Media Rules

A ruling class in any society is never large enough to rule without alliances. The Feudal/Landowners Class in Middle Ages England needed the Church and the village squirearchy, and the Industrialist Class which supplanted them needed the Anglican and non-conformist churches and other groups to be on board in order to build political parties which could dominate Parliament. 

    The Media Class which now seeks to dominate, is also relatively small in numbers and needs alliances in order to rule in the UK and the USA. Given the power to raise or destroy which the Media enjoys, it is not difficult for it to find large organised groups willing to serve it, especially as many are partial ideological soulmates. The Trade Unions, particularly their bureaucracies and leftist activists, are one such group. The Public Services rank and file (also highly unionised and now very Leftist) is also a natural ally for obvious reasons. The academic world, for long dominated by Leftists and now highly unionised provides the militant cadres for the Media agenda. The Police Forces of the UK, once politically neutral, are now very much willing to do the bidding of the Media Class and get their orders from the Media’s political servants in the Labour and LibDem parties. Big Business, always opportunistic, is easily intimidated by pressures from the above and terrified of bad publicity. All of this paves the way for the persecution of the Media Class’ enemies and potential enemies. 

    The brazen way in which public services have blacklisted Nationalists and denied employment to them at any level, should be a wake-up call to British citizens who care about liberty and free speech. Unfortunately, the media predictably ignores such news or orchestrates support for the measures. Even more outrageous has been the use of the Nation’s police forces to purge Nationalists from it’s own ranks and harry Nationalists engaged in legitimate political activities. Nationalists are taxpayers and citizens too, yet they are treated in ways that Sinn Fein and Muslim extremists have never experienced. Meanwhile the Police Chiefs encourage their small number of homosexual constables to parade in “Gay” parades in uniform, thus making an overt political statement on an issue which they know is actually politically contentious. What the Police Chiefs also know is that these are the ways to please the Home Office, the politicians of the Left and get a pass from the Media for failure to control crime and prevent terrorism. The Media Class has really come a long way in imposing its new standards on British life and persecuting its enemies. 

    The USA offers a brighter picture for those who care about free speech and liberty. Amongst the reasons are three that stand out. One is the existence of a good written constitution (despite the attacks by Leftist jurists to get around it) another is the existence of a robust conservative intellectual tradition that stresses individualism and the third is the survival and energy of traditional Christian religious beliefs. 

    Perhaps too, the optimism which so many Americans have about their country and its future is a strength when compared to the pessimism which has long been evident amongst Britons and which is morphing into fatalism. 

    A recent newspaper article in the US details how Edgar Hoover (a public service bureaucrat as head of the FBI) built up personal files on leading public figures. He ensured his influence in his lifetime by making this information, often scandalous, available to Presidents. Johnson, in particular made great use of these files to destroy or intimidate opponents. Only Truman and Eisenhower refrained. We know that the Clinton’s got their hands on many FBI files whilst in office and are probably still using the contents to compromise potential opponents. The good news in the US however, is that this kind of information surfaces, and many public figures are outraged by the dangerous threat the misuse of police power poses to liberty and free speech. The current President, although savaged by the Media and Academics, is clearly not likely to stoop to such practices and the FBI has been cleaned up. The US at the moment is moving towards greater freedom of speech and ideas (despite the efforts of some Democrats and George Soros) and the Media Class and its Leftist support groups are not winning all of the battles. If only the same could be said in the UK! 

    It is sad that in the UK even Nationalist groups pedal the Leftist agitprop that Bush is a pawn to “Big Oil” and Israel, and that by opting out of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the UK could escape terrorism. British Nationalism needs to jettison the American-haters and closet socialists ( who seem to relish the idea of going back to a barter economy), be more optimistic about their Nation’s prospects in the modern world and come to terms with the fact that a market economy generates freedom and opportunity for ordinary people.

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