Media Ignores Many Real Scandals

It is now 19th October and still the U.S. media is ignoring the big Harry Reid scandal. Plenty of other “scandals” are getting wide media coverage, but all involve Republican candidates who are deemed to be in close fights! Still, if this media bias is outrageous (and it is), the British media’s failure to give major national coverage to the trial now taking place in Glasgow would best be described as nauseating.

Just to remind readers, Kriss Donald was a white 15 year old boy randomly plucked off a Glasgow street by a gang of Asians looking for a “white boy” victim. He was driven around for 200 miles and all the time subjected to continual torture of the most sickening nature, including being castrated. Eventually, still alive, he was set on fire and his body dumped. A passer-by who found the remains of his body thought it was a dead pig. Kriss Donald’s crime was to be white and in the wrong place at the wrong time. His parents have to relive the details of his cruel death during this trial and it is almost impossible to imagine their continuing anguish. If this had been a black victim of a white gang, we on this website would be equally appalled and we would cry out for the death penalty, since the perpetrators do not deserve one more minute on this earth.

The men accused of this obviously racist outrage are now on trial in Glasgow. The murders of Stephen Lawrence and one or two other black youths that have been endlessly headlined by the entire media over years, pale into insignificance for brutality and cruelty, compared to this crime, yet the national media chooses to avoid it. The BBC, always the first to dwell on stories of white racism, is particularly conspicuous by its absence in reporting this trial on its national network and website. There are two reasons. One is that the BBC, the driving force of the British Media Class, is intent on convincing the British people that racism is only ever ‘White on Black’. The other reason is that the BBC-instigated Leeds trial of the BNP Two takes place in less than two weeks and the details of the Donald murder might lead the jury to conclude that the new multi-cultural Britain is a disaster and that the BNP is a voice of reason.

Readers of this website should pause to consider the character of a Media Class that is willing to ignore or play down, news of this dreadful crime in order to push its political agenda.

In the USA another scandal came and went this week without critical comment by the mainstream media. A Leftist New York attorney, Lynne Stewart, was found guilty of acting as messenger between Omar Abdel-Rahman and his terrorist followers. He is serving jail time and she has been his attorney. His group was responsible for the murder of 62 innocent tourists in Luxor, Egypt in 1997, some of whom were beheaded and some disemboweled. These poor people suffered cruel and barbaric Islamic punishment similar to that inflicted on kriss Donald in Glasgow some years later. Stewart describes herself as a “civil rights” lawyer and in the past has defended other terrorist groups like the Black Panthers. A Clinton-appointed Democrat judge sentenced her to a mere 28 months on account of her being a champion of the poor, the disadvantaged and the unpopular. Stewart is not a starry-eyed young do-gooder just out of law school. She is 67 and has devoted her professional life to helping the American people’s enemies. The information she transmitted to the Islamic barbarians will never be known and the judge had no evidence when he claimed that it had been harmless. We may never know how many deaths it contributed to. Her crime was surely treasonable and she is unrepentant, but she clearly has many friends and sympathizers amongst the Leftist elite.

Whenever anyone suggests that the Left is unpatriotic, there is a manufactured outrage in the media, but the truth is that Leftists like Stewart hold the old Communist internationalist view that any foreigner who seeks to undermine the USA (and the UK) is an ally to be helped. Stewarts defense fund had many contributors and according to Rush Limbaugh it included a hefty gift from the ubiquitous George Soros.

In a recent piece I wrote about a report by Amy Schatz in the Wall Street Journal of 9th October in which she used a story about activists who had been following certain politicians with a camcorder, in order to embarrass them with blogs that were then, (surprise, surprise!) picked up and amplified by the mainstream media. The politicians she focused on just happened to be Republicans involved in close fights in November. Ms. Schatz was extremely admiring of the activists involved, especially one Kevin O’Brien who was on the Democrat Party payroll in Montana. If O’Brien read her piece, he certainly had no reason to feel aggrieved.

Ms Schatz had a very different take on another blogger, William Kerr, in her next big WSJ piece on 16th October. Mr. Kerr’s reputation takes a big hit from her and we learn that he has been fired from several jobs over the years, discharged from the navy for faking suicide, arrested for burglary and lets his wife support him. You may wonder why he is getting such a bad press from Ms. Schatz and her newspaper. Well, he is a conservative blogger and he set out to discover who was the former page in the Foley “scandal” and whether he was indeed a 16year old. One might think that this is the kind of investigation the mainstream media ought to undertake (the investigative Ms. Schultz, perhaps?), but Mr. Kerr concluded that the media would not do so and how right he was. It seems likely that he has uncovered the identity of the former page who is now 21 years old, but Ms. Schultz is clearly very disapproving of his efforts and her very long report is likely to have unpleasant consequences for Mr. Kerr. I hope not, for Mr. Kerr is doing what these Media Class hacks will not do and that is get at the truth. Apparently, his website is called “Passionate America” and I intend to be a regular visitor. I am sure his reports will be no more biased than those of Ms. Schatz and probably both more informative and more patriotic.

Incidentally, despite a big FBI investigation, there is no evidence yet that Foley ever had a sexual relationship with any page beyond email contact. This is the kind of news that the Media Class will eventually bury quietly after the November elections.

Yet another piece of news that the Media Class consigned to footnote status last week, was the decision of Air America to file for bankruptcy. When this radio station was launched, with Soros money and the star billing of “comedian” Al Franken, the newspapers and other media outlets did all they could to provide celebratory publicity. This station was intended to eclipse conservative Talk Radio. Leftist journalists and editors were jubilant. However, the station was soon mired in financial scandal and short of funds. Its audience was abysmal and no match for the likes of Rush Limbaugh. Do not expect to read much about its failure, since this is the kind of news the Media Class would prefer to bury out of sight. Air America’s small audience was really no surprise to this website.

After all, why would the general public bother to tune in when the mainstream media is full of Leftist propaganda?

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