Media Class Wins US Elections

The US election results are in and the Media Class has won a significant victory. It is not an overwhelming triumph, but all that it aimed for at this time – control of the House and Senate. The Republican candidates that the Media outlets targeted so many months ago and then continually attacked with bad news day in and day out, have been rejected by a majority of the voters. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the other Democrats who kept such a low profile and avoided making few commitments to any policies, will now gain legislative powers and the ability to frustrate the President in his last two years. With the exception of the windbag John Kerry, the Democrats understood that if they left things to the Media Class, they could attain office by default.

With the result now satisfactory to the ruling class, we can expect a number of new things, some of which may surprise observers and Leftists. Good economic news will probably be greeted with more media fervor and fewer caveats. The Democrats in the House and Senate may, with Media acquiescence, put more support behind the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the Media has never discovered a Democrat-led military action it disapproved of. In my view, the Media Class has never cared much about the war, but has sabotaged it because it was declared by President George Bush and supported by Republicans. Bush will not be able to appoint judges who are committed to the Constitution, but he may well appoint some who are liberal sheep in conservative wolves clothing, just as his father did. The Democrat Party leadership may disappoint the San Francisco/Cindy Sheehan crowd. Expect to see the emergence of a Senator Clinton who will talk tough on fighting terrorism and on Iraq for she is already the Democrat nominee for 2008. The Media will not pay attention to the Leftist peaceniks in the Democrat rank and file and Cindy Sheehan is probably past her sell-by date. I think that for the next two years the Media Class and their puppets in the Democrat leadership will devote their time to getting Hilary elected President. After that, the Leftist social agenda will be brazenly pursued by every means and the Hollywood people will get everything they want.

George Bush, and the Republicans who had power in Congress, have contributed fairly equally to this defeat for conservatism. Both he and they have grown government administration and public spending substantially and undermined the morale of conservative voters. Too many of the Republicans became pigs at the trough and it was not enough to whine at election time that the Democrats would have been worse. I have no doubt that for every Republican financial or moral scandal that was uncovered, there were as many or more Democrat scandals that the Media Class chose to ignore, but if the Republicans do not understand that the Media is their real enemy, they do not deserve to win. If they had read this website they would have realized that the Media was always going to attack, attack, attack. It has suited the Media Class that the Republicans waste their time campaigning against Democrat politicians, thus allowing the Media to appear to be arbiters. “First, know thine enemy!”

Of course, it is hard for any observer to know to what extent the President and his Party made their case and made it effectively, when virtually all reporting to the public is under enemy control. I have often heard extracts from President Bush’s speeches on the Rush Limbaugh program and they have been both impressive in their logic and passionate, but did they ever reach the average voter? I doubt it! In any case, a Party or movement that is fighting a ruling class that has power over communication cannot afford to have even one prominent representative embroiled in scandal. The Republicans and the Christian conservatives had several.

Still, George Bush is largely responsible for the outcome of this election because of his failure in Iraq. This is a sort of tragedy since, contrary to the Media’s portrayal of him, he is a good and steadfast man whose heart has been in the right place in the war to keep America safe. Wars fought by democracies however, where there is always a fifth column at home (and in this case one orchestrated and amplified by the ruling class) have to be fought on two battlefields, home and away. His administration has not been fighting either effectively enough and the continual death toll of patriotic young men in Iraq surely called for more energy on both fronts. Bush should have stormed the country throughout his time in office, talking directly to the people, and when not doing that, should have been in Iraq and Afghanistan taking risks with his personal safety. He should also have found and promoted ruthless military leaders and given them permission to crush the Sunni insurgency by whatever means. We have already written on this website about the failure of policies that attempt to placate implacable enemies whilst alienating potential allies. Karl Rove has been credited with being a Machiavelli behind the President. Either he is not that good or the President is a man who does not listen. Bush could still do the right thing in Iraq, but it will be more difficult now that he has lost so much credibility.

Bush has never been an ideological conservative. Neither is he ruthless and often he has been weak and too accommodating with political opponents, including those in his own Party.

Fortunately the Right in America has many gifted intellectuals, a robust and informed army of activists, a protecting Constitution, a Talk Radio network and Rush Limbaugh. Although this is not enough to overcome all the influence with voters of a Leftist Media Class and its wealthy supporters, it is enough to put up a strong rearguard action. The UK would be lucky to have such assets. Consequently, Britain’s free speech and real political freedoms have almost expired. Tomorrow’s verdicts at the Leeds Show Trial may well spell the end. If the BNP Two are found guilty and jailed, expect many more prosecutions of Nationalists and another big step on the road to a police state.

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