Media Class Rattled By BNP Vote

Previous articles on this website will show that Mr. Radical and Mr. Right were greatly disappointed with the UK local election results earlier this month. We had hoped that the BNP would make significant gains in local council seats, for it is the one alternative to the political parties sponsored or tolerated by the Media Class. It is the only party that, if elected, could be relied on not to push at least most of the Media Class agenda.

The Media Class tactic of largely imposing a blackout on reporting of BNP policy and election activity in the run-up to the elections, surely was effective, for the BNP ground to a halt, at least as far as winning seats was concerned. It would seem however, from subsequent media activity, that the Media Class has been rattled by the BNP vote and its few successes in surprising places. The Media attacks on the BNP have recently been concentrated in local ‘newspapers’ and fine-tuned to specific places where the BNP has got its foot in the door with the electorate.

The Party put up a couple of candidates in the Hertfordshire area. Perhaps I should re-phrase that to say that a couple of BNP activists put themselves forward in two wards, for I doubt the Party is strong enough or well-funded enough to make central decisions about such things. As I understand it, a couple of ordinary working-class people were brave enough to stand in their local wards and reveal to the local coalition of Nazi Socialists, Trade Union bully boys, public service employers and Chief Constable, their identities and home addresses. Considering their very limited resources and lack of experience and political infrastructure, both did surprisingly well, for they were not humiliated by the results. I think they have unintentionally revealed that there is more latent support waiting to be tapped in the whiter suburbs and rural areas than in many old industrial conurbations. I think the Media Class has realized this too and is panicking.

How else to explain the kinds of article that recently appeared on the website of the “The Comet” (May 10th), and in other relatively obscure local newspapers such as the Chippenham News, the Bath Chronicle and the Surrey Mirror.

“The Comet” article will suffice for my purpose, for visitors can access the whole thing for themselves. Under the headline “Concerns Over Way BNP Is Gaining Respectability” is an editorial that begins “I think if I were to sit down and make it up myself, it would not be possible to create a political party more at odds with everything I believe than the BNP”. Despite the ambiguous grammar of this sentence, we have to assume that this piece was approved by none other than the editor! After this poorly written intro we are soon into the Media Class agenda with, “Its policies and views on everything from immigration to Gay Rights…”.

As we often point out on this website, unlimited Third World immigration (the flip side of the promotion of racial diversity) and the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle are two leading litmus test items of the Media Class agenda, and here we are with both at the forefront of this article. In the process of attacking the BNP on immigration the writer makes the following breathtaking statement about recent immigrants and their offspring “These are BRITISH [author’s capitals] people, either by birth or due legal process. They are as British as I am.”

I suppose it is just possible that the writer is an immigrant, for this would at least explain such an otherwise outrageous statement. If not, then the writer is either a mindless idiot or she thinks her readers are. I first came across this kind of nonsense many years ago, when the daughter of a relative (fresh back from college) rebuked her father when he implied that immigrants were not really English, despite having British citizenship. She came out with this rebuke with such confidence, edginess and moral superiority that we were all silenced. Much later, when I thought about it and applied common sense, I realized that it was arrant nonsense.

I will not bother to go into the reasons why people from India, Africa, Jamaica or even the Irish Republic are not as ‘British’ or ‘English’ as native people, any more than I need to explain why, if I stepped off a plane in Durban and got South African citizenship I would be as African as any native-born African.

One has to wonder what the writer’s conception of ‘Britishness’ is. Not much, obviously! Although I do not support all the BNP views on race and blood, I think the Party’s concept of ‘Britishness’ has not been plucked down from cloud-cuckoo land.

The Comet’s editorialist also writes, “and don’t let me get started on the homophobia”.

What we have here is the tactic employed by my relative’s confident, college-indoctrinated daughter. It is a manufactured and intimidating assertiveness and outrage that glides past commonsense and avoids the necessity of reasoned argument and entering into debate. This is what the Media Class and its Leftist allies are attempting to do to the BNP in the localities where the Party has dared to raise its banner. It is condemning the Party and spewing outrage in order to hide its unwillingness to mention (let alone argue with) the Party’s policies. What frightens these Media Class spokesmen, is that the BNP policies might appeal to many of those people who really are ‘British’.

Link: The Comet – Concerns over way BNP is gaining respectability

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