Media Generates Lying Propaganda

Supposing UK soccer fans of Manchester United and Arsenal looked at their morning papers and found no news about the previous evening’s game between the two clubs. Or supposing they read that Arsenal had won, when in fact Manchester had won. Supposing the match result was either ignored or falsified by the whole Media because its reporters and owners didn’t like Manchester’s soccer club. I think soccer fans all over the UK, on subsequently finding the true result on the Internet, would be angry, disgusted and probably would stop getting their sports news from the Media. There would be protests and possibly riots in Manchester, I am sure.

Supposing in the US the Media failed to report baseball results whenever Boston’s Red Sox won, or changed the result and reported a defeat. I am sure baseball fans everywhere would be stunned and outraged once they discovered via the Internet that they had been misled and lied to.

Yet the consequences of a news blackout or falsified information about a sport would have few real consequences for the people and their Nation. After all, professional sport, like all entertainment, is, well, only entertainment. Yet the people in the UK and the USA seem to care very little when the real news of great consequence is constantly, relentlessly and deliberately misreported. We now know thanks to the Internet (and smart people who visit this website or listen to Talk Radio’s Rush Limbaugh would have known all along), that the Mainstream Media (MSM) news reporting concerning the earth’s climate has been falsified for years and a fear about man-made global warming has been deliberately concocted. Americans who get their information from the Internet now have good reason to doubt that the man in the White House is eligible to be there. It might also be suspected that he has good reason to lean to Islam, yet there is a virtual news blackout on this topic too, except on the Internet. Without the Internet all Britons and Americans would be deprived of the real and truthful news. As it is, since most people still rely on the MSM, real and truthful news only reaches those who go searching for it on their computers. Perhaps the rest do not care!

Last week, in West Bromwich, in what used to be the UK’s industrial heartland, thousands of English men, woman and children marched to celebrate St. George’s Day. St. George is the patron Saint of England and once upon a time he was celebrated annually in schools, Churches and cities. In today’s Media/Marxist controlled politically correct England, Government and local councils have decreed that St. George’s Day should be ignored and officials do all they can to discourage any unofficial celebrations. Their reasoning is that such celebrations are offensive to immigrant minorities and obstruct the march towards a new and ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ society. Since the English are held responsible by Leftists for colonialism, enslavement of Africans, exploitation of Asians, the theft of other people’s natural resources and the ruination of the planet, it is deemed inappropriate and dangerous that they should feel and express any national pride. Many official obstacles are put in the way of any attempts by local people to march or meet on St. George’s Day. The same officials however do all they can to encourage gatherings and celebrations of foreign cultures by minorities. A prime example is the annual two-day Caribbean carnival in London that receives huge advance positive publicity from the MSM. The same MSM colludes with officials in ignoring the orgy of violent crime that surrounds the carnival. ‘Gay Pride’ parades in many UK cities are similarly given official encouragement, huge and positive Media coverage and tax-payer funds so that wealthy and already-privileged perverted exhibitionists can cavort before the public. It was surely very news worthy that in West Bromwich many thousands (very peacefully) gathered and marched carrying white flags with red crosses to celebrate St. George. I am sure that there were other such marches in England on the same day, but who knows for there was a complete black-out by the MSM. The West Bromwich marchers could be likened to the tree that falls deep in the forest. Like that tree, the patriots and their marches went unrecorded by the whole Media. Fortunately, the BNP, a Party dedicated to resisting the destruction of the British people and their traditions, was on hand with video cameras and it is possible to see on their website the evidence that the impressive and good-natured march actually took place.

In contrast, the American MSM has certainly done all it can to make sure that the whole world knows that the (Republican) administration of Arizona has passed legislation intended to enforce Federal immigration law that is being ignored by the Federal Government. Actually the MSM is not telling the world quite that, only that the Arizona Republicans are about to persecute Hispanics, introduce Nazi-style stop and searches and harass ordinary people with darkish skins who are only going about their business. The new Arizona law is a consequence of the murder of a popular rancher by illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. The US southern borders have become open doors to illegal immigrants – including many drug smugglers and other criminals – simply because the Federal Government is happy to swell the number of illegal people in the US. The result has been that Americans living in border areas are increasingly in danger and that States like Arizona are being swamped with Latinos from Mexico and Central America. Most of the Latinos are simply poor and desperate people looking for work but no modern Nation that has a welfare infrastructure can long afford open borders with either poor neighbors or the larger world. It should be noted that past Republican administrations have colluded with illegal immigration in order to please Big Business allies who like cheap labor. There are also those in high places who are slyly pushing the George Soros dream of a world without Nation States and without Christian morality – but that is another story! At the present time we have an Obama administration that wishes to hold on to power in 2012 and needs a bigger Latino vote both legal and illegal. And so Obama and his comrades are frightened and outraged by Arizona’s new law which is intended to halt the illegal flood across the border and round up the illegals already in Arizona so that they can be returned to their countries of origin. The MSM is on Obama’s side, of course, and is straining to provide its bully pulpits to all who can be found to denounce Arizona’s racism. Together with Leftist politicians, the MSM is also busy orchestrating Latino and Leftist protests in Arizona, so that Arizona will bring much trouble upon itself and the seeming condemnation of the World. This requires the most slanted and dishonest reporting, and the MSM is up for it! Last week, in response to the Media’s new drumbeat and false reporting of the new law, some 2000 Latino’s gathered in Phoenix to protest. This protest was probably organized by Leftist Union leaders but we shall never know for the MSM has no interest in real fact-digging unless it is smearing a conservative or Christian. According to ALL news reports the ‘protest’ was “largely peaceful”. On the Free Republic website it was possible to see just how ‘peaceful’ the protest was. Mobs of Latinos attacked White counter-protestors and then fought the retreating police, showering them with rocks. This was the typical Red Mob in action, yet it seems that no MSM cameraman could see anything violent to film. This is the same MSM that reports non-existent Tea Party violence and racism!

This week, also on the Free Republic website I followed a report that led to the Toledo Blade. The Toledo Blade is a local Ohio newspaper and it reported a small riot by Black youths, some from a local Toledo school, and involving at least 50 kids and adults. This was Black on Black gang fighting and I assume that it took place in a Black neighborhood. Local newspapers will occasionally report such ‘racist’ news though rarely wholly honestly. In this case there were eyewitness quotes and it was reported that the Toledo police took so long reacting to emergency calls that the rioters had dispersed before the police arrived. No arrests were made and the police filed no report of the violence. No outside news outlet picked up this incident though I am sure if the rioters had been White the MSM would have been all over it and castigating the police for no arrests and no filing of a report. One has to wonder how many such violent events take place across the US (and in the UK) and go unreported and unfiled so that statistics will show a drop in crime and reinforce the false picture of an integrated law abiding rainbow society.

Last week on this website I reported, as an eye-witness, the Pleasanton (California) Tea Party gathering of some 10,000 conservatives. This was a big event in Pleasanton and part of a bigger event throughout the US. Our local free newspaper dropped in my door at the weekend. On the front page was a big picture and long report of a gathering of some dozen people for ‘Earth Day’. The editor and his staff are clearly approving of ‘Earth Day’ demonstrations. On the paper’s back page was a small picture of the Tea Party gathering and a one-liner under the picture.

Read the MSM in order to get correct information about sports contests but ignore everything else.

Here in California I have to report that one day last weekend the temperature reached 80 F. Today it is back in the 50’s and raining yet again. The same is forecast for tomorrow. I saw on the UK’s BBC website a nature report that explained this Spring’s drop in an insect population on “the long cold winter”. Sometimes the truth just slips out!

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