Michelle Obama and the World of Fashion

Regular visitors to this website will know that we claim that the decisive force in contemporary politics is the Media Class. We believe that this Class evolved and gained its identity during the late 1960’s, when the public demand for 24 hour / 7 days a week TV brought together Hollywood and the News Media, so that News became entertainment and entertainment became News. Inevitably, this marriage of News and Entertainment sucked into its orbit over the following decades the worlds of Theater, Arts, Sport, Advertizing and Fashion. The outcome has been the emergence of a powerful and wealthy Class with a common interest and revolving doors, a shared (Bohemian) morality and a virtual monopoly on communication and the shaping of public opinion. This new Media Class has captured the Democrat Party, and allied itself with Leftist groups, for no Class in a Democracy is numerous enough to rule without alliances. The trade-off between the new Class and Leftists is that the new Class promotes and protects Leftists and their pursuit of Big Government and redistribution of wealth (though not that of the rulers) and the Leftists promote the anti-Christian and very revolutionary morality that will de-stigmatize the Bohemian lifestyle of the Entertainers and their supporting industries.

This current week, two of the industries that have been absorbed into the Media Class are having their turn in the celebrity limelight that the Media creates and thrives upon. Professional sport (now economically dependent on the Media Class) is having its moment of grand exposure via the Winter Olympics and at the same time the Media is wallowing in the world of Fashion. It is not possible to pick up a US newspaper or magazine, open up your computer, listen to the radio news or watch TV without being reminded that Fashion has been foisted on the public as a highly important activity. How could we possibly live without these Fashion people? Newspapers and magazines are filled with colored pictures of the painted faces of young women with pouting lips dressed in hideous and un-wearable clothes parading on what is ludicrously called ‘the catwalk’. Occasionally, we are also regaled with the pouting, painted faces of male models too. I suppose that quite soon some of these young ‘men’ will be in suitably designed military uniforms mincing into battle and terrifying Muslim jihadists. Since the Media possesses the twin powers to both focus attention on and distract attention from, it seemed worthwhile to switch attention around on this website.

Reading through some of the Fashion articles I discovered that one of the exclusive and very expensive designers, French native Sophie Theallet, ‘dresses’ Michelle Obama. Theallet’s dresses cost upward of $2000 each. No doubt this lady is not the only exclusive designer to service our First Lady. A careful reading of conservative websites reveals that Mrs. Obama has quickly become one of the most expensive First Ladies in history. Surrounded by a vast coterie of personal staff, Michelle lives, dresses and travels like a Queen, no expense spared. We are meant to be greatly impressed that she is ‘dressed’ by the leading designers, though fortunately for her image not in the bizarre outfits that the catwalk girls pout from. I suppose she is a little too old and heavy around the thighs for most of these outfits which seem designed for girls who are anorexic. It is a tribute to the power of the Media that no-one ever publicly comments that it is scandalous that the wife of the man who gained the White House as a redistributor of wealth and a tribune of the poor, has a wife who is wallowing in luxury and privilege. Mrs. Obama is about to launch a public drive to reduce obesity in the US. Perhaps she hopes to lose enough weight to be able to get into the outfits that are showing on this week’s catwalks. She could help her husband’s newfound concern about the deficit by becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Last week, in the run-up to this week’s MSM (Mainstream Media) Fashion celebration, the news was full of the sudden death of a clothes designer called Lee McQueen. He was 40 years old and had dropped the ‘Lee’ for ‘Alexander’. I suppose ‘Alexander’ sounded more regal. Lee, we were informed in just about every news outlet, had been into Fashion since he was a 16 year old dropout from East London (England). There were many pictures of Lee and even if I had not been aware that he was into ‘Fashion’ I would have concluded that he was homosexual. Sure enough, he was! Are there any males in the Fashion world who are not homosexual? No doubt this is because they have been denied opportunities in other employments. Soon they will all be able to join the armed forces. Every news report I read described Lee as a genius, indeed that word did not seem sufficiently powerful enough to describe his alleged contribution to the dressing of the world’s women. Unfortunately, the accompanying pictures of his ‘work’ left me concluding that Lee must have been artistically deranged. We now learn that Lee, who had at least one male lover (for a blond young man admitted this to a news reporter) committed suicide. One fawning news report approvingly described Lee as having created a “petulant, bad-boy image and having frequent outbursts”. This sounds like any contemporary pop star or Hollywood actor. As Mr. Radical commented, at one time we would have employed the word ‘genius’ when discussing the designers of great bridges or buildings or airplanes – real things that are useful and stand the test of time. Now in this Media-ruled world we use the term for immature, talentless, dysfunctional show-offs who contribute absolutely nothing to this world. We are also invited to share satisfaction over the fortunes they are paid for their meager ‘talents’.

Whilst on the subject of British Media Class homosexuals, I will mention for the benefit of US visitors to this website, the strange case of Ray Gosling. Gosling is a longtime employee of the tax-funded BBC and is what is called a ‘broadcaster’. I have never seen or heard him broadcast but he is 70 years old and another of the multitude of BBC-employed homosexuals. Gosling was taking part in a TV program recently when he mentioned quite casually that he once took the life of a young male in a hospital bed. Gosling claimed that the young man was at that time his terminally ill (with AIDS) lover and that he smothered him with a pillow. He is claiming that it was a mercy killing and that he and the victim had an agreement. Gosling is quoted as saying “I loved him to bits”. As a result of this casually mentioned incident, Gosling is now being investigated by the British police. Since he has not identified his victim, nor revealed when this killing occurred, I don’t think the police have much of a case. It seems that the BBC, like the Fashion World, is full of homosexuals. Soon we will be able to say the same of our armed forces.

Last week, the case for getting rid of the ‘Don’t ask; Don’t tell’ military rule, was ratcheted up throughout the Media. One surprising contributor was Bret Stephens of the WSJ. He added his voice to the homosexual’s campaign and reiterated the standard arguments that are now put forward. These are that (1) ‘Some 13000 military personnel have been thrown out of the military since the policy was introduced’. This is alleged to be a waste of good people. Since we do not know what behavior brought these homosexuals to the attention of their commanders, the truth is that most may have indulged in activities that are disruptive to discipline. Judging from the sexual behavior of the denizens of San Francisco it seems that given any opportunity, homosexual men like to parade their disgusting habits in public and are sexually hyper-active. If open homosexuality becomes acceptable in the military I doubt any commander will risk his future by appearing to ‘persecute’ someone who is a member of a protected minority. Just as the colleagues and senior officers of Major Hasan, the Muslim mass killer, were unwilling to question his behavior because no-one dares exhibit Muslim phobia, so no-one will want to exhibit homophobia. (2) ‘The Israelis and some Europeans allow homosexuals into their military and experience no problems’. Maybe they do have many problems but no-one dares to say so. No career soldier would now dare to say that women soldiers are inferior or that having the sexes in close contact is a problem. In fact there are constant examples of how this social experiment has been expensive and unproductive and has ruined the careers of many soldiers.

There are many politically correct topics these days that cannot be mentioned in public. Those who stray into them are always dispatched into oblivion no matter how grovelling their subsequent apologizing. Bret Stephens’ article is one of many that seek to present this issue of ‘Gays in the military’ as one on its own. It is however part of a great homosexual offensive that includes same-sex marriage, the Boy Scouts, the Salvation Army, fostering and adoption and control of the Nation’s education agenda. The outcome will be to insist that homosexuality is normal and criticism of it a criminal offense.

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