Media Seeks to Demonize Opposition to Obama

On this website we are cautious about labeling political events as conspiracies. We regularly repeat our belief that the Media Class acts in unison time and time again not because its members gather in smoke-filled rooms but because a Class is characterized by its naturally-arising common interests and goals. The Media Class, which now pulls the strings of the US and UK legislatures, is characterized by its wealth, its privileged economic and social position in society, its power over news and communications, the lifestyle and morals of its core constituencies and its revolutionary Leftist sympathies. It is a surprisingly cohesive Class in every sense as the divisions between those core constituencies (Movies, Advertizing, Fashion, Theater, Arts, Pro-Sports, Entertainment and News) become ever more blurred. Its members flit from ‘occupation’ to ‘occupation’ – from Pop Singer to Actress; Celebrity to Fashion Model; Sports-pro to Advertizing / Fashion Model; Newscaster to Celebrity; and (increasingly) Entertainer to Leftist Politician.

As we have pointed out many times before, these Media Class people move in the same social circles, especially the inner circle clique composed of the wealthiest, most successful and outspoken. They also fornicate with each other, sodomize each other, inter-marry, sniff cocaine together, enter rehab together, make visits to Cuba together and save the World together. Not surprisingly, they quite naturally espouse all the same political / social causes and do not need to meet in smoke-filled backrooms in order to hammer out a ‘Party Line’.

This last couple of weeks however, we are tempted to claim that a conspiracy of sorts has emerged in the Mainstream Media and in conjunction with the Leftist politicians who press forward the Media Class agenda. The Left has a long history of accusing its opponents of the very crimes it is about to commit or has committed itself. For those website visitors who have been taught real history and have not been ‘educated’ by Hollywood, I will mention Joseph Stalin, the long-time leader of the USSR and World Socialism. Stalin came from humble beginnings and rose through the ranks of the Russian Bolshevik Party through a combination of thuggery and opportunism, a not uncommon route for monsters of the Left. Stalin’s grasp of Marxist ideology was always shallow but he nevertheless managed to gain a sufficient grasp of the language to get by and never lacked confidence in himself. He dipped in and out of ideology as he pleased, often choosing populism as an alternative and some might think these characteristics are now comfortably resident in the White House. For the purposes of this article I will draw attention in particular to Stalin’s genius for accusing and denouncing his opponents of and for, the very policies he was pursuing or was about to pursue. The most famous example of Stalin’s genius was when he accused his opponents of plotting with German Nazism just before he did his deal with Hitler.

This last two weeks the Media Class and its political agents have been very busy making and building the charges that all those who oppose Obama-care, who oppose Obama himself and who gather in protests against the current White House policies, are motivated by base and sinister motives and ready for violence. Nancy Pelosi (surely Stalin is looking up from Hell at this woman with admiration!) and Harry Reid began the accusations with an onslaught against the Tea Party-ers. The Black Democrat Caucus walked amongst the Tea Party demonstrators in Washington last weekend seemingly intent on inviting abuse that could be misconstrued as racism. Pretty soon, there were claims, orchestrated by the Mainstream Media (MSM), that racist slurs had been uttered. Oh my God! Then, as if on cue, Frank Rich, the doyen of New York Times Opinion writers, delivered an article that bluntly stated that the Tea Party activists and all other opponents of the Health Care Bill were motivated by rage, not at the Bill, but at Obama for being Black, Nancy Pelosi for being a woman and Barney Fwank for being – well, in plain English – a sodomite. Soon similar articles appeared in the Washington Post and all the other Leftist news and opinion outlets. Hot on the heels of these came news that a few bricks wrapped in anti-Democrat messages had been thrown through Democrat windows.

Now I have walked amongst Tea Party people and noticed that their gatherings are not dominated by young people and rootless squatters or by shaven headed street fighters. Protestors of the Right seem to be predominantly middle-aged, truly educated, property and business owners and Christian to boot! They are in fact just about as opposite to Leftist demonstrators as it is possible to be. Unlike Leftist demonstrators, whose banners are always uniform and mindless (Bush lied; Children died!) their banners are rich in original individual expressions that refer to history, the Constitution and other evidences of rational knowledge. It is clear that these people are not violent. The Left has long had a virtual monopoly on violence. Because of this, the MSM accusations of conservative violence have lacked credibility. But now suddenly, the FBI has uncovered a Christian militia plotting the violent overthrow of the US government. Some nine poor and ignorant-looking people tucked away in rural Ohio and Indiana have now been swept up just in time to save the US. So dangerous are these Christian militia people that the WSJ carried a full page with large pictures of each member. No news report failed to repeat the Christian connection and repeat and repeat and repeat. At last we have the evidence that the Right is on the verge of violent revolution and fuelled by racism and bigotry.

Frankly, I smell a rat! The timing of this is just too convenient. Perhaps here we have a Media Class conspiracy. For those who think that the FBI is above politics I would remind you that the rise to power of the Media Class has led to the politicization of police forces everywhere. Crime as we once knew it and subversion as we once knew it are no longer the targets of law enforcement. The FBI is no longer led by an independent American patriot like J Edgar Hoover. Today the arch enemies of law enforcement are racism, anti-homo bigotry and patriotism. Is it too much to believe that the FBI has long had this group of discontents infiltrated but that the arrests have been timed to suit the White House? It would not surprise me if in the UK, a similar ‘Right-wing’ plot is discovered just before the June election and a connection found to the BNP.

Here in California this morning, Mount Diablo was snow-capped, as were several low mountains near my home. In the UK, snow has fallen in many parts including the usually-mild West Country. I read that the ice around the Antarctic is rapidly thickening too. Yet more evidence of global warming?

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