Media Launches Another Smear To Secure Women’s Vote

With less than three weeks to go to the war’s climax, the enemy’s (Media Class) strategy is now clear. It has abandoned all pretense of promoting its figure-head Hillary Clinton, and her policies. She has been set aside, presumably because the Media Class has concluded that she is a handicap.

The WikiLeaks daily revelations are a Clinton problem for which the Media Class never planned. Added to Clinton’s email scandal, they reveal that Clinton and her cronies have been over-confident and continually reckless in their communications with each other and with their MSM partners.

In a damage-limitation exercise the MSM has been forced to mount a desperate smear-assault that may not have been thoroughly researched. The Media Class strategists do not know what the daily WikiLeaks releases will reveal next but they are so potentially dangerous to the Clinton campaign that the MSM must not only distract the voters attention, but mount an assault on Trump that will keep him on the defensive.

The Media Class, by dredging up sexual accusations that are 30 years old, knows that this desperate attack risks testing its integrity with the inattentive, undecided voters. It must occur to the Media Class strategists who plan the collusion of the MSM and the Clinton camp, that the thin veil of Press neutrality which still works on those who pay least attention to politics but nevertheless vote, may become too transparent.

Voters on the Broad Right, and Donald Trump himself, have already learned (painfully and belatedly) in this election that the MSM is the real political force, has control over the information that reaches the American people and deals only in propaganda. Voters on the Left also know this but will not be satisfied until all genuine information sources -including Fox, Talk Radio and the Internet – are eradicated.

The problem threatening for the Media Class is that even the inattentive voters may cease to believe the MSM propaganda.

Jessica Leads, now 74 years old, suddenly discovered by the New York Times and claiming to be a victim of Trump’s unwanted sexual advances 30 years ago on a plane flight, is desperate propaganda material. She certainly waited a long time to come forward and Internet investigators may reveal she is either a liar looking for fame or cash, or a Democrat activist. The other accusers may be as suspect as Miss Leads (no pun intended!)

Still, we must not over-estimate the intelligence of the politically-shallow voter or the awesome power and propaganda skills of the MSM. These allegations will succeed in allowing Hillary Clinton and Bill to sink into the background; they will put Trump on the defensive when he should be on offensive; and coming on top of the previous smears allied to his past (admitted) womanizing, will affect the women’s vote.

It is our view that all these sex smears were intended to be launched nearer to election day and more carefully vetted and bolstered by evidence. Their use now indicates that Trump is still seen as a great threat and that the WikiLeaks revelations are beyond denial.

The Clinton camp has adopted the old tactic of ‘shoot the messenger’ by aiming fire, without any evidence, at Putin as the source of the leaks and an interferer in America’s election on behalf of Trump. This is a reckless ploy, given the dangerous situation that Obama’s mistakes have created in Syria.

The MSM opinion polls are as suspect as the MSM news, but it would be foolish to believe that the MSM attacks on Trump’s character have not had an impact. Still, for what it is worth the latest Monmouth poll in Utah, where Trump faces a potent Third Party candidate (McMullin) as well as Johnson, Trump is at 34, Clinton is at 28, McMullin is at 20 and Johnson is at 9.

  1. ———— Trump 34%
  2. ———- Clinton 28%
  3. ——– McMullin 20%
  4. —- Johnson 9%

Monmouth’s very recent poll in Missouri has Trump at 46 and Clinton at 41. As a website visitor pointed out, Missouri is really a battleground State and usually reflects a national trend.

  1. —————– Trump 46%
  2. ————— Clinton 41%

Today’s Rasmussen national poll has Trump leading Clinton 43 to 41.

  1. —————- Trump 43%
    2.   ————— Clinton 41%

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