Migrants, Social Costs, Trump and the WSJ

During the last week the WSJ donated a whole page to Jeb Bush. On it he detailed his pro-growth plans for this, that and the other, precious little of it likely to improve his poll numbers. Still, you have to hand it to the WSJ and those who direct its agenda, they are trying hard to promote their man.

Today, Friday September 11th, the Journal reveals its Trump desperation with two big hit opinion articles attacking The Donald. The most abusive is “The Art of The Donald in 10 Easy Steps” by a former Hedge Fund Manager, Andy Kessler, who dredges Trump’s past to paint him as a shady business con-man.

The other is “The GOP’s ‘Whatever’ Moment’” by Kimberley Strassel, who paints the last few years as a great Republican grass-roots victory that has culminated in a primary candidate field of great talents, all busy working on excellent plans on Health Care, Immigration, Economic Growth and Foreign Affairs. Her exception is Donald Trump who, she writes, has no policies. In short she paints him as a political con-man. We can counter these two articles and their vicious attacks on Trump’s character.

On the business front Trump has made no secret of the fact that he has grown rich by using the methods required in New York and other North East Democrat strongholds, where political bribery is the norm. He has donated to politicians to get favors. He has also mastered the arcane financial rules that have long enabled the Wall Street insider crowd to grow rich quickly while others work and pay taxes.

Strassel is wholly wrong in viewing the last few years as a Republican advance. Of course, like all the denizens and hangers-on of Wall Street and Washington DC, she is socially liberal, dismissive of borders, language and culture and views immigration as purely a source of labor and relentless economic ‘growth’, careless of the quality-of-life price that ordinary workers must pay. In short she is an Internationalist and like the rest of her gang she is infuriated that Trump has awakened American Nationalism. The people who are flocking to Trump’s banner see the last few years as a gross Republican Party betrayal whereby winning elections has amounted to surrender to Obama.

Kessler, Strassel, all those ’conservative’ TV talking heads, and too many of the primary contestants that Strassel is fawning over, are inviting the American people to do what the MSM does so well. It is ‘compartmentalizing’ all our problems! Over the years we have repeatedly denounced the MSM deceits of ignoring news and issues, twisting them, inventing news and inflating chosen issues, but we rarely pay attention to the most insidious.

The big ‘con’ is the Media Class technique of avoiding connections. The perfect example is immigration. Conservative politicians can work all they like on ‘fixing’ the Health Care system with ingenious plans for insurance and other reforms, but no Health Care system (private or public) can function for the benefit of native citizens whilst immigrants needing health care enter the country in significant numbers.

No welfare system, no matter how fine-tuned, can function for the benefit of the native citizens and simultaneously cope with immigrants needing welfare. No sensible housing program that seeks to preserve farm land, wilderness and law-abiding small towns and orderly cities, can cope with mass immigration and the need for ever more building land, Freeways, airports and concrete.

Almost every major problem facing America’s infrastructure and social provision becomes unsolvable in the face of immigration. Those who wish to change America or make quick profits, seek to keep mass immigration beyond debate and to exclude its effects from any consideration of other problems.

Trump’s simple message that he will create an America for the Americans has ignited a latent Nationalism eager to stop the mass immigration that lies at the heart of so many other problems. His supporters could care less that when in New York he conducted business as New Yorkers conduct it. He played the corrupt politicians at their own game, outwitted them and boasts about it. He is not a hypocrite.

On this website we continue to support Trump, in part because he seems capable of beating the elites at their own game, in part because he has identified immigration as a cancer and in part because he has the ability to win against all the odds. Most of all we support him because we wish to march with his followers and not with the Wall Street gang and their collaborators in the Republican ranks. The more he is personally attacked by them and his fellow Republican contestants, the stronger grows his support among ordinary Americans. Today Perry threw in the towel and good riddance! Soon more of the collaborators will follow and the WSJ will be searching for someone who can stop Trump now that Bush is dropping like a stone along with his irrelevant plans for growth.

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