Crawford Ranch “Drama”: Media Focus

The Media focus on Cindy Sheehan continues to gather momentum and she is now a big topic on TV political talk shows. She has had conferred on her the title “Gold Star Mom” and designated a person who cannot be criticised in any way because she has made the ultimate sacrifice for Bush’s War.

At this point, the Media can claim that it is only reporting on her because she is “news”, and that, after all, is their function! We must remind ourselves that the Media plucked her from obscurity and that this whole circus down at Crawford, is Media contrived. Media people are not interested in Cindy Sheehan, any more than they are interested in the many bereaved parents who are demonstrating for Bush and the War, and who they marginalise. This Media Class is interested only in itself and its selfish agenda; facts and truth and National interest are all irrelevant.

Conservatives, Nationalists and various “expert” commentators repeatedly get it wrong when they think the Media is wittingly or unwttingly biased. We are not witnessing a bias in favour of anti-war protesters, as this presupposes that the Media is taking the news as it occurs and then “spinning” it. It often does that too, but the Media MAKES the news most of the time, because it has the power to do so, and as the new ruling class, it is pursuing an agenda which will further its own interests. Bush and his traditional Christian supporters stand in the way of that agenda, most of it to do with morality and social behaviour.

ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE will you find a true understanding of current events and of the Media Class which is driving events. All other approaches are fatally flawed. It is not enough to comment on Media bias whilst failing to grasp that we are witnessing a new class exercising its power to reshape society in its own image. Stay tuned!

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