Media Class Pulls Out All Stops

On this website we have long argued that America’s Ruling Media Class has its own agenda and has awesome powers of propaganda that have only been matched in modern world history by totalitarian regimes. We predict that through its political mouthpieces (Obama and the Democrat Party) the Media Class intends to propel the USA to ultimate totalitarianism. In four days time, the American people will have an opportunity at the ballot boxes to halt the incremental march to totalitarianism, but too many Americans will vote deprived of most of the vital information about Obama’s hidden agenda, his unconstitutional methods and his many Presidential failings.

Obama, with Media complicity, has been campaigning for a second term ever since he was elected to the White House. The Mainstream Media (MSM) has concealed his constant neglect of the duties of his office. He has been funded by America’s most wealthy people, led by his masters in Hollywood and in the Entertainment world. Behind the scenes, the sinister billionaire money-manipulator George Soros and the homosexual billionaire Tim Gill have led a relentless undercover campaign by America’s wealthiest people (all protected from publicity by the MSM) to take out every committed and effective conservative and Christian legislator in the Nation. In contrast, the few rich political contributors on the Right have been constantly named and shamed by the MSM.

Mitt Romney, in contrast to Obama, has had only a few months to campaign for the Presidency. Only recently has he had the finances to match the Obama advertizing blitz and he lacks the Union paid-for troops on the ground. He has had only three opportunities to directly address the American people on MSM TV and to confront Obama face-to-face. For those three times America’s uncommitted voters were able to see and hear him direct, liberated from the grossly distorted prism of the MSM. Those three opportunities transformed the race and Romney took the lead. The Media Class and their Union allies are now scrambling to repair the damage Romney did to Obama’s campaign. On Obama’s re-election to the White House rests the completion of their revolutionary agenda – which is nothing less than the transformation of America from a Judeo/Christian-based society of moral and independent people to a New Order of thought-controlled and dependent masses governed by a sexually-liberated elite.

Romney will get no more opportunities to address the American people with his message undistorted unless he wins the election. The MSM will now go into overdrive to present Obama as a man-of-the -people and a President with an untarnished four years of Office. There will be nothing but economic good news emanating from Government-controlled statistics and these will be subjected to no MSM scrutiny. Indeed they will be trumpeted and inflated. Bad news will be buried until after November 6th. The Media Class is waging a revolutionary war and is well aware of the stakes. Most Conservatives and Christians are still failing to comprehend that they are, ipso-facto, counter-revolutionaries and fighting for their own and traditional America’s survival.

Most conservative commentators on the Alternative Media (Right-leaning radio shows, Fox News and some Internet web-sites) are stunned that the MSM is totally ignoring the scandalous story of Benghazi-Gate. The revelations of Obama’s cold-blooded sacrifice of American lives in order to protect his phony Middle East narrative would be enough to sink any past Administration’s chances of re-election. The cover-up is equally scandalous, yet the majority of voters on November 6th will be totally unaware of the whole story. This is the contemporary power of the Media Class which is brazenly campaigning in this election, confident in its ability to control news and wholly aware of the stakes at play.

We, on this website are not shocked for we have long described the composition of the Media Class, its genesis, its inevitable revolutionary agenda and its Ruling Class power. We have long proclaimed that the Democrat Party is its political tool and that Obama owes his 2008 victory and his survival in office to its control over News, reinforced by Media Class wealth. We pray for Romney’s victory but we believe that the MSM will successfully, by hook or by crook, enable Obama and his comrades to hang on to power and thus complete the Revolutionary agenda of the Media Class.

In the WSJ’s ‘Books’ section of October 27, Michael Fathers reviews two books by Chinese authors. ‘Tombstone’ by Yang Jisheng and ‘The Great Famine in China 1958-1962′ edited by Zhou Xun set out the true history of Mao Zedong’s cold-blooded pursuit of revolutionary economic policies. The price paid for Mao’s ideology was the deaths of some 40 million Chinese. Most died of starvation deliberately brought about by Communist policies and the rest were murdered by Communist Party activists in order to quell opposition, though as in all Communist revolutions, the killing was also to spread terror and to indulge the psychopathic blood-lust that lurks in Leftists. These two books confirm what some of us always knew – that Mao’s and his comrades’ crimes against their own people were just as horrific as Stalin’s. Hitler’s trail of cold-blooded death and destruction has been endlessly chronicled by Leftist Academics, yet the same writers are happy to ignore the equal or greater crimes of Communist regimes. Indeed, Mr. Father comments on the willingness of Western Academics to paint a picture of Communist utopias, even as the slaughter was at its height. Leftist Academics have managed to cast National Socialism as something greatly different from Communism and Socialism, preferring to use the term ‘Nazi’ and omitting the word ‘Socialist’, but revolutionary movements possess so much in common. Fuelled by a secular ideology, proclaiming utopian goals, donning the mantle of ‘progress’ and always revolutionary in intent, these movements are actually led, not by well-meaning fools, but by political psychopaths and gangsters.

Weather – The massive storm that hit the North East this week will be touted by Big-Government campaigners as further evidence of MMGW. In fact, the number of hurricanes this year has been historically small and Sandy’s extreme consequences owe much to its coincidental appointment with cold weather over the North East. Nevertheless, the MSM will not let a crisis go to waste and for the next few days we will be constantly reminded that Obama is striving heroically for the people.

Here in California we are now enjoying some cool weather and some very welcome rain. We will be hoping for a wet winter but weather is weather and never predictable.

Music Choice – I am going to take the chance to indulge a little dig at a good friend of mine who occasionally reads this website. I have long accused him of being ‘hen-pecked’ and his wife’s poodle. He accuses me of being the hen-pecked husband but he would, wouldn’t he? Truly ‘hen-pecked’ husbands often have wives who adore their poodles and the husband takes second place. Such men can be seen walking little dogs and we might ask which one is the poodle.

George Shearing recorded many Latin Jazz tunes and he wrote a few good ones, too. I recommend ‘Poodle Mambo’ by the George Shearing Quintet. This, and many more excellent Latin Jazz recordings, can be found on a 5CD pack called ‘Latin Jazz’ and released in 1999 by Charly International APS, EMI and under license from Ubiquity Recordings Inc. The next time my friend walks his dogs I suggest he does a little mambo along the way.

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