Media Delivers Obama Victory

On this website we believe in truth and facts no matter how unpalatable so let us not mince words and acknowledge that the Congressional Conservatives lost and Obama was the victor.   This is not to say that we agree with the Kimberley Strassels or the Karl Roves of the WSJ and the Republican Establishment, who argue that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee picked the wrong time and the wrong strategy on which to oppose Obama. The recriminator’s so-called strategy is based on Opinion Polls and for them it will never be the right time to play other than defense or surrender. Seizing on the glitches of Obamacare, they now assert that this complicated, ill-prepared legislation will bring victory at the polls in 2014 – or at least would have done so if only the Tea Party firebrands had listened to wiser voices. They do not explain why the Mainstream Media (MSM) that has just cocooned Obama from criticism will lose its touch in 2014. 

    As it happens, their condescending criticisms of Cruz, Lee and the Tea Party ‘radicals’ capitalize on the MSM search for Republican disunity and amount to nothing less toxic than the flagrant betrayals of McCain, King and Corker. All is music to the ears of the MSM and its Revolutionary comrades. Damning Cruz with mild praise but attributing his failure to inexperience, rashness and wrong thinking is to damn him just the same and demoralize all those who seek genuine resistance to the Ruling Class. I will wager that almost all of those Republican commentators who are now working for the political isolation of Cruz and Lee, also wish to see the Republican Party embrace same-sex marriage, a homosexualized military, a retreat from the abortion issue and they will never acknowledge in their writings that the MSM (from whom they earn their living) is calling the political shots. 

    Radical and Right’s criticism of the tactics of Cruz and Lee is based solely on their failure to understand that the USA is in a Revolutionary era and experiencing a barely-concealed civil war; that Congressional opposition within the Constitution is doomed because the new Ruling Class has moved beyond all Constitutional limitations and that those who engage in the counter-revolutionary struggle have lost any voice in the Media that ‘informs’ the distracted masses. 

    Nevertheless, Cruz and his fellow patriots may have lost the battle in Congress and undoubtedly have handed the MSM an opportunity to further attack Conservative credibility with the distracted masses, yet by raising the flag of resistance they have not necessarily lost the war. The correct tactic now for the Tea Party legislators is to remain boldly unrepentant, be even more militant on every conservative issue and take their cause to the Conservative heartlands, thus deserting Washington and bypassing the MSM. By raising the flag of resistance, albeit losing the battle, they have flushed out all the Republican faint-hearts, potential traitors and Fifth Columnists. In the short term this ragbag of collaborators and would-be collaborators will enjoy the indulgent Media attention they crave but surely they have forfeited forever the support of the Conservative rank-and-file and can be punished in future primaries. Now is the time to purge the Republican Party of defeatists. 

    At the last election Radical and Right were opposed to those purists who denounced Romney for we believed that Romney was an honest man, a patriot and, for better rather than worse, a luke-warm Conservative. His election would have saved America from a further swift descent into the moral and lawless swamp of Hollywood’s brand of Revolutionary Socialism. Obama’s re-election and control of the Senate has enabled the new Ruling Class to wrest more ground from America’s moral people and consequently a new strategic assessment must be made. Those in the Republican Party who reject a principled fight and prefer to come to an accommodation with the forces of ‘unstoppable progress’ (and thus find a comfortable niche in public life) have been greatly emboldened and they will be joined by Conservative defectors. That is the reality! For those committed to principles there is no longer anything to be gained by a ‘broad tent’ with those who have no wish to fight on. From now on those quasi-Republicans will prefer to attack former comrades and seek Media Class approval, fame and fortune. The situation is now too desperate to contemplate any more compromises with those who fear confrontation with the new Ruling Class. The only hope for successful resistance is unity between moral Conservatives, militant Christians and Nationalists. Unfortunately past experience does not excite hope that these counter-revolutionary groups can set aside differences. We need a uniting and bold leader to emerge who will take the fight to the Media Class. 

    Too many Moral Conservatives remain captivated by Congressional politics. Too many Christians have lost the warrior ethos that gave birth to “Fight the Good Fight” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” and seem drawn to passive martyrdom and other-worldliness. Too many Nationalists are attracted by an out-of-date racial purity and economic Fascism. The starting point for a truly successful resistance to the moral, economic and National catastrophe that looms is recognition of the enemy and his agenda and the emergence of a uniting leader with an impeccable past, an appetite for battle and the ability to speak to the common American people. Where is he/she? 

    Regular website visitors will know that we place much value on what our lying eyes see and the anecdotal evidence that arises from them. Since the whole Media is rotten with propaganda, where else is truth likely to be found? Of course, truth can be uncomfortable and unpalatable, but I offer some anecdotal evidence here and invite visitors to make of it what they will. 

    I have several happily married friends (White and Oriental) in their late 20’s and 30’s and all are intelligent, relatively educated and in gainful employment. Some of the women have given birth to one child and some to two and when I ask the question “Are you going to have another child?” they respond with a “No way! I’m done!” They treat my question as more than a little preposterous. Since they do not subsequently add to their little family, it is obvious their answer was a declaration of intent. Often, the same parents add a dog or two to the family, allegedly as company for the child or children. 

    Recently, my wife, son and I were at the commencement of a hike along the America River in California. A White couple got out of an SUV with a large active puppy. They were both around 30 years old, tall, healthy and prosperous-looking. They spent some 5 minutes training the dog to be obedient to commands to sit and made much fuss of its occasional compliance. Then, unleashing it (despite a notice forbidding dogs off the leash) they set off running. Within a hundred yards the dog crapped on the trail in front of us and was rewarded with pats of approval from the couple. The picture of family bliss I have described is quite common here in California and I will venture to assert that the couple does not intend to have any children – or at most and maybe one. The dog is their preferred substitute to complete the family. The next day, back home, a car passed me with a bumper sticker that read “A dog is human too”. I often see bumper stickers that read “My dog is more intelligent than your child”. 

    I have a next-door neighbor who has had a dog for about a year. During the day, the dog, which has the freedom of their large back-yard, runs around and around the pool looking at its reflection in the water. It does this for much of every day. It has not yet worked out that it is a reflection. Behind me, a neighbor leaves his dog in the yard every weekday and the dog stands at the door and barks continuously all day until they return home from work and let it into the house. I give you these two doggy anecdotes merely to point out that dogs have very small brains and do not make much progress during a lifetime, unlike a child. 

    Many Conservative Talk Show hosts boast about their dogs – Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh and Bryan Sussman to name a few. I hear friends talking endlessly about their dogs and about the vet bills they happily pay – sometimes huge amounts – yet moan about premiums for their own health care. 

    Where is all this leading other than to reveal that I am immune to the attractions of pets? Well, in the grocery store in front of me this morning a young Mexican girl in her very early 20’s was checking out with 3 toddlers and a bun in her oven. She seemed very happy and contented and was coping well with her handful. She had used food stamps so I assume was poor. 

    If I venture to nearby Fremont’s streets I can guarantee seeing many Muslim young women with several babies and the protruding oven bun. This latter scene is even more common in every British big city as is the dearth of White children and very few White married couples. 

    I will let you draw whatever conclusions you wish. For me, it suggests – even if today’s ‘music’ and entertainment did not – that our Western people and their culture have the wrong values and will soon be replaced.

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