Media News’ Propaganda Power Plus Voting Fraud

As Donald Trump continues his epic marathon on the campaign trail, the Mainstream Media continues to black out his contact with the American people, infest its ‘News’ bulletins with his detractors, and exalt their own dishonest Opinion Polls.

In no previous Presidential election has the Mainstream Media (MSM) stepped so blatantly into the campaign as protagonist. Nor has it ever sought so blatantly to isolate, mischaracterize, and deny a voice to its victim. The MSM treatments of Reagan, Goldwater, Nixon, Quayle and Palin were restrained in comparison.

I caught a snippet of Limbaugh this morning and he was expressing bewilderment at the national unity of the MSM in its attacks on Trump. Why, he was asking, does every reporter (and editor) in every newspaper and TV station across the land, share the same mission? It makes no sense, he remarked.

There is an explanation for the intensity of the Media anti-Trump onslaught and its unified national expression. We have always drawn attention to the MSM ‘marching in lockstep’ (our words) and what this reveals. It is certainly not explained by conspiracy theories, even though the anti-Trump campaign is composed of many conspirators.

When the MSM is seen as the political, moral and social expression, agenda-maker, punitive weapon and propaganda arm of America’s new (and Revolutionary) Ruling Class, the mystery is solved. We can add for good measure that as the Media Class with its agenda has emerged and dominated in every advanced Western Democracy, the anti-Trump propaganda predictably dominates the news in many foreign countries.

The people of the UK and Germany and Scandinavia and Canada are also being indoctrinated with the same MSM lies as are Americans. Because the citizens in those countries have no First Amendment – and consequently no Broad Right Talk Radio – they have only the small Counter-revolutionary corner of the Internet as a source of truth. Since the sheep of foreign consumer, post-Christian Democracies do not search the Internet for America’s truthful websites, they wonder how and why so many Americans are supporting Donald Trump, and assume it is a kind of Disney-like madness!

The unparalleled intensity of America’s unified MSM attack on Trump and his supporters has several connected explanations. Here they are!

The Media Class in America has forged an excellent working alliance with the Far Left, and together they have purged, transformed, and now own, the Democrat Party and Public Service Unions. Together they share a Revolutionary agenda that is a mix of anti-Christian new morality (same-sex marriage and other unnatural perversions to please the Media’s ultra-wealthy Entertainment community), and the Socialism of open borders, equalizing/leveling-down and redistribution of wealth.

Since 2008, the new Ruling Class alliance has occupied the White House through its financing and MSM promotion and protection of Obama. He has advanced their Revolutionary agenda by stealth, and it is near completion. Clinton holding the White House on November 8th will ensure that the Revolutionary agenda is completed beyond dismantlement, and all Counter-revolutionary opposition criminalized and extinguished.

The key explanation for the success of the alliance and its stealthy Revolution, has been the ability of the MSM (throughout the Western Democracies) to pose as a Fourth Estate, a trusted neutral purveyor of news, information and opinion- whilst all the time promoting propaganda for the agenda in all its output, including Entertainment.

Because so much is at stake concerning the completion of the Revolutionary agenda, the MSM and the forces behind it have pushed the unappealing (and sick?) Hillary Clinton to one side, and emerged more openly and more effectively to campaign.

Just as crucially, Donald Trump’s unexpected Nationalism, its popular appeal, his increasing resoluteness, and his accidental exposure of the hitherto-suppressed ‘Nationalist versus Internationalist’ fault-line in American politics, has forced the MSM to take off the gloves for a bare-knuckle fight.

We can add to this the Media’s (over) confidence. Its success seemed so close and its propaganda power so over-whelming that it calculated that it need no longer remain concealed.

Because Trump has not been destroyed but is still very competitive, the Ruling Class is now ramping up its ability to use voter-fraud. As always it will accuse its opponents of the tactics it intends to employ. This will probably come down to blaming the Russians for ‘fixing’ a surprise Trump victory. Remember a new Ruling Class does not peacefully concede power to a Counter-revolutionary ‘reaction’! A Trump ballot-box victory would be followed by 8 weeks of Obama in the White House; officially-sanctioned violent protests in the cities; and a MSM campaign of outrage.

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