Media Firing Last Shots in Election Campaign

As I occasionally remind readers, we are constantly, hour by hour, deceived by the Media Class, simply because it has the power to dictate the news and information agenda. None of us is immune from Media Class deception! The first step in achieving some resistance to the deception process is to understand that it is unrelenting and ubiquitous. The second step is to question everything we see, hear and read, and examine the sources. The minute our guard drops, we are manipulated.

I was suckered again this week. It happened with the breaking news that the Rev. Ted Haggard, head of a large Christian Church in Colorado, had resigned his positions over allegations that he had been meeting with Mike Jones, a male homosexual prostitute, for sex and drugs. What made him especially newsworthy was that he is the US President of the National Association of Evangelicals and has been in the forefront of the resistance to same-sex marriage. It seemed like a genuine news story. Now we all know where the Media Class stands on same-sex marriage. It is not an issue on which the Media Class is lukewarm. Same-sex marriage is high on the agenda, perhaps at the top. It is intimately important to many powerful people in the Media Class and not because they are religious. It is because anything that serves to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality will be a move towards the normalization of sodomy. At the same time victory on this issue (i.e. legitimacy) will help to destroy traditional religious teaching.

The Rev. Haggard’s ‘outing’ seemed legitimately newsworthy because he was not just any old Evangelical, but a leader and campaigner against the concept of homosexual marriage. He has now been revealed to possess feet of clay and to be a hypocrite. It is surely in the public interest that his double life be revealed and it is pertinent (though only just) to the debate on same-sex ‘marriage’. I say “only just” because the arguments against same-sex ‘marriage’ do not really hinge on the behavior of a weak and pathetic individual, but on the differing natures of men and women, the accumulated wisdom of mankind and other profound considerations.

With regard to Haggard’s behavior, Christians, who see the world in terms of a struggle between choosing to live the ‘good’ life and succumbing to the temptations of ‘evil’, would assert that he has been tempted by, and chosen, the latter. Other students of human nature might note the powerful and destructive force of sexual desire and the close connection between satisfying desire and doing what is forbidden.

Haggard, it appears, has been leading a dangerous double life for at least three years and his relationship with this male prostitute is at least two years old. Haggard, a married man with children, denies having had sex with the man but admits being massaged by him and buying drugs from him. Since most politicians and public figures at first deny accusations of wrongdoing and then ultimately admit, it is likely that Haggard’s accuser is telling the truth about the relationship. Why else would the man admit to being a male homosexual prostitute? After all, almost all normal, ordinary people would regard being a male prostitute as degrading. In an era of AIDS, both accused and accuser are obviously attracted by danger. I cannot help feeling sorry for both of them, though Haggard’s wife and children are the innocent victims of his fall from grace.

So was the Media just doing its job? Here I come back to my opening lines, for Haggard’s nemesis claims that he revealed the truth about his longtime ‘client’ because he was affronted by Haggard’s hypocrisy. Are we to understand that his feelings only crystallized in the last week?

I think that the ‘news’ about Haggard has been saved by the Media for the final days of the election campaign and that it will run and run until the voting is over. This story is meant to further undermine the Religious Right in the hope of depressing Republican voter turnout. It may well succeed, for I think the Media Class has run a very effective political campaign. It also distracts voters from pondering why they hear and see nothing of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Read, Ted Kennedy and their policies. We need to think about the mechanics of how this story got to be headlines five days before the election. My guess is that the accuser has been around for some time with his revelations and that the Media Class has kept him on ice so as to throw him into the last days of the campaign. It is even possible that some conservatives, thought to be vulnerable, are targeted for temptation over long periods of time. If the UK’s BBC can employ and embed a spy into the ranks of the BNP for many months in the search for incriminating material, then it is not inconceivable that the US Media or its Democrat agents can spend money and time compromising opponents. I am sure it is not difficult to recruit a male prostitute for such an assignment.

There is more to the Haggard story than meets the eye but don’t expect the Media Class to let that get in the way of its election campaign.

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