Media Outrage Over BNP’s Election Presence

The BBC is revving up its anti-BNP campaign with pieces about the outrage being felt by “locals” in places where BNP candidates are standing in next Thursday’s local elections. This is emerging as the general Media Class tactic – to denounce the presence of BNP candidates as though the electoral process is somehow being contaminated. It is clear that as far as our Media masters are concerned, elections should be reserved for only the political parties willing to promote the Media’s agenda. Thus we get media “reports” focusing on wards that the BNP are contesting, telling us who is outraged and by how much they are outraged. Conservative candidates are particularly incensed by a BNP presence, but Labour and LibDem spokesmen are eager to match the outrage. One has to wonder why they are all not content to wait for the democratic process to play out through the secret ballot.

We need to remind ourselves that it is the Media which orchestrates these “stories”. Local candidates and local people do not contact the BBC and other media outlets to express outrage. It starts the other way around with the BBC and other “News” organizations sending along “reporters” primed to find outrage. The decision-making begins in a news room where editors consider how to “get” the BNP or perhaps even earlier at a smart cocktail party or other social event where the media people gather to shape the world. It is not difficult for the “reporters” to get outrage quotations from local political candidates. After all the candidates only have to mimic their party leaders. New Tory leader Cameron is about as outraged as it is possible to be. So outraged in fact that he would sooner voters voted Labour or LibDem than BNP. It is quite possible that he would sooner they voted for a Marxist revolutionary from Respect, so great is his outrage over the existence of the BNP. He is, of course well aware that his outrage goes down well at the BBC and with his showbiz cronies. If he can publicly proclaim enough of this outrage, he might well replace Blair as the Media’s darling, now that Blair and his Party have fallen foul of the BBC. Cameron’s most notable achievement so far has been to capture a piece of the “pink” vote!

The BNP has been persecuted by the Media and the Leftists for as long as it has existed, but we have always maintained on this website that the BNP would be in most danger of outright proscription by Government edict if it began gaining support through the ballot box. The current and unprecedented media preoccupation with the BNP over local council elections suggests that substantial gains for the Party next Thursday could be the signal for such national “outrage” to translate into the Party being banned. If so, we shall see Media-orchestrated outrage reach new heights next Friday.

In the meantime there are still a few days remaining in which the Media Class might manufacture the big scandal story. Given the way that the police and judiciary have become so politicized, do not be surprised if Nick Griffin is arrested on some concocted charge or his Party’s headquarters raided and “items” removed, with cameras and reporters co-incidentally on the scene. Whether such tactics can prevent a BNP advance in the face of a constant stream of violent crimes by minority people, is hard to predict. If the Party captures 50 or more seats on Thursday, it will cause a political earthquake. Pink Church leaders, Showbiz luvvies, artists, police chiefs, Trade Union bullyboys and political hacks will be elbowing minority spokesmen aside in the rush to get to a microphone to express outrage for the Media.

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