Media Love-fest will climax on Jan 20th

No visitor to this website will be in doubt that Obama owed it to the Media Class for his victory over Hillary Clinton and his subsequent election to the US Presidency. We have now endured a year of Media swooning over him and we are supposed to believe that he represents a bright new future for both the US and the world. So far there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he even rises to mediocre and much to suggest that he is both less than mediocre and dangerously ignorant. Since so little is known about his achievements prior to his Media anointing, it is impossible to know if he has any talent other than lofty but empty phrases and a generous helping of self-assurance. He has hidden much of his past whilst trumpeting the bits that garnish his resumee and the Media Class has totally conspired in this endeavor. Not only do we know nothing about his school and college achievements and his legal output at Yale, but we do not know anything substantial and convincing about his claim to US citizenship and eligibility for the Presidency. He and his Media sponsors have been unable to produce a scrap of evidence of any achievements in his work as a ‘community organizer’ or as a two-year US Senator. Despite all this record of nothing, the Media Class has succeeded in painting him as a brilliant thinker, an original mind, an effective worker and a man of the highest principles.

On this website, the only thing we find breathtaking about all this is that most of the American people and much of the rest of the world are now so dumbed down that the Media Class can impose its agenda at will. Besides the little we know about Obama’s past and the ominous gaps he refuses to fill in, we do know that he sat in the Rev. Wright’s racist Church for twenty-odd years, hung out with an unrepentent terrorist and his radical wife, received financial favors from an indicted financier and rose through the ranks of one of the most corrupt Democrat-run cities in America. As we near Obama’s inauguration we learn that several of the people he has picked for office in his administration are scandal plagued. We also witness him stumbling over the Blagojovich/Burris affair and being forced to eat his own words. Yet none of this leaves the slightest dent on his reputation for brilliance, new thinking, effectiveness and outstanding character. On 20th of this month those who are gullible enough to watch their TV screens, read a newspaper or listen to anything except conservative Talk Radio are going to be told that the greatest man of all time has just been placed in the White House. I have a neighbor who is a former Republican and he told me with absolute confidence that after the 20th the financial and economic crisis in not just the USA, but in the world, will be quickly resolved and we will all once again regain the equity in our homes and our retirement plans will once again be solvent. I do not attempt to argue with him for he does not read this website and is therefore a sucker for the Media Class and its propaganda. Obama may yet turn out to become a good President and solve, with fine scripted words, all the pressing problems that besiege the USA. We shall see!

Meanwhile, for the record, it has turned pleasantly warm here in central California after a prolonged extremely cold spell. We are though galloping through the winter with very little rainfall and time is running out. I fear a serious drought is approaching as well as a collapse of the hi-tech industry of Silicon Valley, a huge rise in US unemployment, a prolonged depression, high taxes, rampant inflation and the loss of free speech. In the wider world I fear a resurgence of terrorism and war and the appearance at last of serious civil unrest in the West’s multi-racial and overcrowded cities. For most of this we can thank our new Media Class rulers and if it turns out that the man in the White House is a disaster we can thank the Media Class for that too.

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