Media Liars And A Psychopathic President

It is absolutely clear that the Mainstream Media (propaganda organ of the Media Class) is more than ever determined to destroy Donald Trump by character assassination. If we thought its reporters and editors had reached the rock bottom of journalism during the election campaign, we now know that there is no rock at the bottom, only fathomless slime.

It may well be that their character assassination will prepare the way for Trump’s physical assassination, and if so, they will be pleased, for they know that they are engaged in a civil war with Trump and his Nationalist followers. We are not in an era of civilized politics, but in a life and death contest between a Revolutionary new Class with a Far Left ally, and a Counter-Revolutionary movement seeking to restore a pre-Revolutionary society.

Trump is learning about the MSM the hard way. He now knows beyond any doubt that its ‘reporters’ and ‘editors’ have no interest in truth and facts. Yesterday’s Press Conference when he refused to take questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta demonstrated something very significant we should not overlook. Good for Trump that he refused to take Acosta’s question for he was, whether or not he realized it, acknowledging that CNN does not employ journalists and is not a News organization. As Trump repeatedly said, CNN’s people are liars – though ‘lying propagandists’ would have been more insightful.

What was truly significant in this exchange was that Acosta stood his ground and kept shouting at Trump in front of a packed crowd of his fellow-travelers. This was a very public forum, and Acosta’s belligerence demonstrated the confidence as well as the rage of a MSM front-line soldier. He was standing toe-to-toe with a man who will be President of the USA in eight days time, yet he showed no constraint, no respect, and no fear of consequences. This was gloves-off stuff as befits the opposing forces that are now engaged in a desperate struggle for power.

What is also noteworthy in the ‘dossier’ story is that it has emerged that the UK’s Christopher Steele, whose seedy and financially-struggling partnership provided the dirty dossier, was hired by an American ‘business’ called FusionGPS. This ‘business’ specializes in digging up dirt on Conservatives and Christian opponents of same-sex marriage. It was founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson. We see here that WSJ Media people are Revolutionary, pro-homosexual and amoral (Ends justify means). Hopefully a member of the Broad Right will identify the wealthy Republican businessman who funded Simpson.

It can be seen that CNN is in the vanguard of the war on Trump, but the whole of the MSM, with very few exceptions, is marching close behind. Trump won a skirmish yesterday – and bully for him – but the MSM subsequently won that particular battle, for on every page and every TV show Trump’s statements were misrepresented. It was claimed in headlines that he had conceded that Russia had hacked the Clinton campaign. He did not! He only said that the DNC and Podesta had not taken enough precautions against hacking but that the Republican Party – at his insistence – had. This was not tantamount to him conceding the ‘Russian hacking to defeat Hillary’ MSM claim.

Trump should call the whole pack of liars together, as if for a Media Conference, and then denounce them all as charlatans, lying propagandists and political extremists. And then talk only directly to the American people.

On Tuesday Obama gave what was billed by the MSM as a farewell speech. It was, by all accounts, a self-serving list of his ‘achievements’, and predictably the MSM applied no truth tests.

On this website we did not identify Obama as a psychopath until he had been in office for a while and began revealing his true personality in speeches. It was then apparent that he had all the characteristics of an intelligent, grand psychopath. He is not a criminal psychopath, for there is not the slightest evidence of financial corruption in his history, or in his Administration.

His psychopathy is social. He genuinely believes, all evidence to the contrary, that he is cleverer than others and that this entitles him to be a winner. It entitles him to be lazy and not waste his time on the slog of learning, researching and self-examination. There is no need for him to be hemmed in by truthfulness, for he is, by nature of his superiority, above being judged by others. In fact, telling brazen and outrageous lies that his listeners are beguiled by, provides continual evidence of his intellectual superiority.

Obama believes he is entitled to be ‘at the top’, not by dint of hard work and accomplishments, but on the fast track because of his verbal skills, superior brain and sheer self-confidence. Grand psychopaths are driven to more and more outrageous but successful lies to provide evidence of superiority. Obama is not about to slide off into the night. He will be compelled to occupy the limelight and demonstrate his intellectual and charismatic superiority to the President who succeeds him.

Whatever he does after January 20th, it will have to keep proving he is still the greatest President. Trump will have to deal with this, as well as much else. Obama, as President, has mastered the skill of talking to the people and manipulating them and we have been impressed.

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