Media Feels Wrath of Conservatives

Reporters and other Media employees have recently come in for some verbal hostility at McCain/Palin campaign meetings. Not from John McCain unfortunately but from the Republican supporters.   It has taken a long time but at last many ordinary conservatives have realized that the Media Class is the enemy and are treating the Media representatives to some well-chosen words. On this website we do not believe a single word that emanates from Media people unless there is corroborating evidence, so when we read Media reports about ‘ugly’ crowd scenes we waited for corroboration on websites like Free Republic. Republicans who were present at the rallies where the ‘ugly’ events took place have confirmed that many people shouted their displeasure about Media bias at reporters and cameramen. Good for them and about time too! On this website we hope that millions voice and act on their anger and contempt for the lying Leftist frauds who are working overtime to pump out propaganda. At the rallies, these demonstrations of anger are evidence of people finding a voice, at least amongst each other, and this is an education process for conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

Unfortunately, as we often point out here, the Media people can spin just about every incident and turn it to short-term advantage, for they have the means to frame, distort, and invent every piece of news that reaches mainstream America and beyond. Visitors who are skeptical of this website’s assertion that there is now a Media Class and it is operating very consciously, should ask themselves how it is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) reporting on this public anger has been uniformly dishonest. For the truth is that honest ordinary people have only been shouting out that the Media is promoting Obama and the Democrats. Sarah Palin has been proclaiming the same truth in her recent speeches. There cannot be a Media person in the USA who isn’t aware that this is the truth and who takes great pleasure from taking part in the dishonest process. If people in those crowds think that by shouting out some truthful accusations the Media people will feel shame, they are sadly wrong for these Media people have no more shame than the Communist traitors who decades ago betrayed US secrets to the Soviet Union. The new Media Class and all who serve it believe that they are the future and that ends justify means. They hate conservatives, Christians and Nationalists and are aware that they are engaged in a war. That war may be about culture, but then so was the Cold War and many revolutionaries were prepared to both kill and be killed for their revolutionary cause. The culture war that has resulted from the rise to power of a new ruling Class is just as deadly as the war that we fought against Communism. In many ways it is a continuation of revolutionary Left versus traditional values except that the Left has now aligned with the Media Class on sexual behavior, abortion and all those things that make the amoral feel comfortable and will help to destroy the old values. There is no seam between the new Communist Left and the Media Class for there is no seam between the same-sex marriage/abortion/anti Christian Media Class agenda and the Leftist agenda on environmentalism, mass immigration from the Third World, World Government by an elite, the abolition of free speech and all those policies that will crush dissent and impose a social and economic totalitarianism.

The Media people who hate those on the Right are also contemptuous of the un-political masses who are swayed by Media reporting.

Thus the verbal anger that was expressed at the rallies has been greeted throughout the MSM with hypocritical outrage and fear-mongering. Not missing a trick, the MSM propagandists have not only packaged the verbal anger as ‘ugly’, intimidating and dangerous but have attributed it to Sarah Palin, claiming that her opportunist populism on the platform is stoking an uncontrollable conflagration. Predictably, the feeble and timid John McCain, always more concerned about angering his deadly Media opponents than angering his allies, has been quick to condemn his own frustrated supporters. McCain’s ‘moderation’ will not assuage the manufactured outrage of the Media people, nor will it win him support anywhere, but it will demoralize many on the Right. That is good enough for the Media Class and will provide satisfaction in editorial rooms.

Surely this election is lost and the Media Class is about to have its very own creature in the White House and a captive Democrat Party with over-riding majorities in both Houses of Congress. The Media Class at this time does not have to win a single vote from the Right for it is enough to mislead that 10% who pay little attention to politics and only read, see and hear headlines. Sarah Palin has been utterly shredded by a continuous Media campaign of trivia, false accusations and intense scrutiny and McCain has revealed that his misplaced belief in ‘reaching across the aisle’, flaunting his inflexible principles and touting his honorable war record, have drawn nothing but Media scorn.

The housing scandal and the financial havoc it has wreaked should have destroyed the political careers of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Obama himself, but has been successfully portrayed by the Media Class as a failure not only of free enterprise but the fault of Palin and McCain.

The roots of the economic collapse that may yet engulf the world in a lengthy depression are simply explained. Political (Leftist) interference in the housing market that led to mortgages being used as welfare triggered a ‘cascade’ upwards. As poor and feckless people acquired homes for nothing so others were able to go up-market with the proceeds. The law of unintended consequences soon had opportunists flipping to take advantage of the inflationary price rises and financial salesmen encouraging investors to leverage their homes. Builders and developers threw themselves into providing more and more housing. Like all inflationary bubbles it could only end in collapse. Now our financial elites, who failed to prepare for this day of reckoning, are about to embark on a solution that can only succeed by creating hidden taxes through inflation. Since even Obama and his Party will not be able to tax incomes enough to fund the so-called bail-out, the Governments around the world will print money and devalue all you possess and earn – if you are lucky enough to be in a job. Still, George Soros, Warren Buffet, the Hollywood crowd and the celebrities will find economic safe havens and proceed with the social revolution that is so dear to their hearts.

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