Michigan Recount Halted By Federal Judge

The latest news is that the Federal Judge who ordered Michigan to begin counting has now bowed to the State Appeals Court which ruled that Jill Stein had no standing. This means that Trump’s victory in Michigan can no longer be contested, and since Clinton recount victories in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania would not be sufficient to pass Trump’s electoral college total, Donald Trump is one short procedural step, and about 6 weeks, away from the Presidency.

It remains to be seen if Jill Stein and her shadowy financial backers will attempt to find another legal challenge or seek to abandon the recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It is not clear if they can be halted at this stage, but that seems likely.

It looks as though the last hope for those plotting to frustrate the voters choice is to pressure, bribe and threaten Trump State members of the Electoral College. As Trump continues to reveal his cabinet choices and the political direction of his Presidency it is doubtful that there will be many willing to risk the wrath of the Broad Right but many greatly enthused.

Trump still faces two great tests before he sits in the White House. One is such an escalation of street violence that his inauguration cannot take place. The other is an attempt on his life. To this writer it seems as though Donald Trump is already in control of the Presidency!


With the Wisconsin recount more than two-thirds completed, Clinton remains far behind Trump and it is beginning to appear unlikely that many ‘extra votes’ will be found. According to several MSM outlets, Trump has lost only 82 votes to Clinton so far in the recount, but Clinton would need a net gain of more than 20,000 to win the state of Wisconsin.

Also, several electors have decided not to vote for Trump in the electoral college meeting in mid-December. However, these are all in Democrat states such as Colorado and Washington. Therefore, Trump’s electoral vote number (306 including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan) will not change.

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