Media Class Sees BNP as Real Enemy

On this website, we dissect news and information that reaches the public through the media filter because we believe that it has been contaminated. What people get when they read a newspaper or magazine, watch TV, listen to the radio, go to the movies or read the news clips on the internet, is Media Class Leftist propaganda. To avoid being the unconscious victims of it, it is necessary to delve into relatively obscure conservative and nationalist websites, read books by people like Ann Coulter, or have an alarm in one’s brain that questions every headline, sentence and picture.

Often, real news is simply not reported in the mainstream media. This past week, the British National Party did extremely well in a local election in Redbridge, England. The Party came second behind Cameron’s “new” Tory Party, attracting over 850 votes. Another 150 votes would have allowed the BNP to capture the seat and the BNP vote was more than the Labour, LibDem and Green Party votes combined. What makes the result so newsworthy is that the BNP fought this seat for the first time ever, and had to contend with the illegal intervention of well-financed “anti-nazi” groups. At another time in the future, a similar result might well get huge media attention, if the Media Class has decided to mount an assault on the Party, but this time the strategy is to bury this piece of news. The Media Class knows that this election result is highly significant and will be greatly alarmed. Its pawns in the “mainstream” Parties will also be greatly alarmed, since one third of the voters in Redbridge voted for a party that has been labeled as extreme and beyond the pale.

It has always seemed to me that the frequent past electoral successes of the Liberal Democrat Party had less to do with their policies (most LibDem voters would be hard put to describe any of its policies) and more to do with people simply voting against the other two. It has been a vehicle for the protest vote, having camouflaged itself as moderate, rational and not beholden to special interests. The Media Class has always given it sympathetic treatment, since its policies are all in tune with the Media Class agenda, but the party has never had roots amongst the masses in the way that the Labour and Conservative Parties have had. Now those roots are dying and the BNP is ripping up the old playbook of electoral politics. The people who voted for the BNP in Redbridge will have been very aware of its most important policies. How could they not be, since they were swamped with anti-BNP propaganda throughout the election campaign?

This little local election has told us much about the English electorate and suggests that the BNP may well score heavily in middle class England. Previously it has concentrated on working class northern and Midland towns like Burnley, Bradford, Birmingham and Sunderland (Labour’s heartland) and had some successes, but Redbridge is clear evidence that the Conservative heartland is highly vulnerable too. At some point, the Media Class will turn up the heat on the BNP again, giving it headlines, but it will wait for a scandal or will manufacture one. In the meantime, it will make sure that the British public remains unaware of the Redbridge result.

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