Media Class Retribution – A Warning to Nicholas Wade

Just about every stated or written conservative or neutral commentary on contemporary politics, sociology, economics and morals is seriously flawed by a failure to grasp the vindictive revolutionary nature driving all today’s events and the power and agenda of our new Ruling Class.   With that caveat in mind I will begin with two cheers for the WSJ’s Review section of May 3rd/4th. The first cheer goes to the Books section and a page 3 review of “A Troublesome Inheritance” by Nicholas Wade. Mr. Wade, author of the book, is either an extremely principled researcher or a man seeking an end to his career and worse. The reviewer, Charles Murray is equally deserving of praise from genuine intellectuals, and equally likely to suffer greatly for his part in bringing this new book to light. The headline of the article is “The Diversity of Life” and the subtitle is “A scientific revolution is under way – upending one of our reigning orthodoxies”. 

    The word ‘diversity’ in our revolutionary Orwellian world almost always signals an intention by its user to suppress any genuine diversity of expression and to impose a malignant Stalinist orthodoxy. In this WSJ headline, the word is actually being used accurately. Mr. Wade, astonishingly a science writer for the NYT (soon to be an ex-writer?), challenges today’s Leftist orthodoxy, which is that all races are the same apart from skin color, and that any apparent differences in ability, achievement and behavior are merely a ‘social construct’. The other tenet of the Leftist assertion of universal racial equality is that by the time that early man dispersed from Africa, all evolutionary processes had been completed. These two unscientific assertions are essential to the Left’s strategy to create open borders, a multi-racial Western World, the obliteration of ‘Whiteness’, and all policies of redistribution of wealth, quotas and control of speech and thought. 

    In so far as I can summarize Mr. Wade’s book, he has assembled ample proof that evolution continued long after man spread around the globe, and that many factors including hugely different climates, geology and geography have caused significant gene selection. He writes that, “a 2009 appraisal of the available genome-wide scans estimated that 14% of the genome has been under the pressure of natural selection during the past 30,000 years, long after man left Africa. The genes under selection include a wide variety of biological traits affecting everything from bone structure and diet to aspects of the brain and nervous system involving cognition and sensory perception”. In other words the world’s races are very different each from the other. 

    Mr. Wade and his reviewer are anxious to point out that many more factors, yet unknown, have contributed to racial characteristics and that we cannot at this point draw final conclusions about the resulting racial and ethnic differences. These caveats will not save Mr. Wade and Mr. Murray from Ruling Class and Leftist fanatic condemnation as intolerable, vile racists. To further place himself beyond the pale Mr. Wade also claims that there is ample scientific evidence that races and ethnic groups have stayed surprisingly separate over time. 

    The reviewer, Mr. Murray writes that although Mr. Wade’s book and research will initially be attacked by academia and Leftist politicians (and we say most of all by the Mainstream Media), time is running out for the deniers of science and it inevitably will soon be accepted that open and respectable research into racial differences can be permitted. 

    Let us be upfront! It is the view of this website’s writers, who greatly value observation and common sense (over Media Class/Leftist propaganda), that substantial racial differences exist. Just as it is glaringly obvious that male-female relationships are normal, and same-sex relationships are abnormal and undesirable, so it is surely obvious that the main racial groups of this world are substantially different and that even sub-racial ethnic groups are blessed (or cursed) with significant differences each from the other. Anyone here in the multi-racial Bay Area of California who is willing to risk recognizing reality (and prudent enough to not voice it) must observe that Orientals in general are not only slim and physically industrious all through life but also focused and very intelligent. Indians from the sub-Continent are generally much less physically industrious and often overweight but very intelligent and outstanding at mathematics. Latinos are physically sturdy, capable of very hard physical work, highly practical, adaptable and hard-working. I will not comment on my own race except to say that we have no reason to feel generally intellectually inferior or to be burdened with a sense of inferiority. It is sadly obvious that some other races are generally less intellectually equipped to compete and thrive in a commercially competitive society. 

    Now it is necessary to comment that the differences in all races may be small when compared to similarities; that there is much overlap in abilities, that inter-breeding has muddied the water and that there are other traits that are valuable and laudable besides intellect. Wisdom, for example, rarely marches in lockstep with cleverness. Nor do generosity, humor and spirituality. But scientific, economic and medical progress (and plentiful food) are dependent on intelligence, inquisitiveness, resourcefulness and hard work. 

    On this website we do not argue for racial purity and we do not believe that the White race is superior to all others. We welcome inter-marriage when it is an individual choice. It is entirely possible that the offspring of some inter-racial marriages have intellectual and physical advantages. We believe all this not because we want to placate the Media Class and its Leftist allies (we know it won’t!) but because it is what we observe in daily life. 

    But the racial differences that Mr. Wade and Mr. Murray are acknowledging go quite a long way to explaining the educational, economic, cultural and conflicting divide now appearing in multi-racial societies. They may explain why some multi-racial societies, including our own, are proving to be unworkable except by totalitarian means. They most certainly reveal that today’s forced and uncontrolled mass immigration into the Western World is a reckless experiment and in no-one’s interests except those who seek oppressive powers or are driven by hate and anger. 

    Those who open the borders of Western Nations, seek the destruction of Nation States, plot to obliterate Western culture and Christianity, hate ‘Whiteness’ and work to transfer all power to a corrupt United Nations are rarely driven by simple idealism and Utopianism. Most, we believe from our observation of the Media Class and its Leftist allies, are driven by unacknowledged self-hate, perverted sexual appetites and/or a lust for power and privilege. 

    This book is a must-read for those who care about the future and wish to know the truth and it should be widely read in all schools and colleges. We predict however that it will be absolutely denied to students and that the Mainstream Media (MSM) will stifle its existence. Wade and Murray, for all their intelligence, are quite ignorant of the forces at work in the Western World and cannot recognize a revolutionary Ruling Class for what it is, even when it is engaged in their oppression. This book is a fundamental challenge to the Ruling Class/Leftist agenda and the more credible the book, the more dangerous it is. It is amazing that this review slipped past the Leftist censors of the WSJ but no other MSM outlet will be caught napping. 

    As we saw with the well-researched Stanford Evans book that restored the truth about the career of Senator Joe McCarthy, the MSM has the power and prescience to totally ignore a work that undermines Leftist orthodoxy. That book was like a tree falling in the forest. The MSM will surely ignore this book and if that is not sufficient it will simply condemn it as racist and smear its author and destroy his reputation. Meanwhile, in the places of ‘learning’, the Red mobs and their professors will stage book-burning rituals and demand that Wade and his associates be denied a voice anywhere. Wade and Murray may soon find themselves investigated by the IRS and the DOJ. If Murray believes that the truths of this book will conquer academia, he is incredibly naïve. Our revolutionary society, now governed by Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reed, dominated by a Leftist Judiciary and propelled and protected by a Media Class of perverts and Libertines, cannot permit any challenges to the new orthodoxies. 

    The WSJ’s Leftists must have been asleep on the job (or like Obama mysteriously elsewhere when that 3am call came) on May 3rd because in the same Review, the front page featured an attack on dietary orthodoxies. The writer, Nina Teicholz, may not realize it but she strayed into the counter-revolutionary camp when she penned the article. Under the title “The Dubious Science in Crusade on Fat” she wrote, “Americans have been told for decades to avoid red meat, butter, cheese and other fatty foods because they cause heart disease. But do they really?” Further down the page she writes “Personal ambition, bad science, politics and bias derailed nutrition policy over the past half-century”. Her book on the subject is due shortly. 

    Now we know that Miss Teicholz is not attacking the revolution but her above quoted sentence about ambition, bad science etc is surely too near a description of the Ruling Class global warming campaign for comfort and surely the Left will perceive that any challenge to the new orthodoxies carries the seed of counter-revolution. How many other current public policies are driven by personal ambition, bad science, (Leftist) politics and bias? 

    Since we began writing this article we have seen Daniel Henninger’s ‘Wonderland’ column in the WSJ of May 8th in which he writes that “Azusa Pacific University ‘postponed’ an April speech by political scientist Charles Murray to avoid ‘hurting our faculty and students of color’ “. It is apparently the duty of professors, and approved by the Obama regime, to avoid ‘traumatizing’ (another nu-speak word) students by exposure to challenging ideas based on evidence. 

    In a previous article we wrote about the Media Class deep-seated hatred of Ulster’s Protestants and its long-time support for Gerry Adams and his IRA terrorist comrades. This last week, the Northern Ireland Assembly (a regional parliament within the UK) once again voted to reject same sex marriage. It is the last regional assembly to hold out against this perverted take-over of real marriage. The Protestant Parties (with only a handful of defections) voted for real marriage and Gerry Adams’ Sinn Fein Party along with the other Leftists, voted for sodomy. So much for Adams’ and Sinn Fein’s Catholic Faith! Here we see just why the Media Class hates the Protestants of Ulster and embraces terrorist organizations – providing they are on board with the Media Class sexual agenda. The reporters of this democratic setback for the perverts, gleefully predicted that the richly-funded Amnesty International will appeal this to the European Court of Human Rights where anti-Christian bureaucrats will set aside the democratic process and impose the next step in the homosexual agenda. 

    One other small piece of good news (Ulster’s vote was one) was that the US Supreme Court upheld the right of legislative gatherings to say a prayer before proceedings. It was a narrow 5/4 vote, for 4 members of the Supreme Court are avowed Leftists. One reason that the Media Class works so hard to protect Obama and his Democrat comrades is so that he will be in the White House to nominate a Supreme Court judge to the next vacancy and thus ensure that the SCUS is a rubber stamp for all revolutionary edicts. 

    Today the Stock Market resumed its upward drift. We do not claim economic and financial expertise but any fool can see that the Stock Market’s moves upwards are dominated by Yellen’s reassurances that interest rates will remain near zero. Near zero interest punishes middle-class savers, as does the gentle, but constant inflation. A look at the value of the UK’s pound will confirm that the dollar’s value has sunk – even against the near-worthless pound. Common sense tells us that artificially-created near-zero interest rates combined with reckless money printing should lead to raging inflation. The only thing that can be holding down such inflation is lack of demand. The cause of that is the high unemployment that is concealed by Government manipulation of the statistics. It is our view that this Government and its masters are well aware that massive financial and economic problems are being kicked down the road but by postponing them for even less than two short years, the necessary time is bought during which the USA can be revolutionized beyond repair. We believe that the aim of the Media Class and its Leftist allies is, within that time, to disarm the people, complete the brainwashing of the young, consign the traditional Christian Churches to the margins of society, import many more Third Worlders, purge the SCUS and the Federal Judiciary of Constitutionalists, end free speech on the Internet, Radio and public square and deprive traditionalists of employment. 

    Every patriot should vote in November, even if it requires holding both nostrils in a viselike grip! 

    Weather – Despite what you see and hear in the MSM, the temperatures here in middle California have been below average for most of April and early May. That is predicted to change next week, at least for a few days. In the UK, the Spring Bank Holiday weekend was the usual mix of rain and sun and Starcross in England remains stubbornly above sea level. To summarize, the weather is much as normal! 

    Music Choice – Recently I attended a party given by some Argentine friends and was able to renew my acquaintance with the tango. Born in Argentina and Uruguay but with its roots in Spain and Arabia, the tango is not only a fascinating, complex and sensual dance but a setting for grand tunes, lyrics and orchestral arrangements. The dance is in stark contrast to the juvenile and moronic jungle hopping of today. For a start it requires dignity. The music is also in stark contrast to the contemporary drivel and noise that passes as music for a culturally dumbed-down population. 

    ‘Strange Sensation’, a tune written in tango rhythm was composed by Twomey, Wise and Weisman and is said to be based on ‘La Cumparsita’ a Uruguayan tango. In 1952 it was recorded by June Valli and became an American best-seller though I don’t recall her version being popular in the UK. It was a popular tune for orchestras however, in those days when orchestral pieces appealed to a British public not yet corrupted by the rise of the Media Class. 

    Take a listen to June Valli’s recording of ‘Strange Sensation’ and not only enjoy it but compare it to the scum-bags and the tripe with which they now eat into the brains of our people! June Valli had a powerful voice and knew how to bring out the grandeur of this song. It also has a great orchestra and arrangement. Valli died of cancer in New Jersey in 1993 at the age of 62. She deserves to be heard again.

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