or those in Florida who might have evidence that would help George Zimmerman’s case, can surely understand this. In all instances – and this is key! – we know that the Mainstream Media will instigate, hide from public view and condone harassment and physical persecution.

The power of this Ruling Class resides not only in its wealth and its control of those political offices that should be upholding just law, but in its ability to hide real news and information. It also has the power to reveal names, addresses, work places and delve into personal histories that expose victims to ruination and physical harm. This power of intimidation is now the most powerful weapon of the Media Class. Its handpicked politicians, dangerous though they are – and Liverpool’s Leftists are especially thuggish – rarely lead the way or instigate the weapon of intimidation. This has been true of the Zimmerman/Martin case in Florida, and it is true of the Whitby case in Liverpool.

It was the editor of the Liverpool newspaper, Alastair Machray of the ‘Liverpool Echo’ (a subsidiary of the Far Leftist Mirror Group) who wrote to the BNP and boasted “It is this paper’s policy to discourage the activities of the BNP”. Here we see an editor openly boasting that his paper will not place truth and neutrality regarding News as any part of its mission. Even more sinister is his boast that his paper will not be just arguing against the BNP’s policies and ideas, but will be working to curtail its ‘activities’. The BNP claims that the newspapers’ reporters visited each of the 30 signatories and interviewed them. As a consequence, some withdrew their signatures or denied signing. We can be sure that the reporters’ visits were meant to be intimidating, for no other candidate was treated to this investigation. For some of the BNP’s signatories, being ‘outed’ by the Liverpool Echo, would have meant loss of job or worse.

It appears that the Liverpool Echo then contacted the highly politicized and lawless Liverpool police force and charged that the BNP did not have 30 lawful signatures. We might speculate that since both the Liverpool and Welsh police regularly persecute BNP activists, some collusion existed prior to the Echo’s investigation. In any event the police seemed more than happy to treat this information as a matter of top priority. Liverpool is a city riddled with crime and many unsafe streets, nevertheless police resources from North Wales and Liverpool were diverted, a semi-military style squad (some in riot gear) sent to surround the home of Mr. Whitby, smash their way into it and remove him to custody. See for yourself on the BNP website for fortunately the BNP member who took the pictures refused to yield up his camera to the police! The purpose of this violent police raid was not to have Mr. Whitby come to the local police station, for he had been willing to go under his own steam, wishing only to be informed why he should do so. The main purpose was to frighten not only Mr. Whitby and his family, but all who might be sympathetic to the BNP.

This is police terror and it is outrageous. The secondary motive is for Media propaganda purposes, for the Liverpool Echo and the MSM in general can portray the BNP as a Party tainted by violence and criminality. In actual fact, in the revolutionary new world that Orwell would have recognized, the passive victim is represented as the dangerous force.

The pictures of a masked, helmeted thug in police riot gear, smashing down the door of a defenseless, suburban, UK citizen should strike fear into the heart of every Western citizen, whether conservative, Christian, Nationalist or even liberal and is clear evidence that we live in a revolutionary period. Most noteworthy is the active and leading part played by members of the Media Class.

The forgoing paragraphs were written on May 1st. Today, May 2nd, I read that Mr. Whitby was later released without charge!!! We can assume that the Whitby family has been subjected to a highly traumatic experience. It has little recourse to justice, for the legal system in the UK is now as politicized as the police force. Mr. Whitby will have few financial resources to fight for recompense and the whole MSM will conceal all this from the public. Mr. Whitby and his BNP supporters will be greatly distracted from the election and Mr. Machray and his Media comrades will sit in their editorial rooms and toast their success in “discouraging the activities of the BNP”.

Here in the USA, the random attacks on vulnerable White, Asian and Hispanic people by gangs of Black youths continue, and continue to be hidden from the public by the MSM. Local Media outlets mostly report – in sanitized form – the attacks and then quickly bury them but many are picked up by conservatives and posted on websites like Free Republic. These attacks are never reported by the Media in race terms though we can be sure they would be if the attackers were White. Many of the attackers claim to be acting “for Trayvon”. The MSM and Eric Holders ‘Justice Department’ shamelessly look the other way. The Media is extremely inventive in finding words that avoid identifying the race of the attackers. I assume that at journalism schools and in Academia there are armies of Leftists busy searching for non-descriptive, euphemistic words.

Weather – I can report that in central California, after a few Spring days of low-80’s temperatures, we are back to cool and cloudy days with temperatures rising to the low 60’s. This is not cause for complaint but a reminder that our Winter, which was unusually cold, has now become the unusually cold Spring. Not a sign of global warming but more than a hint of global cooling. Meanwhile in the UK, the Authorities are continuing to create a panic with claims of drought and water rationing. As they speak, much of the country is experiencing flooding. Our correspondent in the South West reported taking a train ride through Devon and seeing nothing but water on all sides of the tracks. More flooding is forecast. The heavy rain is drenching the South East, Midlands and Scotland, with sporting events being washed out for week after week. Much of Europe is experiencing the same. As we have reported many times on this website, the UK’s water shortages are caused by massive growth of population resulting from Third World immigration.

Music Choice – When I was in my early teens in the UK, a school friend with a turntable and an interest in popular music played me a record that had just been released. It was Al Martino singing “Here in my Heart” and the year was 1952. It seemed to me to be an incredibly romantic tune and since it spent 9 weeks at the top of the UK charts, I assume I was not alone.

Martino (real name Jasper ‘Al’ Cini) was, like many of the good singers of that time, the son of Italian immigrants and living in Philadelphia. He worked as a bricklayer after leaving school and then joined the US army. He took part in the invasion of Iwo Jima and was wounded. His personal history is in stark contrast to the pimply, Leftist revolutionary whiners, strummers and mincing girly-boys who now make fortunes as Entertainers. ‘Martino’ was a family name and so not like Reggie Dwight calling himself Elton John. Martino was a childhood friend of Mario Lanza and Lanza refrained from recording ‘Here in my Heart’ as an act of friendship.

Al Martino was born in 1927 and died in 2009. At one time, early in his career, his contract was bought by the Mafia and to escape their extortion he moved to the UK where he was very popular at a time when adults and young people enjoyed grown-up music, romantic songs, decent lyrics and real men’s voices. Martino recorded many hits but I particularly liked his version of “Now, All the World is Mine” and the very lovely romantic song “The More I See You”. Enjoy them all if you can cope with adult music!

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